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28 Nov
This is a curated list by @Hacker0x01 of Burp plugins!

Autorepeater Burp
Autorize Burp
Headless Burp
WSDL Wizard

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@Hacker0x01 ActiveScan++: ActiveScan++ extends Burp Suite’s active and passive scanning capabilities. Designed to add minimal network overhead, it identifies application behavior that may be of interest to advanced testers.…
@Hacker0x01 Autorepeater Burp: Automated HTTP request repeating with Burp Suite.…
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18 Aug
The @zseano's recommended basic toolkit for bug hunting!

* Burp Suite
* Amass
* httprobe
* anew
* dnsgen
* aquatone
* FFuF
* Wordlists
- SecLists
- CommonSpeak
* WaybackMachine scanner
* ParamScanner
- InputScanner
- LinkFinder
- parameth
* AnyChanges

@zseano Burp Suite @Burp_Suite

Burp Suite allows you to intercept, modify & repeat requests on the fly and you can install custom plugins to make your life easier.

#BugBountyTips #BugBounty #Cybersecurity
@zseano @Burp_Suite Amass @owaspamass by @HazanaSec

The most thorough for discovering subdomains, as it uses the most sources for discovery with a mixture of passive, active and will even do alterations of discovered subdomains

#BugBountyTips #BugBounty #Cybersecurity
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18 Aug
The names, Social Security numbers and information from driver's licenses or other identification of just over 40 million former and prospective customers that applied for T-Mobile credit were exposed in a recent data breach, the company said Wednesday.…
We have been working around the clock to investigate claims being made that T-Mobile data may have been illegally accessed. We take the protection of our customers very seriously and we are conducting an extensive analysis alongside digital forensic experts to understand the...
...validity of these claims, and we are coordinating with law enforcement.

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17 Aug
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