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10 Jun
#COVID19India Daily deaths show a major bump. This is due to data reconciliation which is done through an audit/validation exercise. This is q normal in open democracies. It must be encouraged. We’ve seen this exercise before several times in the first wave too.
Daily cases continue to fall sharply - have now reached the level of first peak.
Decline in daily cases is across states of India:
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7 Jun
#COVID19India #DailyUpdate
Sharply falling daily cases & rising daily testing
Don't take your foot off the pedal India!
#MaskUp #GetVaccinated 👍
Active cases continue to fall fast:
Growth rate = -4.9%
Implies falling pressure on hospitals, HCWs & overall medical infra.
Overall situation (confirmed):
Total cases = 2,89,08,787
Recovered = 2,71,50,752 (93.92%)
Active = 14,08,801 (4.87%)
Deaths = 3,49,234 (1.21%)
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4 Jun
Daily cases: falling sharply
Daily testing: rising sharply Image
Daily cases Vs. Daily testing ImageImage
Growth rate of active cases = -5.2% Image
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2 Feb
#COVID19India #Update
While we wait for immunologists, virologists etc. to tell us the reasons -- it is important to acknowledge the fact that India has significantly overcome the COVID19 contagion. Active cases have continued to fall steadily for 4.5 months (unlike elsewhere)
Daily cases were 95K in mid-September. They are down to 12K now (7 day moving averages).
Daily deaths were 1250 in mid September. They are down to 125 now.
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27 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
France, Spain, UK, Brazil...facing major resurgence in infection. Active cases rising fast in these countries.
Active cases falling in India at -2.5%
1) Daily cases <45K & falling.
2) Daily testing ~12L & rising.
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26 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Cases rising in Delhi - onto a third wave. Take care Dilli!
Infection receding in other top hotspot cities.
Meanwhile at the national level:
Declining daily cases & daily deaths per million.
Active cases declining at -2.3%
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24 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
1) Daily confirmed cases ~54K & falling.
2) Daily testing fluctuating ~11L ImageImage
Active cases in India declining at -2.4% Image
Daily confirmed cases across states: Image
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19 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
How are active cases growing across countries?
1) Declining in India.
2) Rising in Europe: Spain, France, UK....& Russia.
3) Rising in Iran, Argentina...and lately Brazil.
4) US: an outlier (Recovery data not getting updated @JHUSystems ?)
Active cases declining in India at -1.3%
Cases per million & Deaths per million:
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17 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Active cases now less than 8L & declining at a rate of -1.5%....hope the trend continues in the festival season. #MaskUpIndia #NoDheel #HappyNavratri 🙏 Image
Daily cases: falling for over 4 weeks...a small uptick in last few days. Image
Daily deaths: falling for over 4 weeks...a small uptick in last few days. Image
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15 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Active cases continue to decline with growth rate = -1.6%
Daily confirmed cases <65,000...and continues to fall.
Daily deaths <750....and continues to fall.
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14 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
1) Active cases have been declining daily, for a month now.
2) Current (7 day) growth rate = -1.5%
Overall picture:
Total cases = 72,36,449
Recovered = 62,98,677 (87.04%)
Active = 8,27,742 (11.44%)
Deaths = 1,10,030 (1.52%)
Daily confirmed cases - steady decline
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13 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Active cases falling in India - peak becoming clearer. Image
Active cases falling, at a growth rate = -1.3% Image
Overall picture:
Total cases = 71,72, 933
Recovered = 62,24,764 (86.78%)
Active = 8,38,862 (11.69%)
Deaths = 1,09,307 (1.52%) Image
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9 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Active cases fall below 9L - exactly after one month (8th September) - leaving a sombre reminder behind, with 26L new infections & 32K deaths in the last month. #Unite2FightCorona
Daily new cases & Daily deaths: steady decline.
Growth rate of active cases continues to be negative for third week in a row. Currently = -1.0%
This is a strong indication that India has surpassed a peak (and not plateauing at high levels of active cases).
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8 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Daily confirmed cases continue to fall, as daily testing rises.
(7 day moving averages)
Active cases continue falling (third week in a row).
Growth rate = -0.8%
Daily deaths see a sustained decline - now below 1000.
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7 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth rate of active cases remains negative = -0.6%
Daily new confirmed cases & Daily deaths - both showing steady decline. #Peak
Test per million rises, as test positivity rate falls slowly.
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6 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth rate of active cases remains negative = -0.3%
Daily confirmed cases & Daily deaths:
Daily testing:
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5 Oct 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth rate of active cases = -0.1% Image
Test positivity rate = 8.28% & falling slowly.
Tests per million: ~58,000 Image
Total cases = 66,21,551
Recovered = 55,83,431 (84.32%)
Active = 9,35,993 (14.14%)
Deaths = 1,02,127 (1.54%) Image
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30 Sep 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Daily confirmed cases continue to decline, as daily testing continues to rise. 👍
Growth rate of active cases remains negative = -0.4%
Test positivity rate falls slowly, as tests per million rise.
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29 Sep 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth of active case remains negative (-0.3%), as daily testing rises. These averages are over 7 days (so no daily fluctuations or weekend effects). Good.
Daily cases and Daily deaths: both continue to fall
Total cases = 61,42,386
Recovered = 50,98,555 (83%)
Active = 9,48,067 (15.43%)
Deaths = 95,765 (1.56%)
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28 Sep 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth rate of active cases = -0.2%
While daily testing >11L, as some states show pick-up in testing.
Daily testing by states (7 day MA):
1) MH shows big increase in daily testing (much relief)
2 TN, UP, BR, KL show rise in testing
3) DL, WB, KA, TS...need more testing...
Daily new cases: where are they coming from?
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27 Sep 20
#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Growth of active cases remains negative = -0.6% Image
Total cases = recovered + active + deaths
7 day moving average: ImageImageImageImage
Daily tests across states: Image
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