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16 Sep
Good evening everyone and thanks to Shutters Network for hosting me.

I'm Kahli Brown and I'll be your host for tonight on the topic SHOOTING PRO MODE on your Smartphone.
Its a thread...
PRO MODE lets you move beyond the simple “point and shoot” features by unlocking advanced adjustments settings, and letting you tweak just about every aspect of the photography experience.
When you open your camera app you need to navigate to the PRO MODE just like in the image above.

In the PRO MODE, you'll be presented with a screen with multiple settings but not to worry I'll explain what each settings does.
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28 May
Good morning Everyone.
It's me @bekanenzino

Are you ready for

comment under this tweet so we can begin.
So to follow this class check the hashtag #SNiClass

Let's begin.
OXFORD dictionary defines CREATIVITY as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.
But I define CREATIVITY as creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. It is also doing the unexpected. For me it means thinking left when others are thinking right.#SNiClass
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