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24 Jun 20
DC Circuit Court panel turns a blind eye—allowing DOJ to protect Flynn, a Trump crony, without needing to provide any explanation. Anti-democratic tendencies fester in a system that protects political power & favoritism over proper checks & balances.…
Wilkins’ scathing dissent is right. The political decision to drop the case against convicted felon Flynn “is no mere about-face; it is more akin to turning around an aircraft carrier.”
The fact remains: Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians. No amount of political interference, however brazen, will change that.
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20 Jun 20
AG Barr is unsubtly seeking to shutter or at least slow investigations inimical to Trump. That’s clearly a conclusion supported by his past practices.…
Berman has stood his ground in this Friday night massacre—& Congress must now do the same.
Barr is trying to drag DOJ to a hellish low that even Republican colleagues must condemn. Otherwise, they continue to aid & abet Barr’s despicable crusade to corrupt ongoing investigations. I’m not naïve, but a few principled colleagues could lead to a groundswell.
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10 Jun 20
Stunning—political & prosecutorial abuses abound. Former Judge Gleeson makes clear to the court that “[t]he Government has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President.”…
The integrity of DOJ & the rule of law depend on the independence of our courts. Barr’s DOJ cannot get away with corruptly protecting a Trump crony. Flynn should be sentenced.
I stand by my calls for an IG investigation into DOJ dropping the Flynn case & the broader unprecedented politicization of our Justice Department.
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4 May 20
McConnell’s priority in a deadly health care crisis is pushing confirmation of a judge who is passionately committed to destroying American health care. Incredibly, that’s why we’re all going back to DC tomorrow.…
As a former Supreme Court law clerk (Justice Blackmun,1974-75), I’m aghast & appalled by Walker’s betrayal of Justice Kennedy’s trust. Good reason, among many, to oppose his nomination.
A partisan zealot & anti-health care crusader, McConnell’s 37-year-old protégé is unquestionably unqualified. Personally & professionally, he’d have no business arguing before, let alone sitting on, this powerful court.
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2 May 20
THREAD: @SenWarren @RepJayapal @RepSarbanes & I have a comprehensive plan to ensure #COVID19 relief funds are going to the people&businesses in need not to enrich corporate giants or reward political allies. Here is a breakdown of what must be done to hold this admin accountable.
1. No senior gov’t officials should be able to profit at the public’s expense. We need to ensure relief funds are not funneled to well-connected businesses/individuals. Conflicts of interest prohibitions must be broader in the people & money they apply to.
2. Time & again Trump has made clear he will go after any IG who threatens oversight of his power & policies. We must do more to protect IGs so they can protect the public from corruption.…
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29 Feb 20
Seeking immediate full court review en banc of this destructive decision is well warranted. Indeed, necessary. It vindicates Trump’s delusional claim to be in effect a king, above accountability or oversight.…
My Republican colleagues take note: This decision is as disastrous for you as it is for us. One day you will want subpoenas enforced. You’ll rue this ruling if its allowed to stand.
This fatally flawed decision removes Congress as a check on Presidential secrecy. If Congress has no power to enforce subpoenas, Presidential stonewalling & concealment are unlimited. A shamefully wrong ruling.
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7 Feb 20
I am deeply disappointed & alarmed by this decision. This dismaying decision adds to the already widespread fear that the checks on unbridled presidential power, corruption, & self-enrichment have been seriously undermined.
Today’s decision was not based on the merits of our allegations that Trump has been defying the Foreign Emoluments Clause, & nothing changes the fundamental facts: Trump has flagrantly & frequently violated the Constitution’s preeminent protection against corruption.
As we evaluate next steps, we remain fully committed to doing everything in our power to hold President Trump accountable for his unacceptable, unconstitutional misconduct.
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5 Feb 20
This verdict is no vindication or victory. Trump sold out our national security&committed a crime—bribery—specifically named in the Constitution as demanding impeachment&removal. The Senate reached the wrong verdict, but there is a Court of Appeals: the court of public opinion.
Too many of my Senate colleagues put on blindfolds&then complained that they couldn’t see. Too many deluded themselves into thinking that Donald Trump learned his lesson, even as he publicly boasts that he can do anything he wants.
There is still reason for faith in the resilience of our democratic institutions: For the first time, a senator voted to remove a president from his own party from office. In direct contrast w/Trump, House&Senate members voted their conscience instead of political self-interest.
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5 Feb 20
Tyler Reeb was an American combat hero whose death was caused by the invisible wounds of war, like 6,000 veterans who die by suicide every year. He was a father, son, brother, friend & I'm honored that his uncle Chris Reeb will represent his family as my State of the Union guest.
Our nation has abjectly failed to provide the care our heroes need to fight these invisible wounds—mental health services to diagnose & treat them effectively. The loss of Tyler Reeb as well as his courage & strength, should inspire us to do better.
I will continue to work with the Reeb family, DOD, VA, Veteran Service Organizations & other stakeholders, to increase outreach to veterans & proactively offer services to our service members & their families.
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30 Jan 20
This is not complicated: Trump solicited a bribe; the Constitution says he must be removed.
A new low: First, the president’s counsel say that if he didn’t commit a crime, he can’t be removed. Now, they’re saying if he did commit a crime, but the crime is not precisely named in the articles (just described) he can’t be impeached.
By the defense counsel’s flawed logic, if President Trump was impeached for “shooting someone on Fifth Avenue” he could not be removed for murder. That’s completely ludicrous.
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28 Jan 20
Well, that was quite a lecture, Professor Dershowitz. With all due respect, mind if I markedly differ?
1. Selling out our country for personal gain is exactly what the Framers feared & abhorred—& the very reason for impeachment.
2. No crime—technical, statutory, or other—is necessary for impeachment, although President Trump committed plenty.
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27 Jan 20
Much has been said about the role of the Chief Justice in an impeachment trial, but make no mistake: the Senate will decide whether Bolton & others testify. Senate Republicans are responsible for taking Bolton up on his offer to tell his story.…
If Republicans refuse to hear from Bolton & other witnesses, it is their fault & their fault alone.
The Chief Justice can only issue subpoenas “authorized by [Senate standing rules] or by the Senate.” In other words, the Senate decides. That means the magical Republican moderates have to show a moral backbone. As Sen. Graham once said: “If there’s any doubt, call witnesses.”
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27 Jan 20
After the lightning bolt of the Bolton draft, it was completely surreal to sit on the Senate Floor & hear absolutely nothing about it.
The Starr presentation was highfalutin gobbledygook & gimmickry. The legal argument was total sophistry dressed up with a big name (although not one that gives it any credibility).
The White House lawyers seem to be in a bubble of denial—denial of the factual & legal reality. The rest of America is talking about John Bolton & the White House lawyers seem to ignore him.
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27 Jan 20
First the House process was "rushed", now GOP senators claim getting Bolton’s testimony will take too long. They’re wrong. He wants to testify. If Trump sues to stop Bolton, he runs against the 1st Amendment. Plus, SCOTUS frowns on the Executive trying to tell Congress what to do
Trump is calling Bolton a liar on Twitter, but the President won’t say that under oath (& won’t let his aides testify on the question). Bolton is happy to tell all he knows to the Senate—if only Republican senators will hear him out.
If GOP senators refuse to hear from Bolton now, they will most certainly hear from him when he releases his book in March. Wouldn’t it be better to get the facts before we vote? The American people deserve the truth during the trial, not after.
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25 Jan 20
White House lawyers disingenuously asked why certain evidence wasn’t shown when they’re the ones blocking additional witnesses & documents.
So far, the White House lawyers have ignored the key actors—Mulvaney, the maestro, Blair & Duffey, the henchmen who executed his orders, & John Bolton, who tried to stop the “drug deal.” The weight of the evidence is still overwhelming.
If they want the facts, they should allow witnesses & documents—firsthand information that will give the American people the truth.
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24 Jan 20
Ringing in my head as I leave tonight: Right matters. Truth matters. The chamber was rapt with attention as Congressman Schiff closed tonight with a stirring, powerful challenge to do our patriotic duty.
The House managers have very strategically & smartly anticipated many of the defense team’s likely arguments by presenting & then debunking them.
The House managers have relied on the facts & the evidence while making their case. Facts are stubborn things & the evidence is overwhelming so far.
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23 Jan 20
After the second day of the trial, here are a few of my thoughts: Moving & powerful ending about the historic courage of heroic public servants coming forward to face down power & give America the truth. Now, the Senate must prove itself worthy of their bravery.
I am walking out of the chamber into the January cold inspired to redouble my efforts for witnesses & documents that now clearly & unquestionably the American people deserve to see.
Ringing through my head on the way out of the Capitol is Rep. Schiff’s repeated question about the hidden evidence: wouldn’t you like to see it? In fact, we have an obligation to seek it.
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22 Jan 20
Every one of our amendments seeks critical evidence so Americans will know the truth about Donald Trump’s corrupt abuse of power—& we refuse to back off no matter how late we have to go tonight or tomorrow.
A trial without witnesses & documents is a cover-up.
The only people who want these votes in the dead of night are Donald Trump & #MidnightMitch.
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21 Jan 20
In a short recess of the Senate trial. Earlier, I was awed as we began the trial by the sense of historic magnitude. Senators intensely listening. The Chief Justice with grave demeanor. I hope our better angels help us rise to this momentous challenge.
The president’s defense team just did a long-form interview on Fox as their opening statement, not for the Senate, but for an audience of one—President Trump.
As I listened to the Trump team, I could hardly believe my ears—a concoction of delusion, deception, & distortion that would get me thrown out of court if I’d ever argued it to a judge or jury.
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21 Jan 20
The Trump Team’s Constitutional concoction is legal gibberish, but by the way, he did commit a crime. Bribery. It happens to be specifically named in the Constitution as an impeachable offense & is part of his corrupt abuse of power for personal gain.…
Trump corruptly solicited a bribe. He solicited foreign interference in our election for personal gain by demanding Ukraine investigate his political rivals in return for a WH meeting & releasing millions in taxpayer funded assistance necessary for Ukraine’s fight against Russia.
Asking a personal benefit in exchange for official acts—18 U. S.C. 201. That’s soliciting a bribe. It’s a crime, a corrupt abuse of power.
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16 Jan 20
The GAO report, Lev Parnas interview, & cascading other new evidence shows the importance of the witnesses Trump has silenced & documents he has fought to conceal.
A full, fair trial requires we have witnesses who had eyes & ears on the president with direct first-hand knowledge—Mulvaney, at the center of the corrupt scheme, Bolton who tried to talk Trump out of it, Blair & Duffey, who were henchmen executing it.
Republicans say they need more evidence, but they support Trump blocking documents & witnesses. They cannot have it both ways.
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