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6 May
One criteria for success is speed - i.e the ability to create value quickly.

This requires a mind focused on its target, hands ready for action, and ears deaf to the opinions of others.

Speed trumps perfection.
More important than speed, is direction.

Take time to self-introspect & discover your true calling.

There’s no point getting to the wrong destination quickly.
More important than direction, is inner balance.

Trees develop deep roots so that they can attain great heights.

Traits of inner balance:

> No anxiety

> Uncompetitiveness

> Urgent with actions, patient for results.
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5 May
The human brain specializes in automation, but mechanical thinking and action dulls the mind.

This is why 95% of your thoughts are repetitive & intrusive.

— If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.
It’s absolutely necessary to pattern interrupt periodically to negate this effect.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic, simple conscious changes will do will bring immense benefits.

A few tips below...
1) Your actions & reactions

> Listen without thinking of what to say next

> Defend an opinion you’d normally support

> Converse with strangers

> Laugh in situations that’d normally trigger you

> Spend time doing nothing, without feeling guilty.
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3 May
10 hardcore life lessons I learnt from Friedrich Nietzsche.

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1) Govern yourself

To quote Nietzsche:

“He who cannot obey himself will be commanded.”

Most people need an external force to motivate them into action, or to keep them in check morally.

Freedom is the will to be responsible to onesself.
It’s imperative that a man learns to be his own leader, to act in accordance with his own beliefs, and to use his own values as a moral compass.

Such a man becomes elevated from a yes-man to a Superman. Image
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28 Apr
7 ways you can improve your life with the power of silence 🤐

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1) Never defend yourself

Epictetus once said:

“If anyone tells you that such a person speaks ill of you, don’t make excuses about what is said of you, but answer: He does not know my other faults, else he would not have mentioned only these.”
Weak people hide their flaws and show off their strengths, wise people boast about their flaws without showing off their strengths.

Don’t be blinded by your own ego.
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16 Apr
Organization is the key to self-actualization.

1 - Organize your mind

Every thought alters your brain’s chemistry, literally.

Your thoughts are self-fulfilling, whether positive or negative.

Filter doubt & self-depreciating thoughts from your psyche.
2 - Organize your emotions

Equanimity: emotional balance will skyrocket your creativity.

Your emotions shouldn’t fluctuate with the external ups & downs of your daily life.
Enthusiasm: comes naturally when you work on something you love or believe it.

Be passionate about your dreams, and they’ll manifest twice as fast.
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14 Apr
How to use the Socratic method to improve your critical thinking

A 7-step guide

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Socrates believed strongly in the admittance of one’s ignorance.

Doubt (aporia) as always been the hallmark of clear thinkers.
He also believed that individuals must seek truth for themselves by challenging conventions and asking the right questions.

He confused the wisest men in Athens through his elenchus (logical refutations).
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9 Apr
18 reasons why you are not as smart as you think!

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This thread aims to expose you to some of the biases and flaws in your cognition.
1 - Information bias

Your tendency to seek more information, even when it does not promote action.

You make better choices when you have fewer options, and act quicker with fewer information.
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1 Apr
Listen to sad music when you are happy, and vice versa.

People naturally use music to intensify their current mood.

I believe music should be used to neutralize moods.

Equanimity is a virtue!

This is the art of staying balanced emotionally - ideally without the help of nature.
Naturally - no one stays happy forever, and no one stays sad forever.
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26 Mar
✋🏾5 tips for aspiring creatives:

1 - Find your voice
2 - Find your platform
3 - Find your community
4 - Find a content creation strategy
5 - Find a way to monetize

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1 - Find your voice:

Introspect a little

- Can you educate / entertain (or both)?

- What message do you want to share with the world?

- What’s your most natural way to communicate (audio, visual or written)?

- What does your ideal audience look like?
You might have to dig into your childhood to find your repressed abilities.

For example this was me at age 12 speaking my inspirational truth.
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25 Mar
Things You Must Stop Doing To Be Successful

(A Thread) 🪔
Feeling entitled:

Entitlement is a delusion rooted in laziness, selfishness and foolishness.

The universe never rewards the undeserving...
Playing the victim card:

Self-pity is the easiest way to prolong your misery.

It’s not the cards you are dealt that matters, it’s how you play.
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23 Mar
The key to building a strong self image is to be indifferent to both insults & compliments.

Insults poison you, compliments imprison you.

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Remember that time someone said something good about you and you started trying to impress them even more?
You became more self-conscious around this person, scared to make the slightest mistake that could ruin their image of you.
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22 Mar
Consistently following trends is a sign you aren’t absolutely clear about your personal mission.

It’s disheartening to go far, only to realize you ran the wrong way.
Clarity is paramount.

Unfortunately a lot of people in their 30s / 40s are clueless about this.

Funny how school makes us choose life career paths at age 14!
Anyways there’s not a clear cut process to self discovery, nor is there any deadline.

If you are in your 20s:

use any method (scientific, spiritual or psychological) for self discovery.

Trial by error works too, it just take longer.
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19 Mar
How To Create A Happy Life

12 practical lessons from @naval
Happiness is a state where nothing is lacking.

The path to happiness is truth seeking, and the path to truth is understanding.
Understand that happiness is a skill that can be learned.

You can slowly and methodically improve your happiness baseline

Happiness, love & passion aren’t things you find, they are choices you make.
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17 Mar
Three reasons why you procrastinate:

1 - You think the task is too easy

2 - You think the task is too hard

3 - You are uninterested in the task

👇🏾 Here’s how to overcome them
1 -

If it will take less than 5 minutes, do it immediately.

Better to have it done and forgotten, than to have it dangling in your psyche.
2 -

If the task seems scary, tell yourself you’ll only do it for five minutes.

It’s never as bad as you imagine, the courage to start is all you need. Image
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16 Mar
1) A reputable character:

Your character becomes your reputation, and your reputation becomes your legacy.

A man who stands for nothing will fall for everything. ImageImage
2) Ethical wealth:

Financial intelligence is a must have skill for every man.

You create wealth by leveraging your specific knowledge. ImageImage
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13 Mar
5 types of people you need in your inner circle.

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You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

It is therefore essential to have an inner circle of achievers.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
1) A mentor:

Find someone with more experience, wisdom and success than you.

Learn all about their mistakes, strategies & network.

Mentors are not easy to find, you have to seek them and be worthy of their time.
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12 Mar
The Right Way To Focus

👇🏾 A Thread (Retweet)
Think of any successful person you know -

- elite sportsmen
- renowned scientists
- or millionaire businessmen

The one trait you’ll find in all of them, is laser-like Focus.
Focus is a creative force - so it must have both magnitude & direction.

This thread will show you how to properly direct your focus...
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10 Mar
10 Rules That Will Help You Succeed 10x Faster 📝

A thread 🪡
1) Aim higher, strike harder:

Never set realistic goals.

It’s better to fall short from a massive target than to reach an average one.

Have an unreasonable target, then take 10x the amount of action needed to achieve it.
2) Think of success as a duty:

Success is a do-or-die mission, it is not optional.

It is a responsibility to yourself, your family & society.

Unless you develop this resolve, to succeed no matter what, it will elude you.
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26 Feb
⬇️ This is how you create a happy & successful life

➡️ A letter to young aspirants

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1) Prioritize Your Health:

You don’t need body positivity.

You need;

- agility
- flexibility
- strength
- endurance
- good posture
- good heart rate
- moderate sugar levels
- normal blood pressure
If it’s medically proven to cause health related issues, minimize your intake or avoid it completely.

Stupidity - is repeatedly doing something harmful and calling it “fun”.
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10 Feb
The Right Way To Build A Twitter Brand 💸

A short story on patience, consistency & sacrifice 🪔

Ft: @bossyourday
It all began back in August - I DM’d Kyle.

We introduced and quickly got along.
This guy had less than 100 followers at the time! Crazy right?
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8 Feb

1) Avoid being disliked without being envied or admired.

2) A slave is much easier controlled by convincing him he is an employee.

3) Never say NO twice if you mean it.
4) Procrastination is the soul rebelling against entrapment.

5) Instead of finding role models, it is more effective to find anti-models (people you don’t want to resemble when you grow up).
6) Weak men act to satisfy their needs, stronger men act to fulfill their duties. ImageImage
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