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Ktunaxa writer from ʔaq̓am. Intergenerational survivor of residential school.
3 Jun
It’s unbelievable that BC hasn’t declared a #dayofmourning. Does the province really need to be invited by Indigenous peoples to do that? Do we need to sign a MOU? How many bodies? #215Indigenouschildren should be enough. Take action @jjhorgan @GraceALore @MurrayRankinNDP #bcpoli
On @CBContheisland today @MurrayRankinNDP said that his govt waits to get direction from Indigenous peoples on what to do next. That’s not true. It is a ruse that places the responsibility on those who are disempowered by those who are empowered. It’s shameful, harmful & racist.
Can anyone in BC imagine any scenario where the discovery of the remains of hundreds of children would not warrant a day of mourning? Or that the province would have the gall to say ‘gee, let’s wait to hear from community’ before taking action? That would never happen.
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