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22 Feb
So, you must have heard a lot about Sinauli recently. A thread on it.

-Firstly, it is a newly excavated archeological site about 60 km from Delhi.

-Why it made news? Because for the first time in India, a Chariot has been found.

-It is clear that it is a war

chariot & has the space for 2-3 people. Small size.

-It is driven by a horse most probably as the yoke fits a horse.

-along other things, a helmet is found made of Copper & this makes it the world’s oldest helmet!!

-A shield, swords and arrowheads are found.

-this makes India the user of most advanced weapons in the world 4000 years ago.

-Such wide use of copper is not seen anywhere in the world in that era.

-Sinauli is a burial site & over 100 graves have been found.

-some graves are of elite people & some are commoners.

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21 Feb
If you are not curious about spirituality & meditation in life, you are incomplete.
I don’t preach on spirituality because most people won’t get it.
But imagine this, you are ready to watch a movie or a series no matter how long it is but if it is an academic lecture, you

will shut off the video playing. It happens because you haven’t realised your full potential yet. Once you do, it won’t matter what type of video you are watching, what genre of book you are reading, Paris will not more beautiful than your own city.

The desire & difference

between things will fade. You will absorb everything which you are subjected to.
Things which shut your brain for a while like Alcohol, entertainment will always attract you but the things which open up your mind will look boring.
With risen spiritual energy, nothing will

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14 Jan
So today is 260th anniversary of Third Battle of Panipat and this is a thread to commemorate it.
It all started with the death of Aurangzeb & end of Mughal-Maratha war of 27 years. After this, Marathas started showing their power in central India.
-Then came the
golden phase of Marathas under Peshwa Bajirao who spent more life in war camps than in his palace. Undefeated for 40 battles, he expanded Maratha boundaries crazily & whole India feared Maratha forces. His military formation was unparalleled & Marathas invested heavily
in Artillery under him. Then after his death, his passion to expand the empire was kept alive by his sons, nephews and other Maratha Generals. The empire was now a confederation of equally powerful Maratha chiefs like Holkar, Shinde & others. They all came under banner of
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25 Sep 20
The problem with “MSP”-
It is guaranteed minimum price offered for 25 crops to farmers but out of these, Wheat & Rice are important because most farmers are growing that. Even to the level that unusual states like Punjab for Rice is growing that.
MSP generally increases
every year & that reassures farmers that these crops are safe options. Tech in agriculture makes Wheat & Rice safer than others to grow so farmers won’t just switch to other crops.
Result- year by year bumper production of wheat & rice & maximum in storage of FCI godowns
gets rotten or eaten by rodents.

Now- with new agri bills, private companies or people can buy crops & certainly they won’t waste it by keeping it in godowns. It will be used for export or food processing industry.

Other thing, if MSP is not fix, Farmers will look for
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23 Sep 20
After giving some thought & study to the new Agriculture bills, I can say that intent behind them is GOOD! Biggest change will be the new entrants in the buying market of crops. Will raise farmers’ income.
I can understand the frustration of Pawar party in Maha & Akalis in PJ!
People saying Farmers will get lower price without Mandis, well! mandis are not closing down & farmers can still go there for MSP based prices.
With no barrier on storage limit, urban investors might feel like investing in crop procurement now & it can make them rich to the
level of “bitcoin rich”. New agriculture based startups also get a window here with that “no limit” clause.
Challenge is to understand the “information” flowing in & out of any business. If more people can understand that, then established businessmen are in trouble.
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12 Sep 20
Okay. A thread on life lessons based on Genghis Khan’s life.
1. Make loyal allies- First thing he did in his life was to make equally powerful allies w/ a common goal. You can never have allies who have different goals. Avoid calling those people your allies & including them
in your schemes. His first allies were one of his childhood friend & an old powerful Chief. To make an ally he married the daughter of the chief & served as his military chief.

2. Leave when you have to- in initial days of his conquest, Genghis was near a forest & he came to
know that he will be attacked. He had a good force with him. His enemies sent words of insults to him. An average warrior in ego would have waited for attack & fought till death. But Genghis was aware that forest warfare is not his niche & decided to leave. Army was confused
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12 Sep 20
These are the lessons I’ve learnt from the life of the great Genghis Khan. I have written them on my cupboard to remember them.
To explain the second last point “ask help from a confused person with full might” let me tell of an incident in his life.
1/ Image
-On the final leg of unifying Mongolia, an ally betrayed & took refuge in his uncle’s territory. Now this uncle was confused b/w choosing sides. Either his nephew or the Great Khan. Genghis had to enter his territory & his ministers advised him to just send an ambassador with
token guards. A full army with Genghis himself could look like an attack on uncle’s territory & he might side with his nephew. Genghis did exact opposite, he gathered a massive army & rode to the uncle’s tent. Shit scared uncle was immediately clear my seeing the huge army
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9 Sep 20
Every year politicians shout Emergency-Emergency & malign Indira Gandhi as some dictator. They should learn some lessons from “the only male politician India ever had”.

1. Sealed the coffin of Feudalism by ending the privy purses of ex royal families. Feudalism is the
1/ Image
biggest enemy of Democracy & Capitalism.
2. Kept all our neighbours occupied in their own troubles-
Pakistan in Bangladesh crisis for eg.
3. Asked RAW to train LTTE in Sri lanka & kept anti India Sri Lankan govt busy in that. LTTE because world’s most deadly militant group
4. Kept Khalistanis in check by hitting at their brain in operation blue star.
5. Forever stopped China or US to threaten India by conducting Atomic Test in Smiling Buddha operation- 1974.
6. Stalled the disruption by declaring emergency & putting all nuisance behind bars.
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4 Sep 20
Thread tweets are a bunch of my self amusing dumb hilarious thoughts.
1. If in a movie, there is Military rule in India & Katrina Kaif is Military General. What song will be there in the movie?

Answer- Martial law, Martial law, Chehra hai Martial law.
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4 Sep 20
Bit controversial for myopic twitter but Akbar, Shahjahan & Aurangzeb (along with others of course) were one of the greatest military strategists ever in sub continent. Their campaigns agaist Hindu kingdoms are hyped but in truth, most of them were against muslim kingdoms of
India. In military history & studies, they hold a great position to understand the land & the people. Their battle plans were highly efficient & war machinery was in place. For practice (like War exercise now) they used to organise hunts. Akbar had a stable of 700 Indian
Cheetahs (now extinct). The hunt of wild animals kept their elite battalions in shape. The practice of hunt was taken from Mongols.
Another great personality above them was Maharaja Ranjit Singh & his able commanders.
British, Marathas in south & east, Afghans in west,
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31 Aug 20
Obviously FinMin is clueless about economy & fail to remove bottlenecks from the system. Not even surprised. The fall in Economy is not due to corona. Corona just gave an escapegoat to NDA govt.

Now the problem with India-
We jumped to become a service sector based
economy too soon. Govt didn’t plan that but brave IT pioneers opened the unlock doors to become one. So, naturally Govt was clueless. Problem is that service sec based economy creation is too simple if you have the population. Many countries came & will come in competition
of India. Tech giants of India will lose business & to maintain the foreign reserve, India will have to look for other options. That will manipulate custom duties, subsidies too quickly & will not give small business owners to adjust their business model.

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30 Aug 20
A serious thread on World races & their future.

If you google “races in the world” it will give results as 3-5 races in the world. 3 are major in them.
1. Caucasian- whites
2. Negroids- blacks &
3. Mongoloids- Eastern Asians

In all classifications, you will not see
a race which looks like us Indians. In fact the misnomer Indians for native Americans is still popular. Why such unimaginable ignorance? Do you assume we are whites in India? No we are not! Then why we are not classified as a race, as a different identity. People from eastern
Turkey to Cochin in Kerala, we have our own features. We can’t be just clubbed together with Caucasians.

Why is it important to see this whole territory as one different race?

Because I feel that world will fight a great war which will happen on racial lines.
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15 Aug 20
Some of the causes for Indian independence.
1. Lacs of Indian soldiers were returning to India from the theaters of world war. Proved their worth in WW & British were tensed how they gonna act in India now.
2. Naval ranks’ mutiny & the support they got from people & army.
3. INA trials- British portrayed what Azad Hind Fauz did in North east as treason. Indians strongly opposed it. Ultimately, British couldn’t hang INA soldiers. They knew now things were not in their control.
4. Gandhi’s old age- Tilak’s death was used by Gandhi to launch a
massive movement. Gandhi’s death anytime soon after WW could give such opportunity to Congress. It could be a violent movement against British people in India.
5. Mounting pressure from USA & USSR- Both capitalism & communism strongly hates imperialism/colonialism. British
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30 Jul 20
To assume that there is no God is to say that all these colours & lives have no larger meanings. It is like to say that these flowers blossom for nothing. You have to go in denial to believe that it’s for nothing.

God is in every single particle of this universe. You might 1/n ImageImageImageImage
believe that God looks like the Man (Christianity) or believe it’s the origin of all light (Islam) or you might believe that God is 1 indivisible perfection (Hinduism), you can also be bit cynical & scientific, still you will agree with the God Particle.
In all forms it 2/n
is easy to believe in the concept of God than to deny it. It is like something inside us always knows that things have larger & deeper meanings. What we know in our hearts is vast, we know that it is certainly greater than the physical world we see outside. That is why we 3/n
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21 Jul 20
A short thread on it-
1. Lower stratas of society are always dumb enough to copy what super rich families do. They try to copy their names too for their kids. For example Rahul was a popular name b/c Rajiv Gandhi & Bajaj family named their son Rahul. 1/n
2. Then lower stratas copy their marriage rituals. Arrange marriages are a tool of Ambanis, Rothschilds, Kochs, Al Sauds etc. How?
3. They are dynasties. They will not allow some skank to enter their family or give their daughters to some unworthy guy. They’ve a lottt to lose
4. So they wait & see what their kids choose. If Ambani’s daughter choose Piramal’s son. It is okay. No problem. If she chooses a leftist social activist out of love. Dynasties will preserve themselves. She can’t let that idiot enter into the family.
5. Lower people just 3/n
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20 Jul 20
Democracy is not a ghost that it’s onto you to believe or not believe. It is an evolved form of govt which saw all old phases like dictatorships, serfdoms, tribal societies, colonialism, theocracy and feudal system. Do you even understand all those forms of govt or you just 1/n
got up someday to believe that you now hate democracy? And why? Because you feel some 1000 year old system was better than this?

Take this! Scots had to marry in secret b/c if English lords had the condition that they will spend the first night with all brides in their area 2/n
& it was their wedding gift to the newlywed couple. Feudalism gets you that rotten, septic wound of a society. It happened in whole world in different forms. Humans have the right to be free of all this subjugation.
Democracy is not a singular thing, it comes with many pros 3/n
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12 Jul 20
So there was this 17 something girl on a TV dance reality show. In audition she said she is from Haryana, from a small village & her father doesn’t support her dance passion. Made his father a national villain kind of. Someone with embedded patriarchy, someone who hates her 1/n
for being a girl. She got selected, judges be like oh god! happening really bad.. blah blah.
After selection this girl be like- I went back to my village & found that my father hasn’t eaten properly since i left for Mumbai audition. Now I understand what my father goes 2/n
through in our village. He supports me but just differently. He was worried for me and couldn’t eat.
So, the point is! Understand your father & his struggle. You grew up in an environment that all your insecurities like weight, colour etc are supported by society. But our 3/n
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3 Jul 20
Recently I explained how Indian Navy can single handedly block China in Indian Ocean. If you talk about defeating China in land battle, It is possible.
How? Let’s see!
1. Tibet’s leader Dalai Lama is in India. China still does not trust Tibetans. Divided Tibet in some parts 1/n
2. See this map. Tibet shares boundary with India. Other provinces are Yunnan & Xinjiang.
3. Much of Chinese population resides in Eastern part. Thousands of km away from India. Because Western part is impossible to settle in. High peaks & difficult terrain. 2/n Image
4. To supply Chinese Army on Indian border, they have to open a supply line. If they open in Tibet, a huge part of their army will be used to secure just the supply line because of distrust.
5. India can manipulate Tibetans to carry out attacks to disrupt the supply lines 3/n
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1 Jul 20
Many believe that financial gain is behind conversions. Let me talk about modus operandi of missionaries in Tribal and non tribal areas.
Tribal- they make or rent a huge house in tribal area. Put a large cross on it & start calling it a church. Education & Health is talked 1/n
in this building. Pregnant women, young girls are asked to visit. Starting happens with local maids, workers in building. Missionaries genuinely believe that they doing a great work & carrying the word of god to tribals. Women are gathered every weekend in the name of help. 2/n
Tribals love alcohol & have abuse problems. Women are targeted by abusive men, so church offers them some help. Talk to their men, give clothes & ration to kids. Gradually Christianity spreads.
Non Tribal Areas- Here they gather recently converted people & organise “Satsang” 3/n
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1 Jul 20
From today, again the minimum balance in bank account has to be maintained. That’s one really stupid clause. Imagine a family with 5 bank accounts, min balance varies from 3k to 25k depending on bank.
So money blocked varies from 15k to 1.25 lacs.
All that when banks charge 1/n
money for all transactions. If you get money from abroad, banks cut 4-5 rupees per dollar, charge for sms, atm & duplicate card. Cheque books too.
This min. balance thing is difficult for students, workers, middle class and even businessmen.
If we actually want to replace 2/n
China in world, we have to do away with these small obstructions in financial lives of people. Billions of dollars blocked in bank account reduces purchasing power of people. That extra money could help in boosting local economy.
All that and even now banks are not secure 3/n
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26 Jun 20
A serious thread!
Yesterday someone told me that M community organising collective wedding ceremonies after Unlock 1.0.
Reason- they feel that due to covid19 survey, their NRC had been already done. Some people spreading some kind of bizzare misinformation in M community 1/n
that after Corona something bad will be done to them. In this scary situation they are marrying their daughters in some cities (not in my city yet).
I don’t know how this started but this is not false. Don’t know since how long this NRC misinformation will be continued. 2/n
To think about the girls who will be married early due to this saddens me. We have our focus on covid19 but elements who wanna disturb our harmony will use every opportunity to do it.
Even now they are active & spreading misinformation. Most of it is done by ISI, Pakistan 3/n
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