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Lawyer, activist, policy expert, and father. President Emeritus @FairfaxNAACP. Running for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Building the movement for justice for all.
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21 Feb
A lot of folks want to know exactly what the Trump case that I quit over was about.

It's a story that highlights the early warning signs that Trump was a far-right extremist making his way to power.

I was supposed to represent Trump in a suit against @chefjoseandres. 1/6
The two had made a deal to open one of Chef Andrés' new restaurants in Trump's DC hotel.

Once Trump announced he was running for president, and began attacking Hispanic communities with racist, dehumanizing rhetoric, Chef Andrés wanted no part in his hotel. 2/6
I wanted no part of a case that could be perceived as defending those racist comments.

It's a case I just couldn't stomach being apart of.

And that's how I got to the " So I quit" part of the story. 3/6
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9 Nov 20
Story Time: This story about the GSA appointee who refuses to hand off the transition resources is one to watch.

I was 1 of 3 investigators investigating GSA at the beginning of the Trump administration.

The agency seems corruptible. (1/14)…
During my time on the oversight committee, after Trump was elected but before he took office, we were already investigating GSA. (2/14)
The General Services Administration does basically 2 relevant things for the purposes of this thread 1) manages government leases and 2) handles presidential transitions. (3/14)
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5 May 20
/1 I joined African American leaders from across the Commonwealth on a zoom call with @MarkWarner yesterday to discuss the pandemic.

That meeting and news about easing restrictions has left me to conclude that we have given up on reopening safely.
/2 I asked him when can we expect to open safely considering that all medical professionals seem to state we can’t open without testing and PPE and there’s no coordinated federal response for either.

The Senator was honest and said “we’re on our own for PPE”
/3 The federal government doesn’t have a plan and there’s no plan in sight. As for testing, Governor Northam is getting enough tests to perform 10,000 per day—a number Senator Warner appeared skeptical about.
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13 Feb 20
I want to speak less about Mayor Bloomberg and more about the program he misused and the people it impacted.

People often refer to #stopandfrisk as if it were simply a misguided police tactic. I believe they envision it as an unpleasant but brief encounter with the police.
Even the name “stop and frisk” sounds like it could be a children’s game like hide and seek. I want to dispel that.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I was never stopped and frisked in my neighborhood but I’ve seen it done.
The times that I witnessed it, multiple police cars would pull up, grab as many Black men as they could, and slam them against the wall. They would shout “shut the fuck up,” “get against the wall,” and other expletives. They would not ask questions.
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27 Jan 20
Last week, I was invited on a radio show to discuss environmental justice and the Dominion campaign finance bill that failed. Unfortunately, we never covered it.

Allow me to do so here. Buckle in this long bc the problem is HUGE.
For those not in the know, SB25 would have prohibited candidates from “soliciting or accepting a contribution from any public service corporation," For those outside of Virginia, this directly affects Dominion Energy (the electric company for most ppl)
Virginia has NO campaign contribution limits. NONE.

If you're an energy company, you can give $50,000 to a candidate. Dominion typically gives tons of money on both sides of the aisle.

I'll let you decide what that money does for them.
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20 Dec 19
I see a lot of tweets in Virginia politics talking about the resolutions declaring sanctuary cities for guns.

These tweets often compare so called 2nd Amendment Sanctuary cities to sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants.

This is absurd as are those 2A resolutions. 1/10
For those outside the Virginia politics perpetual circus, after Democrats won a majority at the state level, gun lovers started writing resolutions to declare their county or town a sanctuary from gun laws.

No, seriously this is happening. 2/10
There’s a lot of layers of absurdity with these resolutions but I’ll try to touch on as many possible.

For one, these resolutions seek to protect gun owners from non existing laws. They’re essentially trying to circumvent some future “door to door gun gathering.” 3/10
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2 Dec 19
Hearing @mikemullin4VA will be appointed chair of Courts of Justice Committee.

Virginians interested in criminal justice reform should contact Speaker @EFillerCorn and let her know they oppose this appointment.

A couple of things about Mullin /1
-he opposed raising the felony threshold to more than $1,000 even though Virginia has one of the lowest thresholds in the country
-as part of his opposition, he claimed gangs were committing organized burglaries under the threshold (imagine a band of criminals w a calculator & /2
Knowledge of the felony threshold an a calculator
-he attempted to introduce more mandatory minimums as late as last session
-he wanted to create new felonies
-he attempted to override the Governor’s veto of these regressive bills
-he has a terrible record on cannabis /3
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