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Current: @GWUPoE — Also helps the @nytimes with court records because I like a good story. Former: Senate Counterterrorism Advisor & USG Intel Policy Officer.
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18 Nov
Our new book (… ) makes the point that it’ll take years to understand the full extent of ISIS support in America. New information is always being uncovered.

Let me tell you a story out of Pennsylvania that hasn’t hit the wires yet to explain. X/1
A husband and wife, Shahidul Gaffar and Nabila Khan in the eastern district of Pennsylvania were charged with providing funding to a man who was on a student visa here and ultimately joined ISIS. Case unsealed this afternoon.
They exchanged multiple messages with the group of men/family members who traveled. Individuals identified only in the court documents by initials
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10 Nov
I’ve spent my career looking at public court records. The system for public access is fundamentally flawed. A Thread of why that is bad for our democracy and how to fix it.
First, PACER ( is the website to access court records. The public needs a password to use it. That’s the first red flag. Stop putting roadblocks to access.
You also need to pay to search. The Courts will say most don’t reach the arbitrary limit of a certain amount for payment. I don’t fall in the category. I also don’t think the category should exist.
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6 Nov
At the risk of being a typical academic tweeting about non news things during newsy times, there was an ISIS arrest in Oregon yesterday that was particularly interesting. A short thread on why.
Hawazen Sameer Mothafar, who for the last five years has been a key node for ISIS and AQIM online propaganda, was arrested. DOJ press release.…
From Oregon, He produced at least 32 issues of a pro ISIS newsletter. Image
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