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13 Nov
There's an abundance of stupid this Friday the 13th, so it's hard to know what to take aim at.

First: a takedown of @ABDanielleSmith obsequious op-ed (a thread):…
Smith invokes parallels with WWII and her veteran relatives. She is correct in noting the grand difference between the burdens asked to bear.

Canada's veterans volunteered to sacrifice their comfort, liberty and life for the safety and future of their fellow Canadians...
..but how much common ground could they find for Canadians unwilling to muster the same courage to, in Smith's words, "Binge-watch Netflix while eating chips and dip"?

Both then and now, the clear and present threat to the lives, safety and future of fellow Canadians exists..
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11 Nov
Why am I just learning this from the news 3 weeks later?!
It had been standard practice for @CMOH_Alberta to report on outbreaks and deaths at specific LTC homes, like this from June….
On 4 Sep, @CMOH_Alberta announced LTC operators would be given more authority over their own quarantining rules.…
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20 Aug
@JonRCoutts Sure! Let's start with the $250M infra:
"LaGrange announced Wednesday an extra $250 million to be given out to school divisions across the province to help them with maintenance projects like building upgrades, electrical work and mechanical work."…
@JonRCoutts "...It’s hoped the schools can take projects that were planned for some time in the future and bump the timelines up"

The $250M was future-year maintenance funding that was moved forward to create jobs, not COVID. Schools had days to respond...
@JonRCoutts boards had days to respond, so they picked projects that were already prepped before COVID and in the hopper. There may have been a few tangential COVID-related benefits, but let's be clear: this was a job creation program, not a COVID-preparedness one.
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30 Jul
🚩BREAKING🚩: Is @AdrianaLaGrange quietly using the cover of the pandemic to match #AbEd private school funding to public schools? 🤔

Is the @CMOH_Alberta, perhaps unwittingly, being exploited to help promote newly-advantaged private schools in the process? (A thread)
Keen observers noted that in this @CBCCalgary article of the @AdrianaLaGrange and @CMOH_Alberta Q&A, Dr. H seems to promote "private schools" that deliver a "blended homeschool model".

But Dr. H never actually used the words "private school"....…
... and "blended homeschool models" exist in both public and private schools, so it's odd to be mentioning only one.

How did @CBCCalgary attribute "private school" options to @CMOH_Alberta despite her never using them?

Could @CBCCalgary comment?
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25 Jul
On #AbEd back-to-school plan, a thread:

For sake of argument, let’s pretend that children are unaffected by COVID, short term or long term, but they can transmit.

The key to controlling outbreaks is Trace, Test, Isolate.

You know what you can’t do with kids?

Parents still need to look after them. If a child contracts it, their entire household will. Parents, siblings, possibly extended relatives.

Now two adults have to isolate and can’t work. Economic impact.

Now looking after kids at home (again).

There’s a greater than 1-in-25 chance at least one parent is hospitalized. Much more likely at least one is bedridden.

Now you’re looking after children when potentially one or both parents bedridden or hospitalized.

If a parent leaves for the hospital? Say bye kids.
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2 Dec 19
While @AdrianaLaGrange continues to claim that the Class Size Funding was ineffective based on the #AbEd review, let's dig into how flawed this report actually is... (a thread...)
To start, the Class Size Review bases its claim that Class Size funding isn't effective because class size averages didn't decrease over the 15 years... but you can't make an objective comparison on how money was spent unless you consider the effects if it wasn't...
by the report's own admission, the funding added AT LEAST another 2900 teachers into the public, separate, francophone and charter systems over 15 years. The review DID NOT consider what the impact on class sizes would be if the system were 2900 teachers less today...
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