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28 Jun
I love that this Israeli self-defense group (in NYC, sounds like?) named itself after the Jewish Legion. But as the Resident Legion Guy on twitter, I have to correct this part of an otherwise wonderful piece (I have three separate Tablet tabs open rn, such a great pub)
They trained in Egypt, but many of the expelled were in the US--Ben Gurion was the one who recruited my ggf in Cleveland. Many of the East European refugees thus were not in the Russian battalion of the Legion b/c they had, like my fam, gone to America first.
They were thus put in the North American battalion, mainly the 39th Royal Fusiliers. But language was a problem because the ones who came from America weren't Americans! Americans weren't allowed yet to fight in WWI even for Brits, only resident aliens.
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18 Jun
Absolutely sparkling essay by @b_judah on something I've thought about so much while reading modern Jewish American fiction. Ben puts it into words so perfectly: American Jewish writers are bored by their lives and experiences…
I'll add one thought to @b_judah's phenomenal piece, which is that the obsession with Israel by the *characters* in these books takes the form of pilgrimage and redemption. Israel is the escape, Israel is the answer. And yet, this is from Zionism-agnostics in many cases!
For example: Nathan Englander's protagonist in KADDISH DOT COM. Both protagonists follow that route in Nicole Krauss's FOREST DARK, leaving their very successful emptiness for Israel. Same with Cherise Wolas's THE FAMILY TABOR (a better version of Krauss's book). plus--
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13 Jun
Israel's first Orthodox prime minister and (I believe) first Islamist minister will be sworn in today.
Correction: he's not a minister. His significance to the coalition is just hard to put a title on.
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11 Jun
I'm usually against reboots but this one looks intriguing ImageImage
Bibi's Bunch. All the former Bibi aides have grown up and are on their own. Looking forward to the episode where they all come home to the Netanyahus for seder. Image
In episode 3 Bibi and Mansour Abbas find out they're related.
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11 Jun
Gonna take this opportunity to briefly explain that the Squad's coordinated talking point--talk to us privately not publicly--is disingenuous and false. Ron notes the hypocrisy of Cori Bush but it's been true of Omar as well, and it's important
Omar's antisemitic tweet about Israeli hypnosis was in 2012. As her local political career took off, Jewish community members tried talking to her about this stuff. She ignored (obviously) and then eventually won her Congress seat in 2018.
She defended both the tweet and BDS, and then after joining Congress arranged a trip to Israel and the territories with a group that had spread the famous blood libel and republished a white supremacist screed against Jews. Here's where things got rocky.
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9 Jun
are we witnessing the formation of the very first Democratic spine? Historic moment.
The question at hand is: Is there one single person in the Democratic Party who supports Jews' right to live in safety more than he or she fears a mean tweet from AOC.
btw the fact that they're even discussing it like this is yet more proof that the official position of the leadership is on AOC and Omar and Tlaib's side, as it has long been. This is the official party position, and there are a few dissenters who are scared to even go public.
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2 Jun
Been watching the first season of Startup on netflix and holy cow Martin Freeman is a phenomenal actor.
Edi Gathegi is really great too.
I feel like you maybe don't quite understand the purpose of subtitles? Image
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1 Jun
History in the making. Likely means a chunk of the interior ministry, yes? The news on coexistence is not all bad!
Jabotinsky said of a future Israel: if the prime minister is Jewish his deputy PM should be Arab, and vice versa. This is the closest the political system has come so far to Jabo's vision of coalitional coexistence.
Virtually everything that's happening in world affairs relates to some or other of Jabotinsky's writing, and I hope some of this results in a revival of the work of one of the 20th century's most important political thinkers and literary translators.
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1 Jun
Feels good to step outside into the M Night Shyamalan permanent buzzing of the cicada plague then step onto the empty pandemic train again. Ah, fresh air!
Going back into the office after 14 months to flatten the curve…
Wearing my mask on the train because of my infectious enthusiasm
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25 May
Still not a single elected Democrat--not one--has criticized the squad directly over their recent rhetoric. Not a single one. I wish I could say Dems were insufficiently policing their caucus, but that would require any policing at all whatsoever.
As someone who was doxxed by neo-Nazis in a post that showed my wife with a target on her back for speaking out against Trump, you can understand why I can't even pretend to have sympathy for these Dem cowards.
Not sure there was a louder voice against Steve King in conservative national media. Endorsed removing MTG's committee assignments. 'Party over country' never made sense to me, still doesn't. So the 'collegiality' defense by Dems for not stepping up here won't play. Grow up.
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24 May
Straight up incitement from the NY Times. An entire article claiming that the problem is Jews moving from one city to another city in the Jewish state.

Jewish lives are considered themselves a provocation. This is some mid-20th-century-Poland horsecaca…
NYT and others were doing this before the Jersey City massacre too. Painting the appearance of visible Jews in the city as something nefarious. It was followed by violence--as expected.
There won't be any sort of protest at the NYT among staffers, I'm guessing.
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23 May
Yup. But why would they? No one's pressuring them to defend Jewish rights. Progressives could make it happen in an instant if they wanted to. But if they wanted to, we wouldn't be in this position to begin with.
Additionally, there are no left of center groups within the tribe leaning on them to do so. Both the ADL and the main Democratic Jewish group are run by ex-Obama admin apparatchiks who are Democratic activists and are simply covering their party's flank.
Where would the pressure come from? Will movie stars pull productions out of New York? Bands about to begin touring again boycotting MSG? Cmon.
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20 May
CNN admitting its role in the Covid coverup and then saying 'we won't do it again' is really an amazing moment that probably deserves more attention.
Found the state media!
The sexual harassment stuff is juicy too (hence it gets the headline) but I'm much more interested in the continued findings of Cuomo and his brother's coronavirus antics and CNN's refusal take seriously…
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20 May
"The faction that replaced the party leadership and for whom the speaker of the House personally intervened to help them defeat more pro-Israel Democrats in the primary are criticizing Israel, but what does former Rep. Steve Israel say?" is a hell of a delusion.
If you think I'm kidding, I am absolutely not kidding:
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19 May
Couple years ago when a New Yorker writer tweeted that Zionism and white supremacy are birds of a feather I was surprised he said it out loud. Things are getting less surprising.
Good call.
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13 May
One thing I've noticed from seeing various conversations with pundits and writers on twitter today: when someone brings up the 'proportionate response' canard and is then asked to define it, the conversation hits an abrupt wall.
The more honest among them are like AOC--they complain that Israel has Iron Dome and Hamas doesn't, so they're arguing what others think but try not to say: not enough dead Israelis.
They also make clear they don't think Hamas's response--starting a cross border war by repeatedly and intentionally bombing civilian centers--is 'disproportionate' to the offense. Which is how you know they define 'disproportionate' as 'Israel=bad.'
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12 May
Israel is gamergate
We went from 'Israel has no right to exist' to 'Israel doesn't exist.' Gotta hand it to the antisemites, they're always on a forward march.
Between this and MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin's line of questioning yesterday, it's clear this is where we're headed. Denying Israel's existence is what they've settled on.
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10 May
This year is the hundredth anniversary of the 1921 Hebron riots, in which Jews were massacred, and here's a sitting congresswoman replaying the same incitement song
Thanks Nancy Pelosi for backing her reelection, it's going great.
*Jaffa, sorry, then spread
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5 May
I signed what's come to be known as the #JewishHarpersLetter supporting open discourse and I want to take a moment to explain why. You can read the letter and my fellow original signatories here:
First, I should point everyone to this fantastic piece by David L. Bernstein, a veteran Jewish community official, about his role in trying to facilitate dialogue and being told to account for 'white' Jewish 'complicity' in racist systems…
A major concern of mine is the way Jews do not fit in to America's dominant model of discourse on race. Few things can make US Jews so clearly 'otherized' than the erasure that comes with being told your participation is determined by the shade of your skin tone.
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4 May
Good Atlantic piece on the army of left-wing Tucker Carlsons burning science to the ground for the sake of the Culture War Life…
I've said it before, but the red-team-blue-team politicized life makes America a deeply irrational place a lot of the time.
We live in a highly educated, deeply stupid society
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4 May
I need to know which vaccine the Bidens got immediately
She broke three of his fingers taking this photo
The Curious Case of Former President Button
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