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Ktunaxa from ʔaq̓am. Writer. @UvicWriting PhD student. Vanier Scholar. aka Troy Sebastian. He/him.
Nov 3, 2021 19 tweets 5 min read
Today the @RoyalBCMuseum announced that it will be 'closing sections of the 3rd floor to start a process of decolonization'. This closure includes the First Peoples Gallery. Overall, this is good news but it took decades of work by Indigenous peoples across BC for this to happen. Indigenous peoples have been telling the museum that its depiction of Indigenous peoples in the gallery is racist, dehumanizing and harmful. Articles have been written, letters have been mailed, meeting held, all to tell the museum to change and up until now it is has said no.
Jun 3, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
It’s unbelievable that BC hasn’t declared a #dayofmourning. Does the province really need to be invited by Indigenous peoples to do that? Do we need to sign a MOU? How many bodies? #215Indigenouschildren should be enough. Take action @jjhorgan @GraceALore @MurrayRankinNDP #bcpoli On @CBContheisland today @MurrayRankinNDP said that his govt waits to get direction from Indigenous peoples on what to do next. That’s not true. It is a ruse that places the responsibility on those who are disempowered by those who are empowered. It’s shameful, harmful & racist.
Feb 9, 2021 14 tweets 4 min read
This is my last week as Curator of the Indigenous Collection at the @RoyalBCMuseum. I am happy to leave that wicked place behind. Yet, as long as the museum continues to possess my family’s sacred items that were taken from us during residential school, I can never truly leave. As Curator of the Indigenous Collections I wholeheartedly support, agree, confirm and share the experiences that former Indigenous Collections and Repatriation Head Lucy Bell expressed last summer. #IsupportLucy I challenge other current staff to publicly express their support.