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Policy Advisor with YAL. Ron Paul Republican. Former Maine Senator. Current #LibertyJedi. Author of Maine's Constitutional Carry law.
14 Apr
Doing a lot of podcasts lately. A lot of new people following.

Thank you for your interest.

I'm going to do something different for Twitter, and tell you about myself, and how I got here.
I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights. It was a wealthy community known for strong public schools.

My parents (who left Maine for work in Ohio) scraped by to afford the property taxes so we could get good educations.
Looking back on it, I was kind of a strange kid.
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13 Apr
Sticker Shock: When @Walgreens in Texas wants to charge me $300 for a prescription that my direct primary care doctor in Maine could give me directly for $5.
When people see these exorbitant prices in healthcare, remember that government is the dam blocking choice and competition from flowing freely through the marketplace for the benefit of a privileged few corporate actors.
The reason I can’t get my prescription for $5 directly from the prescribing physician in Texas is a state law that prohibits me from doing so.
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13 Apr
Liberty is a beautiful thing.

We often think of it as the burning flame of a torch — fragile, yet enduring as it is passed from generation to generation.

But lately, I’ve begun to wonder if it is more like water — adaptable and winding its way through all the cracks of tyranny.
Over this past year, I have seen great tyranny — but I have also seen Liberty alive in every small act of disobedience: from the rise of cryptocurrency to the school choice revolution.
The more tightly tyrants close their grip around our Liberty, they more human innovation will cause those freedoms to slip through their fingers in clever and unexpected ways.
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12 Apr
Today, I delivered testimony before the Maine Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee in favor of Representative Heidi Sampson's Defend the Guard legislation:

Senator Luccini, Representative Ciazzo, and members of the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs, I am Eric Brakey, former Maine Senator from Androscoggin County, and I am before you today to testify in favor of LD 1285, Defend the Guard.
Do you remember where were you twenty years ago when the first Maine boots hit the ground in Afghanistan?

While I may be a younger citizen than most on this committee, I am old enough to remember the start of that war and the justification for it.
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12 Apr
Tom Bombadil gets no respect. When does he get into a movie?
Watching the 1991 Lord of the Rings film — produced by Soviet Russian public broadcasting.
Woah! Tom Bombadil shows up in the Soviet Lord of the Rings and breaks through the fourth wall, talking directly to the audience.

I don’t know what he’s saying because it’s all in Russian and there are no English subtitles.

This movie is something.
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10 Apr
The sad reality of political discourse today is that there is little room for serious discussion in the corporate press, and only outrageous statements can gather any notice.
I learned this the hard way during my campaign for US Senate in 2018.

Despite being the GOP nominee and a two-term State Senator with significant legislative accomplishments, the press wouldn’t cover anything about my campaign that didn’t have a sensational edge.
I found that press conferences on my plans to fix healthcare and build a stronger economy went virtually unattended — but holding an AR-15 raffle would make statewide news.
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6 Apr
Today, I delivered the following testimony before the Maine Judiciary Committee in opposition to a trojan horse "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation bill.

My testimony follows: (1/22)
The principle of gun confiscation without due process has been loudly and repeatedly opposed by Maine people and routinely rejected by bipartisan majorities of the Maine Legislature. (2/22)
As I read this legislation, it is in principle a Red Flag bill, using harassment orders as the trojan horse for gun confiscation without notice or due process. (3/22)
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18 Feb
America was not built on “unity” — it was built on the efforts of those with the courage to dissent from the desired “unity” of government officials.
Every would-be dictator has called for “unity.”

But it’s always a one-sided unity that means, “Obey.”
Stalin believed in Unity.
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17 Feb
Celebrating the death of another human being degrades who we are as a people and the value of human life.
Here is a private truth.

Bin Laden committed mass murder against the American people. Justice was necessary and deserved.

Even still, the mass celebration surrounding his death made me uncomfortable because celebrating death changes our character as a people.
Today, we see how the culture of life in America has degraded to the point where not only the deaths of our foreign enemies are celebrated, but also our domestic political opponents.
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17 Feb
The key difference between Marxists and Rothbardians:

Marxists view capitalism as a centralizing force.

Rothbardians view capitalism as a decentralizing force.
Marxists see capitalism akin to gravity — capital attracting more capital, all the wealth gradually concentrating in the hands of the few.

They believe an outside force (sometimes government) is needed to counter this and redistribute the wealth.
Rothbardians view aggression generally (most prominently, the aggression of state power) as the force that concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a few.

We see capitalism as a force akin to entropy — challenging that centralization through the power of the market.
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16 Feb
I understand Austin not being prepared for a winter storm like this.

Texas doesn’t expect a Maine winter.

Thank you to all the men and women working to get power back online.
Once we are through this, we should explore solutions for a more reliable energy system.
Our energy system requires two kinds of power — base load and variable load.

Base load is the minimum amount needed to power the grid in a given day.

Variable load is the additional energy needed to power the grid at any given time.
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16 Feb
Days like today remind me why we need thorium nuclear power.
Thorium Power is safe, clean, renewable and affordable.

A single bowling ball of thorium is the energy equivalent of an oil supertanker — and there is enough in the ground to power human civilization at current levels beyond the lifespan of the sun.
Believe it or not, support for Nuclear Thorium is an official policy plank of the Republican Party Platform.

(I know because I put it there.)
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14 Feb
If we allow socialism and nationalism to become our guiding stars in 2020s America as they became in 1920s Europe — recent history can tell us what the next few decades will look like.
To nationalists, remember that America is great — not for its own sake — but because of our founding ideals for Liberty and Justice.
To socialists, remember that the pursuit of Liberty has done more to promote the welfare of the common man than any system in human history.
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13 Feb
When I was 23 years old, I had the great fortune to work with an amazing family of grassroots Liberty-loving Americans on the @RonPaul 2012 campaign.

We were just a bunch of ragamuffins, but we stood together and shook the foundations of the rotten political establishment.
We didn’t have political experience or pedigrees. We just had love for this idea that human beings deserve to be free.

It felt true, what @RonPaul said, “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.”
The establishment became afraid, so they beat us down and kept kicking.

They stripped us of our delegates and changed the rules to stop a grassroots Revolution in the GOP from ever happening again.

But they failed.
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13 Feb
Everyone can see the pinecone in the tree 🌲, but can you see the forest in the pinecone? 🌲 🌲 🌲
Small seeds today, when planted and raised in proper soil, can transform the world the day after tomorrow.
We may be discouraged about the world we live in right now.

But you can’t change the world.

Today, take responsibility for yourself and this little corner of the world you live in.

Good things can grow from there — and that can change the world.
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27 Jan 20
Why do we fight wars for Saudi Arabia — in Yemen, Libya and Syria?
Why do we sell Saudi Arabia weapons?
Why do we ignore Saudi financing of 9/11?
Why do we stand by as the Saudi prince murders journalists?

...Because they have us over a barrel (of oil).
The “petrodollar” is an arrangement whereby Saudia Arabia only accepts US dollars in payment for oil.

This boosts international demand for the dollar, empowering the Federal Reserve to print trillions financing our national debt without significant price inflation.
If Saudi Arabia were to end the petrodollar, the US dollar’s status as the world reserve currency would be threatened — and our ability to finance our global empire would be threatened as well.
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16 Dec 19
The Mueller Investigation, enabled by the national corporate press, was a clear attempt by members of the Washington elite to gaslight the American public with a false narrative — and it worked.
Why did they wait until after the 2018 midterms to reveal that there was no evidence of Russian collusion?

Why was @RepAdamSchiff allowed to lie to the American public ahead of the elections, telling us all there was secret hard evidence of collusion?
The Mueller Investigation may have failed to prove “Russian Collusion,” but it succeeded in its real goal — blowing enough smoke to create the illusion of fire, sweeping Democrats into a majority in the House and setting the stage for a partisan, baseless impeachment.
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9 Oct 19
Neocons in Washington DC have been standing in the way of potential diplomatic deals between Syria and the Kurds --- because they want to maintain an excuse to keep our soldiers in the region FOREVER.

Let the Kurds negotiate with Damascus --- and Turkey won't be a threat.
We can have concern for the lives of the Kurdish people, while also recognizing the solution cannot be permanent US occupation of the region.

America is not an empire, nor are our soldiers policemen of the world.
Turkey has been our ally in NATO for seventy years. They fear the emergence of an independent Kurdish state because of historical conflicts between the two peoples.

It is a tribal conflict lasting many generations that our soldiers should not be asked to stand between.
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