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Mom of boys, #ArmyMom, gun owning @momsdemand vol; Exec Dir @likeamotherPAC; Organizer, former Dem Nominee for HD106; let's get shit done, y'all
23 Feb
🚨 Help needed THREAD 🚨 After seeing this, I have learned more about Amanda and her situation. It is indeed dire. We have her on PxPs list, we're getting a hotel room for her and her mom, and will keep helping her for as long as it takes. I have an ask of y'all 1/

(Listen 👇)
Amanda, 28, is taking care of her mom, going to school, and is a delivery driver. I'm asking my friends if y'all could please send some cash her way to help via:

Cashapp: $MichaelleEubanks

Venmo: @ AmandaMichaelle (no space after the @ )

Their furnace has been out since Nov., and was struggling before the freeze. This is just making it that much harder for her. Amanda is someone we can't let slip through the cracks.

So please help if you're able. If you don't have Venmo or Cashapp and want to help DM me, or 3/
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22 Feb
Mayor of City of Buffalo calls Pete Sessions out.
Link to FB Post so you can see for yourself before it gets deleted.…
@poweredxpeople @janetjanssen if this town/area hasn't been added to the list yet please see above.
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31 Jan
Our friends' 20yr old daughter is fighting cancer at MD Anderson. They're discussing possibly moving to hospice, if that indicates how bad the situation is. On top of this, Mike is hospitalized w/Covid.

Today I discovered they got a $53K bill for the Air Amb.

I'm not going to rant about the absurdity of the bill (today) because my focus is on getting my friends help. If you know who/which org can help with this please let me know or send this to them.

This is just ONE bill. And it's just for the helicopter. $54k! 2/3
Our friends are amazing people. I've never met anyone sweeter than Steff. Caitlin, their daughter, is in extraordinary pain every day (it's a rare cancer, a tumor on her spine). This has been HELL.

Please let me know if you or someone you know can assist. /End
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19 Aug 20
Texans order approx 15 million prescriptions annually via the mail system. In HD 106, that translated to approximately 75,000 prescriptions. In the midst of a pandemic, that could equal disaster for Denton County’s senior population of nearly 20,000. 1/4…
W/ the Trump Admin systematically dismantling the @USPS ahead of the Nov, it is imperative that leaders stand up against this blatant scheme to affect the outcome in Nov. The fallout from these decisions are things like our seniors getting meds on time and in a safe manner. 2/4
TX leadership continues to espouse the position that everything is fine while insisting voting by mail is riddled by fraud. And my opponent aligns himself with that leadership. 3/4
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