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16 Apr
Turning our back on the worst refugee crisis in modern history is a tragic mistake. This cruel policy is no more acceptable now than it was during the Trump Admin. Biden’s decision reverses his previous commitment & denies safe haven to refugee seekers who have been fully vetted.
To be clear: the asylum process at the southern border & the refugee process are completely separate immigration systems. Conflating the two constitutes caving to the politics of fear.
The refugees we're abandoning are translators who've risked their lives serving our military, Syrian kids who've lost their families to armed conflict, Rohingya & Uyghurs desperate to escape persecution, & democratic protestors in Burma & Hong Kong fleeing political retribution.
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8 Apr
This is the most significant executive action on gun violence in a generation. These actions set a model of courage & strength that Congress must now match. 1/7
I’m especially glad to see steps to expand ERPO laws. For years, I’ve worked to provide additional support for states seeking to help law enforcement take action when there is solid evidence that someone is in crisis—intensely & imminently a danger to themselves or to others. 2/7
ERPO laws are already on the books in 19 states & DC & a model bill that provides best practices & critical guidance will help even more states follow suit. 3/7
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18 Feb
Facebook & Google’s advertising continues to fund & promote dangerous conspiracy theories, COVID-19 disinformation, & malign foreign propaganda. Big Tech’s business model propagates this problem & highlights why Sec. 230 matters. A thread:
Facebook & Google operate the most sophisticated, expansive, & intrusive advertising networks—built on troves of your personal data & designed to precisely target you.
Tech companies sell off this powerful ad platform to the highest bidder with few safeguards & little oversight or transparency. Allowing Russia, extremists, & scammers to use these ads as a weapon—reaping immense revenue & manipulating voters & consumers unabated.
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26 Sep 20
I will oppose the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as I would any nominee proposed as part of this illegitimate sham process, barely one month before an election as Americans are already casting their votes. Americans deserve a voice in this hugely consequential decision.
Judge Barrett’s views would harm real lives—real people—in real ways, from children with pre-existing conditions to women who just want to be able to decide when & how to have a family. I’m fighting for them.
Judge Barrett, like any Trump nominee, has already been vetted & screened to meet two tests: a commitment to striking down the Affordable Care Act & to overturning Roe v. Wade.
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25 Sep 20
I met today with brave leaders in the fight for gender equality who eloquently talked with me about the horrific real-life impacts of the Supreme Court potentially shredding reproductive rights & women’s health care—tragic, sweeping, searing.
I’m inspired to fight—harder than ever—this Republican rush to confirm a Justice before the election, denying Americans their say. My meeting w/these leaders brought home how much is at risk, especially for reproductive rights & protections for people w/pre-existing conditions.
A woman should have control over when & whether to have a child. Part of Trump’s “strong test” for his nominee is that a future Justice will vote to overturn Roe, strike down the ACA, & roll back other key rights.
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22 Sep 20
My heart breaks for the over 200,000 Americans—including nearly 4,500 from Connecticut—who have lost their lives to the coronavirus. But in my grief, I am also deeply angry & frustrated. These deaths could have been prevented. Image
President Trump & his administration have failed our country at crucial points of this pandemic, downplaying the dangers of the virus & refusing to heed scientific advice. President Trump’s cruel, reckless indifference cost lives.
More than 6 months into this pandemic, countless priorities to rebuild our country—improved national testing, enforceable health & safety standards, robust relief funding—are at a standstill in Mitch McConnell’s Senate.
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15 Sep 20
The alleged conduct outlined in this whistleblower complaint is depraved & cruel. A hysterectomy performed without informed consent or good reason is not just an unnecessary medical procedure—it is a violation of fundamental human rights.…
The misconduct described here echoes forced sterilization campaigns of the past, conducted by some of history’s worst villains. We as a nation are better than this return to long-rejected violations of human rights.
There must be an immediate & thorough investigation conducted by the DHS’ Inspector General & the Office of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, the Director of the Atlanta ICE Field Office, & Warden of the Irwin County Detention Center.
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10 Sep 20
Censoring election interference intelligence based solely on political calculations would be treasonous. If true, these allegations show the extent to which the national security threat goes beyond Russian meddling to include purposeful, political dereliction of duty by the Admin
We are less than 2 months from an election that Russia is attempting to influence, now allegedly with senior national security appointees as their willing accomplices. Which one of my Republican colleagues will finally stand up for our democracy & condemn this dangerous behavior?
These allegations undermine what little confidence remained that the Trump Admin’s efforts to guard against Russian interference were not hopelessly compromised.
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18 Aug 20
The Trump campaign is clearly comfortable allowing Vladimir Putin to help choose the next President of the United States, but the American people should not be. This report is more than an investigation of past actions—it’s a clarion warning call for the upcoming election.
This damning report lays out in stark detail extensive contacts between the Trump campaign & Russian government operatives who were working toward a shared goal in 2016: electing Donald Trump.
Building on the Mueller Report’s findings, the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation revealed the astonishing openness of the Trump campaign to accept help from one of our nation’s chief adversaries, Russia.
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10 Aug 20
I insisted to James Judge during today’s meeting that he must make refunds to customers & avoid any rate increase or charge for restoring power. He declined to commit to such action.
In addition to money back to consumers & businesses for their losses, I also told him that there must be leadership changes, including his resignation.
CT residents & businesses suffered severe financial harm because of Eversource’s failure to prepare for this storm & they should be made whole.
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28 Jul 20
After unconscionable delay, Republicans have released a partisan travesty that is inadequate&unacceptable. This bill does nothing to make our communities safer from COVID-19—underfunding testing while delays run rampant&including just a 1/4 of what health care providers need.
Senate Republicans apparently think the response to a global pandemic is to cut benefits for people who have lost their jobs & increase burdens on states in the midst of an economic crisis.
This kind of major cut to unemployment benefits means families across the country won’t be able to pay their bills or feed their children.
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4 Jul 20
The Fourth of July is a day to remember the tremendous promise of a new nation, the ideals of our founding, & the resilience that has steadied America for more than 200 years. This year’s celebration will be different, but no less special.
I’m thankful for the servicemembers who protect our nation, but also the frontline workers who have served & sacrificed, w/o expectation of applause or acclaim. They both embody uniquely American values: when tested by adversity & adversaries, we come together. Out of many, one.
I’m also inspired by the millions who have marched in our streets calling out just how much work remains to fulfill our founding promise—a promise that was, when it was written, limited by race, gender, & class & has been broken far too often.
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1 Jul 20
Chilling & shocking: The Administration failed to answer fundamental questions during the classified Armed Services Committee briefing on Russian payments to the Taliban to kill our troops. But Americans need & deserve answers.
The classified briefing today lacked the right briefers—who can tell us what Trump knew, when he knew it, & why he failed to act against Russia's ongoing support for the Taliban killing American troops.
Cut to the core truth: The buck stops with the President. Why isn't he holding Russia & his buddy Putin accountable for putting bounties on American servicemembers' lives?
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24 Jun 20
DC Circuit Court panel turns a blind eye—allowing DOJ to protect Flynn, a Trump crony, without needing to provide any explanation. Anti-democratic tendencies fester in a system that protects political power & favoritism over proper checks & balances.…
Wilkins’ scathing dissent is right. The political decision to drop the case against convicted felon Flynn “is no mere about-face; it is more akin to turning around an aircraft carrier.”
The fact remains: Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians. No amount of political interference, however brazen, will change that.
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23 Jun 20
I’ve walked in racial justice protests across Connecticut & heard firsthand the urgent cry for reform. Black Americans are shouting “I can’t breathe” & my Republican colleagues think an acceptable answer is to study chokeholds. It isn’t.
The Senate Republican bill ignores critical causes of police brutality & systemic racism. Their legislation is filled with glaring holes & little meaningful justice or accountability.
Real change will not come without criminal culpability for police misconduct, the implementation of use of force standards, an end to qualified immunity & harmful police practices, & more.
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20 Jun 20
AG Barr is unsubtly seeking to shutter or at least slow investigations inimical to Trump. That’s clearly a conclusion supported by his past practices.…
Berman has stood his ground in this Friday night massacre—& Congress must now do the same.
Barr is trying to drag DOJ to a hellish low that even Republican colleagues must condemn. Otherwise, they continue to aid & abet Barr’s despicable crusade to corrupt ongoing investigations. I’m not naïve, but a few principled colleagues could lead to a groundswell.
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18 Jun 20
My heart soars—for our beautiful, great nation, & for millions of young wonderful immigrants who will make it even greater. The rule of law has won against mean-spirited lawless leaders, renewing trust in our courts.
We should be inspired by this historic legal victory to radically reform the present broken immigration system. Comprehensive immigration reform is no less urgent & vital.
This ruling is a landmark legal victory that will prevent the immense heartbreak of draconian mass deportation, but can never erase the massive suffering caused by Trump’s cruel, illegal policies.
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17 Jun 20
Anti-science, anti-environment, anti-consumer—Nancy Beck has a record that is antithetical to the core mission of the CPSC & makes her wholly unqualified to lead the agency. This week, I joined advocates & @ConsumerFed in sounding the alarm. Listen to their stories.
"Nancy Beck refuses to do her job & I cannot do my job as a wife & a mother. I cannot protect my family from further exposure to PFAS chemicals. I cannot prevent avoidable harms.” —Emily Donovan
“Nancy Beck has shown us exactly who she is over & over again. She is not somebody who is ever going to use her authority or power to protect people from toxic chemicals, from dangerous products, or from careless companies. That is not who Nancy Beck is.” —Jerry Ensminger
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28 May 20
This Executive Order is egregiously excessive with clearly malevolent intent to suppress free speech. It is a blatant attempt to use the full power of the United States government to force private companies to lie for the President.…
Whatever the criticisms I may have of current law, this Executive Order is an authoritarian attack against freedom of expression & accountability.
It provides no relief to the countless children, victims of human trafficking, & others who have suffered real harms by Big Tech.
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2 May 20
THREAD: @SenWarren @RepJayapal @RepSarbanes & I have a comprehensive plan to ensure #COVID19 relief funds are going to the people&businesses in need not to enrich corporate giants or reward political allies. Here is a breakdown of what must be done to hold this admin accountable.
1. No senior gov’t officials should be able to profit at the public’s expense. We need to ensure relief funds are not funneled to well-connected businesses/individuals. Conflicts of interest prohibitions must be broader in the people & money they apply to.
2. Time & again Trump has made clear he will go after any IG who threatens oversight of his power & policies. We must do more to protect IGs so they can protect the public from corruption.…
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20 Apr 20
Small businesses in CT are frustrated & angry & so am I. Every day, I hear from small business owners who have been denied help they desperately need. For too many in need, the relief programs are simply not working.
I’m fighting for small businesses left out in the cold without access to programs that would be a vital lifeline. Full accountability from the SBA & Treasury is imperative—data & facts on how the small business relief funds are distributed.
Even as Congress moves towards passing an interim relief package, reforms should be considered before the next major measure. Tough Congressional scrutiny should be done now, so small businesses get the money they urgently need.
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