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10 Jul 20
Today few journalists will cry buckets about Vikas Dubey's police encounter. Suddenly their sympathies will overflow for a gangster whom they never knew existed in the first place.
The same journalists never reported about the distressed families of policemen Vikas murdered.
Uttar Pradesh Police is fast becoming what Mumbai Police used to be in the 1990s.
If you want to finish the underworld, you have to opt for hardline action.
Mumbai Police encounter specialists finished the dreaded D-gangs in a similar fashion. Bollywood celebrates that even today
What song could Vikas Dubey sing? The names of a few local politicians or may be a MP who helped him rise to power and become the mafia that he was?
What great purpose that would have served other than increasing TRP of TV channels?
He was a murderer & he met his fate today.
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7 Jul 20
Multiple interviews of directors & actors who haven't delivered a hit in a while.
The message is the same: Stop discussing Sushant Singh Rajput.
Now they have added a new twist: The mysterious death has a political agenda!
Why are journalists publishing such interviews even?
Protests on the unsolved death of Sushant Singh Rajput cut across political lines, nationalities, gender and anything else that you can think of.
This is tragic that the so-called Bollywood celebs are trying to divide the public by creating a fake narrative of a political agenda.
There are lakhs of apolitical citizens of this country who are appalled at the apathy following the unsolved death case of Sushant Singh Rajput.
They don't care about any political party. All they care about, is the truth.
The answers to the many questions raised after his death.
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3 Jul 20
Bollywood actors who come from a privileged background are arrogant and have scant regard for those who can't cater to their needs.
That is what separates them from those who come from the "outside".
I will narrate one such personal story about a Bollywood actress.

Thread begins
During May 2012, I joined a media group as Bureau Chief in Mumbai. My brief was to work with a newly formed team in Kolkata which was launching a Bengali newspaper. The stakes were high and so was the work pressure.
At that time my mother was suffering from terminal stage cancer.
It was very difficult for me to run around for the treatment of my mother between two cities and rise up to the challenge of launching a newspaper in a market where the leader had already created firewalls to prevent entry of a new player. But we had a very determined, young team
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26 Jun 20
Have you heard about this incident yet?
Sorry, the mainstream media isn't interested in this story.
A father and son in Tuticorin were sexually assaulted and killed in police custody. Listen to the horrific details of the torture.
Your blood will boil.
Thanks @suchi_mirchi for speaking up in English. Many-a-time, the issues get lost because we don't speak the same language.
You successfully bridged that gap. Now we are speaking the same language both literally and figuratively.
And double thanks for speaking up so bravely
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26 Jun 20
Absolutely true. Sushant Singh Rajput's @instagram account is being operated slyly. Someone is deleting pictures.
His phones are with the police while his family members don't know the password.
Then who's logging into the account?
There's something very fishy going on here.
You may get access to the account.
Somebody who can succesfully claim to be a family member may have access to the account. Pictures may be removed by reporting. Instagram allows that. Also, most probably, this happened before the account was memorialized.
From PR persons to leading film journalists - everybody is asking Sushant Singh Rajput's fans to shut up.
What's wrong with you?
Members of his family have demanded an inquiry into his death.
His fans and his family have the right to know the exact incidents leading to his death.
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25 Jun 20
Few known Pakistani brands are freely available in India.
One of them is this fairness cream. Some shops stock it and you can order online too. This cream allegedly damages the skin because it uses topical steroids. There are very bad reviews online yet people are buying it.
On the other hand, Pakistan uses Indian goodwill to sell products overseas.
Here's Khaadi. Do you think it's an Indian brand?
No. There's an extra 'a' there.
It's owned by Shamoon Sultan, a Pakistani textile baron.
Many Indians abroad think it's Indian Khadi but actually it's not A Khaadi outlet in Birmingham. This is a Pakistani brand and
Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) owned restaurants all over USA, UK etc. use "Indian cuisine" on their banners. They also use terms like Haveli, Ganges, Maharani etc. as part of their brand names.
Their staff will never reveal their identity as they want Indian tourists to visit them.
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23 Jun 20
What's the true nature of Nepotism in Bollywood?
Is it only about talented outsiders not getting a chance to work for big banners?
No, it's far more sinister than that.
It's about eliminating competition from the "outside".
The Nepotism gangs operate like the mafia.
A thread
Years ago, Govinda publicly shed tears when his film was not being allowed to release. The film was produced by Smita Thackeray so they couldn't the touch Maharashtra markets but blocked it everywhere else. The film released after a delay of 3 years.
It's about controlling access to markets (called Circuit in Bollywood jargon), limiting numbers of theatres (called screens) where the film is allowed to release and ensuring that you don't step into 'their' territory.
We're talking about hundreds of crores worth of business here
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19 Jun 20
I am hurt at the cheap insinuations regarding the possible causes leading to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Problem is, some journalists don't look at sources of information sources where they should be looking at. All this information is in public domain.

Thread starts
Just 9 months back Sushant Singh Rajput had formed a company called Rhealityx. He was one of the directors of the company. It was a private limited company with a paid up capital of one lakh rupees.

Please note: These details are all in public domain and there is no embargo
The company is still active. There are three directors of the company. One is Sushant Singh Rajput. Second director is Rhea Chakraborty and third Showik Shakraborty.
All the directors were appointed on 12th September 2019.
We know the first two directors. But who's the third one?
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18 Jun 20
Last year (2019), I stumbled upon a sinister Chinese plot to create WhatsApp groups and circulate social media content to undermine India as a nation.
Their aim was to recruit young, vulnerable Indian students and instigate them to speak against Indian interests.

(Thread begins)
A WhatsApp group is the most potent weapon for circulation of fake news. By definition, it's a closed group. There are several other loopholes in the App.
It is very difficult to track movement of content by law enforcement.
So, I guess, they selected WhatsApp for this operation.
The story begins in 2018, when WhatsApp Groups were established as the most effective way to circulate 'information' in India. Indian law agencies were still grappling with methods to tackle the menace.
Crimes instigated by false rumours circulated on WhatsApp Groups were rampant
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17 Jun 20
I will reveal a sinister Chinese plot to circulate anti-national material among Indian students and instigate them to use social media to attack Indian government.
I thought that I had lost all evidence as my phone got damaged. But today I found them all!
Thread up tomorrow.
Good morning all. I have started writing the thread.
This might turn out to be a long thread but I hope that you find it interesting.
Please follow the thread here 👇🏾
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14 Jun 20
Today I will write about the intimate ties that Harvard University shares with China which has doled out billions of dollars for the University.
We will also look at why Harvard has emerged as the world's leading higher education hub for the Chinese Communist order.
(Thread) Harvard University
Harvard University is the favourite and go-to University for Chinese President Xi Jinping. Let's understand why.
This is Xi Mingzhe. She is the only daughter of Jinping and lovingly referred to as the Princess of China.
Which university did she go to?
Yes, Harvard University Xi Mingzhe, only daughter of Xi Jinping
Xi Mingzhe was enrolled at Harvard University under a pseudonym and was protected by bodyguards at all times.
She did her undergraduate degree and then returned to complete her post graduate degree.
Mingzhe was the reason why Xinping started a romance with Harvard University Xi Minghze, daughter of Chinese President
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12 Jun 20
An archaeological survey team from the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has claimed that they have discovered an ancient submerged temple in the Mahanadi upstream at Cuttack in Odisha. The temple dates back to the 15th Century. Here are a few pictures. A 500-Yr-Old Temple That Was Submerged In 19th Century Has JA 500-Yr-Old Temple That Was Submerged In 19th Century Has JA 500-Yr-Old Temple That Was Submerged In 19th Century Has J
According to researchers, this is the temple of deity Gopinath which was in Satapatana of 15th century. The temple was submerged when the Mahanadi changed course and submerged the area. The temple is 60 feet in height.
INTACH’s Project Assistant Deepak Kumar Nayak discovered this
Here is the discovery of the temple being announced on a local channel in Odisha.
The national news media TV channels will never give you such news.
I am sorry that you are getting to know about such delighting news from Twitter updates
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5 Jun 20
A startling Wikipedia fraud has come to light.
Have you ever wondered how some TikTok stars are verified with thousands of followers even though they aren't influencers outside of TikTok?
Turns out that Wikipedia pages were created to help them get verified on TikTok.
Please remember that Wikipedia pages are dynamic. As I write this thread, some Wikipedia editors who follow me will quickly go and edit the page and clear cache. I will try and include screenshots as much as possible.
The way it has been done is very interesting too.
Let's start.
Let's understand how TikTok verifies.
How does TikTok determine if an user should be verified or not?
TikTok hasn't officially revealed their verification process but all social media platforms use publicly available sources to determine your identity.
What are those?
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17 May 20
Harbhajan Singh slams Shahid Afridi after he went on a rant against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Bhajji says that he is severing all ties with him and will never endorse Afridi's foundation again. Afridi is accused of laundering money for terrorists.
Now, Yuvraj Singh reacts angrily to Shahid Afridi's video where he is abusing PM Narendra Modi. He cuts off all ties with the Pakistani cricketer.
It is being alleged that Afridi's foundation passes on donation money to terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen
Shahid Afridi is frustrated.
The morale of the Pakistan Army is low because of heavy retaliation by Indian Army at the border and also as terrorists are being neutralized daily in Kashmir.
Sources: Afridi is also visiting terror camps to deliver pep talks.
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17 May 20
Several honest reviews of #pataallok emerging from prominent critics as well as ordinary viewers.
Many saying that #PatalLok is Hinduphobic.
I have decided to compile those #PatalLokReviews together so that everybody see them in one thread. Please read and judge yourself.
#PatalLokReview: Prominent film critic @SumitkadeI gives only one star to #pataallok and says that the content aims to paint Hindus in bad light. He says that he is shocked that Anushka Sharma decided to produce the web-series with such Hinduphobic content
Here is the review of #pataallok by Vivek. I am quoting his #PatalLokReview: A Hindu politician cooking meat and serving it to a Hindu politician who is eating it sitting in front of the Goddess.
Yes, that's an exact scene from #PatalLok. Here's his thread
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12 May 20
Tanzania suspected that Chinese COVID19 testing kits supplied by WHO are faulty.
So, President John Magufuli devised a plan.
He sent samples from sheep, goat, papaya, engine oil etc. to the lab and labelled them as human samples.
Some returned as positive!
Before you dismiss his views, consider that John Magafuli is a doctorate in Chemistry. He says that WHO has conspired with China to turn the COVID19 crisis into a business opportunity.
The faulty Chinese kits are mostly returning positive results…
The international press is attacking Tanzania (example below), but the African nation has raised an important debate: WHO & China have collaborated to cash in on the crisis and China has turned the pandemic into a business opportunity.…
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11 May 20
Let this barbarity sink in.
Men in Lahore have kidnapped a minor Hindu girl and are using her as a sex slave. They are sending her nude pics and videos to her mother.
Komal's handicapped. She can't speak or hear.
Being born as Hindu in Pakistan is a curse!
DIG Operations Lahore admitting that the case was registered in March 2020. It's been 90 days since the girl is captive and being used as a Sex Slave.
The police have done nothing. In Pakistan, it is not a sin to violate a Hindu woman or a minor girl.
Even the list of suspects were given to the police as they admit in the tweet below.
Pakistani police doesn't do anything in such cases because the local religious leaders create pressure. They justify from texts that it's their right to defile Hindu women
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9 May 20
A friend works in a Left portal. She told me, there's panic at her office. The money has dried up from sponsors and there's no substantial public donations.
"It's a yellow light which will soon turn into red," she said while describing the financial health of the company
She says that readers aren't inclined to pay for the content they read and Google Adwords pay paltry sums despite decent pageviews. So, incomes have dwindled to a minimum from Google Adwords and public donations.
The only saviours are patrons, client advertisements & paid content
Patrons: Some patrons are not donating because they have restructured their budget allocations due to the pandemic. Obviously so.
Some have also decided to stop all donations now and divert funds towards public health, PM Cares etc which is in national interest.
Result: No money
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7 May 20
A chilling video from the gory past of Kashmir.
Here's #BittaKarate admitting to the murder of Kashmiri Pandit, Satish Tikoo.
Look how calmly he talks about the murder with remorseless eyes.
Bitta later became the chief of the banned terrorist outfit #JKLF
Many are asking for the original link. It was first aired more than a decade ago. The interview is more shocking than the clip.
The original Kashmiris were driven out of their homes or eliminated by the same stonepelters who give lectures about Kashmiriyat
Here is another clip from the same Bitta Karate interview where he starts by describing how he aims his gun. He says that Pakistani ISI agents had asked him to foment unrest in Kashmir.
He admits after terrorising the Pandits, Kashmir became a lawless land
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5 May 20
#PulitzerPrize says:
1. Kashmir is contested territory
2. Kashmir was Independent
3. The Independence of Kashmir was revoked by India
4. India executed it through a communications blackout
5. The winning photos are captioned as "India controlled Kashmir"
Who are celebrating this?
Here is one of the winning photos. Read the caption carefully.
Since when Tral in south Kashmir became "India Controlled Kashmir"?
This is Pakistan's line.
Why are you celebrating #KashmirGetsPulitzer?
India's territorial integrity doesn't matter to you?
Are you a Pakistani?
In this winning photo, a stone pelter is referred to as a "protester" and Srinagar is referred to as part of "India controlled Kashmir".
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3 May 20
Dear Mr Sanjay Rajoura,
Please criticise Narendra Modi. He welcomes it.
Please criticise Amit Shah. He doesn't mind.
Please criticise the BJP/RSS. Many do.
But why target #GanpatiBappa?
Why hurt millions of devout Hindus who worship him everyday?
Before anybody says that this clip is taken out of context, here is the full video link. Please watch from 1.20 mins onwards for the offensive content. But that's not the point. This comedian's whole set is littered with offensives against Hindu texts
So here he is again. Repeating the same offensive joke and he has company too.
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