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Council House Tenant, Full Time Carer. Vaguely lost. #buildsocialhousing
17 Feb 20
Well, yeah... this is why #UniversalCredit has a 'claimant commitment'. It stems from this idea that unless guided/coerced into good behaviour, people in need of social security are inherently feckless. This stuff has been baked across policy for 10 years of Coalition/Con govts.
Same as those 'household ambition plans' and 'deals' from social landlords that turned a person's home into something they had to prove that they 'deserved'. All the same language in use.
The #bedroomtax portrayed as a policy to address single feckless people clogging up 3 & 4 bedroom houses, when the vast majority of people affected are in households with at least 1 person with a disability, where only 1 room was "spare". Almost like there is a pattern.
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10 Jan 20
Spent as long as I could, carers permitting, at landlord's Tenant Involvement Group today (TIG). Mixed feelings.

They don't view next years 2.7% rent increase (and the following years similar) as mandatory but are doing maximum rises, in part to make up for 1% cuts since 2015.
They have employed an entire person to deal with tenancy sustainability, in part in anticipation of this.

No plans to borrow more against Housing Revenue Account despite lifting of borrowing cap, in part because at beginning of other borrowing, but feels unambitious (to me)...
A lot of Ground Zero stuff - they've essentially binned, and started from scratch, the housing waiting list, application process and allocations policy. Yet to see what effect this has on size of waiting list.. awaiting data and re-opening of general applications.
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