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11 Sep 19
Guys i am sharing what i do and how i take trades in intraday in this tread...
Its not at all holy grail or perfect
But when you put your efforts this become just wonderful.

In this strategy what i use :-
50 SMA
TF 5 min.
Target 2:1 trail after 1:1
Total 4 trade generate
I take 2 trades today
Miss 1 trade and ignore 1
I will explain here
What happen and how i do.

This is not my strategy
I will watch @Abhishekkar_ sir's
All videos and he update this
I will just modify and made acc to me
1st trade
Reliance O=L
And yesterday stoch close near 80 so only buy trade
Generally i trade after 9:30
But in O=L or O=H and with stoch i take it at 9:16 just like today

Buy at 1225.8
SL 1222
Trget 1234 trail after 1230
Result exit at cost after hiting TSL
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