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4 Mar
listen buddy.

bent over rows before bent over hoes.

curls before girls.
quads before broads.
ham squeezes before slam pieces.
legs before kegs and before eggs if you know what I mean. pecs before sex. u catch my drift?
traps before tramps.
calves before laffs.

tri's before thighs unless you mean quads in which case, thighs and tri's on same day.

clean and jerk before jerk, then clean. if u no wat i mean. cardios before the party hoes as they say in austria.
make sure you snatch before da snatch.
deadlift before u get sniffed. u know wat im sayin?

morning after pill AFTER good mornings. good?
barbells before southern belles
back to the law, glutes before sloots,
planks for the skanks. did i say dat already?
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4 Mar
Life is a game of accumulation
Success in life comes to those that put in the work daily, compounding through time.

If you increase your earning potential over years
If you push your body to the limits then heal it,
Eating nutritious food 95% of the time
If you commit to spending time with loved ones
The results will be
- Financially free
- Strong and healthy body
- Developed and fulfilling relationships

Barring any life threatening consqequences or black swan events, as long as you KEEP ON GOING.
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3 Mar
The TABATA Method: Fat Loss in Four Minutes (THREAD)

Tabata is the name of a Japanese researcher who discovered an interesting way to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time

It’s one of those strange training programs that seems to fit across disciplines: Image
It’s excellent for bicyclists, speed skaters, Olympic lifters, or the person looking to lose fat quickly.

This training method is so simple, yet so incredibly difficult.

Not to be done all the time, but when your body needs a shock or have literally 5 minutes to workout.
What is it?

Take one exercise and perform it in the following manner.

1) For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions as possible.
2) Rest for ten seconds.

3) Repeat seven more times.

That’s it!

You’re done in four minutes!
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3 Mar

It is not 'you' that is seeing, hearing, feeling

It is the senses that see and hear.

You are experiencing the result of the sense feelings in the space of consciousness.
Feelings are reactions to external circumstances based on your beliefs about the situation.

Whether you held a belief that an event β€˜should’ or β€˜should not’ have gone a certain way, or some assumption you made about a person which wasn’t true.
So long as you identify with the object of experience, you will remain in bondage, believing yourself to be the slave of feelings, always reacting and sailing on the tumultuous seas of the mind.

The same occurs with emotions.
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3 Mar
Even Jesus was hated by some people.

Know that no matter what, there will be some people that don’t β€˜like’ you

Whether thats because they don’t truly know you, or because they have their own internal issues that they have to work on - that they see you as a trigger for.
Life is all the more beautiful when you find and dedicate your time and energy solely to the people that DO love you.

And most of the time, those people are far more numerous than otherwise. As humans we naturally focus on the negatives due to the way our brain works -
- but its not a healthy place to operate from.

You don’t have to explain yourself, you can unapologetically do your thing and f*k everyone else who doesn’t fit in with that.
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2 Mar

If perfection is total and constant enjoyment of the current moment (which is the only moment that we truly experience), then we should aim for that.

Now as we are humans, we will not attain that without years of practice, but it is a goal.
when you’re dead, what good are your excuses, fears, doubts, worries ?

Where do they go? They Disappear into nothing.

All that time spent trying to predict the future, trying to reconcile the past, all of it is mental wankery that never solves or prevents anything.
Plan for the future, put in work in the now, but don’t mentally live in this fantasy land and definitely do not experience stress and worry over things that 99% of the time never even happen.

It won’t come overnight, but it will get better and easier as you practice this skill.
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2 Mar

Just like we ourselves have a physical body, we also have an emotional body.

This emotional body can feel β€˜hurt’ just like our physical bodies; it has wounds that, although they can’t be touched, they can be opened and aggravated.
It could be a particular phrase or insult that taps into that for you, It can be environments that make a particular feeling rise up, it can even be a person that is part of specific memory for you.

It is imperative that we can recognise our own emotional wounds and heal them.
It may be that you suffered this emotional wound at a very young age, when someone insulted you and you took that to heart.

From then on, you will react emotionally in that topic in the same manner that someone would react if I poked a finger into a cut on the arm.
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24 Feb

Though our physical body may not last forever, our impact on the consciousness of this world can.

Though we cannot speak directly to millions of people, the ripple effect of our actions can...
If you help one other person to be better or do better, they then help others in their lives to be better.

If you give someone some knowledge that enables them to navigate this world in a smoother way,

If you enable others to make a better life for themselves,
through encouragement or directly helping them, then you are creating a ripple effect that passes on to everyone that they will ever come into contact with, and all the resulting offspring of that person and so on and so forth.
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23 Feb
energy is like a muscle; it grow stronger through being used.
In all our undertakings, the little daily effort is all-important.

The muscles of our energy must be continually exercised.

Thus, gradually, we gain momentum and purpose.

The 1% gains compound every day, eventually coalescing to a monumental wave of progress and change.
As faith increases through personal experience and energy grows though practice, the mind acquires a direction.

This is why I stress the importance of a quality diet and a rigorous exercise plan.
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22 Feb
The WEF's proclaimed 'Cyberpandemic' has begun: defense, power, water, finance + our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction + unlocked the back doors of governments -
militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500.

Who stands to benefits from this Cyberpandemic?

you will hear : Global Solutions require Global Governance

As the internet is global, they will say we need a global force to control it all, a global currency will come with it
to be honest, we have our societies to blame too.

We are all too reliant on the internet, too reliant on technology and the supply chain for others to procure food and water for us

we have become weak and doughy slugs, ripe for being taken advantage of.
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21 Feb
β€œWhen is it too late?”

When you’re dead.
It’s never too late to change your path,
it’s never too late to get In shape
and it’s never too late to positively act as a force of good on others

Especially wild that some guys message me worried they have missed their chance IN THEIR EARLY 20s. Like bro?
What does β€˜too late’ even mean?

Too late compared to some other timeline reality in your head that doesn’t exist?

Too late to see health benefits from eating better when you begin to feel better a few days after eating well?
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19 Feb

The general warm-up is divided into two parts:

1. joint rotations
2. aerobic activity

These two activities should be performed in the order specified above.
1. Joint Rotations

The general warm-up should begin with joint-rotations, starting either from your toes and working your way up, or from your fingers and working your way down.

This facilitates joint motion by lubricating the entire joint with synovial fluid.
Such lubrication permits your joints to function more easily when called upon to participate in your athletic activity.

You should perform slow circular movements, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the joint seems to move smoothly.
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18 Feb
All it takes Is one person to believe in someone for them to make a change

Be that person
Our world needs love and encouragement now more than ever.

If you can do your part to be the voice that is always bringing your friends up, positively brightening people’s day, that is a wonderful thing.
While we only truly have control over changes in ourselves, do not discount the effect that you can have on others.

If you love your friends and family, say it too, often. You don’t know how that can be the spark that someone might need to turn their day or week around.
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17 Feb
When people insult you,
trust that it is a reflection of their own negative internal state

Their egos, triggered into tearing down someone else,
because they feel threatened and challenged themselves... Image
Not to mention what they are attacking is a phantom as well - They don’t know you.

They know a collection of assumptions, snippets of information and characterisations.

So you have a person attacking a fake version of you because that β€˜insulted’ the ego of theirs.
For this reason, smile when others seek to hate on you.

"For They know not what they do".

Wish them healing and love.
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17 Feb

We tend to pigeon hole ourselves into what we see as our capabilities, our potential, usually a reflection of our past selves, of past achievements or experiences

β€œI can’t do that
I always f*ck up X
I’m an anxious person
That’s not the type of person I am” Image
The familiarity of defining what β€˜we’ are is flawed from the beginning.

What you are identifying with is a mirage.

Commonly known as the β€˜ego’, It is the interface with which we as humans interact with the world.
Our brain needs the ego to understand the world, as in us as β€˜I’ might be in danger if we see a sabretooth tiger.

If there was no β€˜I’ then there would be no reason to run away from danger. Image
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17 Feb

Non-attachment to thought is an exercise in discrimination.

Through practice, we gradually gain control of the β€˜painful’ or impure thought waves by asking ourselves:

Why do I really desire that object? Image
What permanent advantage should I gain by possessing it?

In what way would its possession help me towards greater knowledge and freedom?

The answers to these questions are always disconcerting

"Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love." Friedrich Nietzsche
They show us that the desired object is not only useless as a means to liberation but potentially harmful as a means to ignorance and bondage; and, further, that our desire is not really desire for the object-in-itself at all, a mere restlessness in the mind.
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16 Feb
What Does β€˜Character’ Consiste Of? (THREAD)

Is it Malleable?

The seemingly ineffable, innate qualities of a person that dictates how they react to life.

If someone has β€˜a bad temper’, what does that mean exactly?
It means that they have become so engrained with the thought pattern of being angry, that it becomes a mental groove they very easily slip into.

This is because they have practiced it so many times.

Yay can think of your thoughts as waves upon a lake.
They may dissipate, and the water is now calm, but by their continued action they disturb the rocks and sand on the bottom of the lake.

Such sand banks are more permanent and solid than the waves themselves.
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16 Feb
🌞 Sol Breakfast 🍳

Been asked what I eat for breakfast so I thought I’d break it down a bit.

Mixed bowl of fruit of your choice, I have kiwi fruit, nana and fresh passion fruit here. Beauty.
Fried eggs, number scaled to your appetite (four for me), you want to cook the white and leave yolk fully uncooked.

Take it out of the pan 90% of the way there and the residual heat will get you to the finish line.
Sourdough toast is standard but you need to really pound the butter on here. Not only delicious but packs an extra nutritional wallop.

Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top and sea salt, pepper for days.
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15 Feb

A day where the plebs will resign themselves to another week of misery.

Monday is a label - how you treat it is what kind of day that it becomes.

Go in thinking β€˜another shitty monday’ = guess what you’ll get?

Another day to push the boundaries,

Another day to explore the holographic playground we find ourselves operating through In our meat suits.

Another day to see how many raw eggs you can slam down before your friends get concerned.
Another day to bring a smile to as many people as possible.

Our perception creates our reality.

You can choose to experience and live and enjoy every part of this rollercoaster.
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15 Feb
you are both the cause of, and solution to

all your problems
Like it or not, this is the truth.

The problems in your life are a direct result of the choices and actions you have made leading up to this point.
The problems with your body?
Due to you not eating healthy and exercising.

Problems with your money?
Not earning enough or spending frivolously.

Problems with relationships?
Due to you not speaking the truth or enforcing boundaries / tolerating disrespect.
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15 Feb
No temporary failure, however disgraceful or humiliating, should ever be used as an excuse for giving up the struggle.
If we are learning to ski, we are not ashamed when we fall down, or find ourselves lying in some ridiculous entangled position.

We pick ourselves up and start again.

Never mind if people laugh, or sneer at us.
Unless we are hypocrites we shall not care what impression we make upon the onlookers.

No failure is ever really a failure unless we stop trying altogether - indeed, it may be a blessing in disguise, a much-needed lesson.
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