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19 Nov
This acquittal isn’t just about Kyle Rittenhouse. This verdict reiterates that every American has the God-given right to self-defense and the protections of the Second Amendment. The corrupt corporate media should be appalled by their coverage of this case from start to finish.
Mr. Rittenhouse was smeared from the very beginning by activists and partisans who falsely branded him as a white supremacist and decided he was guilty before any evidence was produced, all while excusing the illegal actions of violent rioters.
Today the jury made clear that we’re a nation governed by the rule of law, not by mob rule. In the wake of the wildly dishonest reporting by the corporate media, more than a few media outlets can no doubt expect serious defamation lawsuits for their reckless disregard for truth.
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8 Sep
In the last several weeks, networks of NGOs, private citizens, & veterans have worked with Congressional offices to try to evacuate Americans & Afghans who worked with us from Afghanistan.

Today, I want to share just a few stories of the over 1,000 people our team has assisted.
Their stories are powerful and important to share.

For their safety and for the safety of those still trying to get out, we’re not sharing personal info or details about how specifically they escaped.
A Houston family was visiting relatives in Afghanistan when the Taliban seized Kabul. One of the family members was well known to the Taliban for the support provided to the United States, and as a result the entire family was in danger. They are now safely out of Afghanistan.
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16 Mar

In September 2020, Joe Biden called for mass amnesty and health care benefits for illegal immigrants, signaling to future illegal immigrants that if he became president the doors would be wide open.

Per CNN, “U.S. authorities arrested and encountered more than 100,000 migrants on the US-Mexico border over the past four weeks ending on March 3…marking the highest levels for the same time frame in five years.”
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4 Mar
From Joe Biden to the advisors he surrounds himself with, the Biden administration has rushed to embrace the worst elements of the Chinese Communist Party.

❌Rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement

❌Rejoined the WHO, an org that has done the bidding of the CCP & covered up COVID
Biden’s pick to run HHS, Xavier Becerra defended the CCP against allegations of human rights abuses claiming that China has a “different perspective” on the issue.…
Biden’s pick for CIA, William Burns, was president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace when the think tank received $2 MILLION from a Chinese businessman and a think tank with ties to the CCP.…
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8 Dec 20
I’m deeply troubled by the findings published today about the command climate at Ft. Hood and the issues surrounding the atrocious killing of Spc. Vanessa Guillen. ImageImage
The Army owed this investigation to her family and all those who mourn her death, and I’m encouraged that the Army is prepared to implement meaningful change at Ft. Hood and across the entire service.
The problem of sexual assault and harassment in our military is far too often pervasive in our armed forces, which is why I’ve long supported the bipartisan Military Justice Improvement Act.
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21 May 20
We are in the midst of a pandemic that has:
-Put 38 million Americans out of work
-Infected over 1.5 million Americans
-Claimed over 93,000 American lives

Where did this pandemic start? #China.
If the Chinese government had acted responsibly and sought the advice of public health professionals instead of silencing them, then it’s possible the #coronavirus could have been contained as a regional outbreak.

Instead, we are now dealing with a deadly pandemic. Image
In the US, China is trying to spread propaganda by:
1⃣Leveraging their enormous market access to coerce Americans into self-censorship
2⃣Purchasing access to cultural & educational centers

With both levers, Chinese officials have 1 objective: to shape what we see, hear & think.
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16 May 20
.@SpeakerPelosi's $3 trillion monstrosity is a windfall for her radical liberal agenda, not relief for the workers, families, and job creators hurting from #COVID19.

Here are five of her most radical proposals ⤵️
#1: Bailing out fiscally irresponsible states that racked up huge debts long before the Coronavirus pandemic.
#2: Allowing taxpayer dollars to bail out Planned Parenthood and subsidize abortions.
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31 Jan 20
(1/5) My 4th #impeachment question w @LindseyGrahamSC & @JohnCornyn: “When DOJ IG Horowitz testified before the Judiciary Committee, he said their DOJ had a ‘low threshold’ to investigate the Trump campaign. ...
(2/5) At the hearing @SenFeinstein said, ‘Your report concluded that the FBI had an adequate predicate reason to open the investigation on the Trump campaign ties to Russia. Could you define the predicate?’ Horowitz replied, ‘Yeah. So the predicate here was the info that ...
(3/5) ... the FBI got at the end of July from the friendly foreign government.’

Why is the legal standard for investigating Trump so much lower than the standard for investigating Biden?
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30 Jan 20
(1/5) My 3rd #impeachment question w 14 fellow GOP Senators: "Recent reporting described two NSC staff holdovers from the Obama Administration attending an all-hands meeting of NSC staff held about two weeks into the Trump Administration. ...
(2/5) ... And talking loudly enough to be overheard saying, ‘We need to do everything we can to take out the President.' On July 26th, 2019 the House Intelligence Committee hired one of those individuals, Sean Misko. ...
(3/5) ... The report further describes relationships between Misko, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, and an individual alleged as the 'whistleblower.' Why did your committee hire Sean Misko the day after the phone call between President Trump and Zelensky?
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30 Jan 20
(1/4) My 1st #impeachment question w @HawleyMO & @LindseyGrahamSC: “Yesterday, Manager @RepValDemings refused to answer whether Joe Biden sought any legal advice concerning his conflict of interest on Burisma …
(2/4)…@USATODAY reported that VP Biden said, ‘he hadn't spoken to Hunter about his overseas business.’ But his account was contradicted by Hunter who told the @NewYorker that when he told his father about Burisma, ‘Dad said, I hope you know what you're doing. And I said, I do.’
(3/4) … Why do Joe & Hunter Biden's stories conflict? Did the House ask either one that question?"
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30 Jan 20
(1/4) My 7th #impeachment question w @HawleyMO, @SteveDaines, @SenatorBraun: “When he took office, Viktor Shokin, Ukraine's Prosecutor General, filed to investigate #Burisma before Vice President Joe Biden pressed Ukrainian officials on corruption …
(2/4) … including pushing for the removal of Shokin. Did the White House Counsel's Office or the Office of the Vice President Legal Counsel issue ethics advice approving Mr. Biden's involvement in matters involving corruption in Ukraine or Shokin…
(3/4) … despite the presence of Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma, a company widely considered to be corrupt? Did Vice President Biden ever ask Hunter Biden to step down from the board of Burisma?”
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30 Jan 20
(1/4) My 5th #impeachment question, with @sendavidperdue --> “You refused to answer the question on political bias. Are the House Managers refusing to tell the Senate whether or not the so-called ‘whistleblower’ had an actual conflict of interest? …
(2/4) … There are 7 billion people on planet Earth, almost all had no involvement in Biden's quid pro quo. Are the House Managers unwilling to say whether the so-called ‘whistleblower’ was a fact witness ...
(3/4) … who directly participated in and could face criminal or civil liability for Joe Biden's demanding Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma? And why did you refuse to transmit to the Senate the Inspector General transcript?"
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29 Jan 20
(1/5) My 4th #impeachment question, with @JerryMoran & @HawleyMO: “An August 26, 2019, letter from the Intelligence Community IG to the Director of National Intelligence discussing the so-called ‘whistleblower’ stated that …
(2/5) … the IG identified 'some indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the complainant in favor of a rival political candidate.' Multiple media outlets reported that this likely referred to the whistleblower’s work with Joe Biden. …
(3/5) … Did the so-called whistleblower work at any point for or with Joe Biden? If so, did he work for or with Joe Biden on issues involving Ukraine? …
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16 Jan 20
Texans know firsthand the importance of international trade, especially w Mexico & Canada. That’s bc no state has more invested in trade with our neighbors than Texas. As a fierce competitor on the international stage, TX is home to more than 2.2 million jobs dependent on trade.
I am proud to have voted to pass USMCA, which is anticipated to create 180,000 more jobs and provide a $70 billion boost to U.S. GDP. This deal is a win for Texas farmers, ranchers, businesses, and manufacturers, and will ensure greater economic opportunity for every American.
While I support #USMCA, I'm disappointed #BigTech’s special immunity from liability – often referred to by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act – was included in the final agreement.
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15 Jan 20
Today, House Dems are finally handing the reins of their partisan show trial over to the Senate. For months, the American people have been lectured on the critical urgency of impeaching Trump. For weeks, Pelosi dragged her feet, refusing to send the Articles over to the Senate.
The reason is that the Articles fail to meet the constitutional standard for impeachment. They do not allege a single crime was committed – not even a speeding ticket.
It’s been disheartening to watch House Democrats subject our constitutional process and the President to relentless abuse and partisan gamesmanship for blatantly political purposes. That pattern will not continue in the Senate.
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10 Jan 20
I commend the Trump administration for imposing new economic sanctions on the Iranian regime, which will further undermine the Ayatollahs’ ability to target us and our allies.
I especially welcome Secretary Mnuchin’s emphasis that European firms who use the INSTEX Special Purpose Vehicle to circumvent American sanctions will be subject to U.S. sanctions.
I have long called for taking such a step, sought to pass it into law, and warned our European allies that they were risking such exposure.
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31 Dec 19
As we reflect on 2019, we are grateful for the booming economy, the freedoms we have as Americans, and the opportunities that another year brings. It's an honor to represent 28 million Texans in the Senate & I remain committed to fighting on their behalf in the new year.
In 2019, while representing Texans in Washington, I led efforts to:
1⃣ confirm 105 judges, including 12 judges for #TX
2⃣ hold #BigTech accountable for political censorship and trampling on Americans’ #1A rights
3⃣ pass a bipartisan Senate resolution to condemn #Antisemitism
I also championed efforts to ensure Texas remains a pillar of America’s defense, reaffirm #TX as America’s leader in space exploration, & strengthen our leadership on the world stage.
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22 Dec 19
This evening, the Jewish people will gather together to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Image
This holiday is a time to remember and celebrate the heroic revolt and triumph of the Maccabees, who liberated the historic land of Judea, rededicated the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and restored the right to worship freely.
During this time, we are grateful for our close ally Israel, who stands as a beacon of liberty, and shines as a bright light in one of the darkest regions in the world.
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19 Dec 19
With a $23 trillion national debt, this 2,313-page spending package that Congressional leaders unveiled just days ago represents everything Americans hate about Washington.
Though there are several good provisions included in the final bills that I was proud to fight for, including a well-deserved pay raise for our men and women in uniform and additional support for our Armed Forces & veterans...
…this $1.4 trillion spending monstrosity plunges our nation further into debt– spending taxpayer $ on priorities of lobbyists & Dems at the expense of the American people, from funding Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities & Obamacare, to raising the tobacco purchasing age to 21.
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17 Dec 19
Despite the divisiveness pervading Washington, I am pleased both the House and Senate came together today to ensure our military is funded and equipped with the resources it needs to protect and defend our nation’s security.
At a time when our nation faces growing threats from countries like Iran, China & Russia, this bill reinforces America’s defense & national security interests by protecting long-term readiness of B-1B aircraft–one of our best assets for deterring aggression from our adversaries.
And it fully funds the Texas-based F-35 program, which is necessary to ensure that our Air Force can field fifth generation jets able to dominate the battlefields and airspace of the future.
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10 Dec 19
Including my legislation with @SenatorShaheen in the #NDAA highlights the bipartisan, bicameral consensus in Congress and throughout the government that the US must stop Russia's Nord Stream 2.
In the coming days, Congress will pass and the president will sign into law targeted sanctions that will do exactly that, specifically penalizing the companies involved in installing the pipeline.
In doing so, we will have protected Europe's energy security and prevented Putin from leveraging billions of dollars that could be used to fuel Russian aggression.
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