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25 Feb
@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO We don’t know for sure, even the so called researcher has not disclosed his methodology & @amnesty admitted that they are not on the ground. A representative stated that it is based on extensive witness account. So we can safely assume that they interviewed some TPLFites in 🇸🇩
@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO You can also see that TPLFites had a role in crafting and framing the report as you could understand from the below exchange. They had access to the report before it is officially released, with opportunity to comment and modify!
@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO Not only that, the timing of the release of the report is carefully coordinated with the ‘new movie’ release day coincidentally 🤔 framed around the same incident!

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11 Feb
@jaketapper Here is a bit of context for you to see how rap was rampant in TPLF governed Tigray state

@jaketapper Additional evidence from published scientific article about prevalence of rap in 🇪🇹 in general and #Tigray in particular
@jaketapper In conclusion #TPLFisTheCause #Tigray was engulfed with an epidemic of sexual violence long before the current conflict. The breakdown in law and order as well as massive release of criminals by retreating #TPLF exacerbated the problem. Context matters @jaketapper @NeaminZeleke
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