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11 Sep
Right vs Wrong

Decision Making guidelines, a Few effective methods to minimize risk.

// THREAD //
Very often on this journey of life we find ourselves fortunate enough to have multiple doors open.

I call this a fortunate event because not many are blessed with this opportunity

In these times of turmoil, an open door is a lifeline

However, is this the right door for you?
How is one to know where this door leads you to?

A misplaced step here can set you back by a long way

You lose the most important resource, time.

One that you absolutely cannot willingly squander away

Does this door open to a mystical sphynx that grants wishes?
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9 Sep
Endless Loop

My thoughts on echo chambers and the curse of Intellectual stagnation

// THREAD //
One common phenomenon you see everywhere is people confining themselves to echo chambers.

Left vs right, religion, false godmen disciples

They all have one thing in common,

They are all frogs in a well. They don't see more than the bubble they're trapped in.
This is a recipe for disaster.

Human potential is unbounded,

There are no fixed rules apart from the laws of nature.

When you close yourself to different perspectives,

You are limiting your potential to grow.

For your ideas to mature they need resistance and critique.
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7 Sep
Path to Ascension

Devotion and mastery - The secret scrolls of greatness

Read this if you want to go beyond average

// THREAD // Image
The Bhagavad Gita, verse 7:4 describes the mind as having a very subtle material nature

It is one among the 8 primordial elements called Ashta Prakritis

Earth, Fire, water, air, ether, mind, intellect and ego.

Among these The last 3 contribute to your highest self. Image
To go beyond the norms of average, one needs to master all 3 elements.

Mind - Is the housing
Intellect - Is the content
Ego - Is the inhabitant

Remember, none of them are your true self.

Your true 'self' is the observer. Watching everything from within.

Formless, Immortal. Image
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6 Sep
Comfort Woes

How to initiate your growth by stepping out of your comfort zone

// THREAD //
Imagine this,

You have grand ambition, big goals and lofty ideals. You want to have it all.

However everytime you intend to start working on it, you have to do something you've never done before

This paralyzes you, keep you from moving ahead

You stay at the start line, safe.
You think you are safe in this comfort zone because nothing threatens you here

In reality this is what is killing your ambition, chipping away at your potential

Yes, all your fears are valid. There's no denying it.

Speaking in public is scary, so is stepping in the gym.
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4 Sep
Do you have a vision to help improve your approach to life?

Follow these madlads.

These accounts are amazing, I learn from them everyday.

A list of who and why you need to follow to optimize your twitter experience.

// THREAD //
Self sufficiency @EgoDriv

By far one of the best anon brands on twitter. The man knows his stuff, is unapologetic in his authenticity and also a real gem of a guy.

Ego is not your enemy & @EgoDriv certainly isn't.
Philosophy @PhilosophyVK_

Nuanced thinking, detached, rational and a sincere seeker of truth.
Very humble and interesting guy to have conversations with.

Wisdom @ArtfulPrudence
AP is a fantastic writer. Don't go by my word, check out his website. His essays are fascinating
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3 Sep
Pain and Gain - A Monologue on suffering.

Why you must Suffer willingly to conquer your life.

// THREAD //
To put this into context, let's try to understand what suffering is

When there is resistance to the natural flow of things there is suffering.

It is the state of being in constant discomfort

It is not the same as misery.

Misery is great unhappiness.

Suffering isn't.
When you assume identity - This is who I am,

Any act to go against the grain will create intense discomfort

How you react to this discomfort is your state of suffering

General reaction is to be uncomfortable, anxious, feel weak or overwhelmed.

This doesn't display competence
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31 Aug
Agnipariksha - Trial by fire

In Ancient India, the trial by fire was a test to determine your character.

Agni, the fire god acts as the grand judicator and pronounced verdict on your worth.

One willingly steps into this holy inferno and is burnt or purified based on his heart Image
A very powerful metaphor with a deep underlying message

Let me explain,

This spiritual fire is the embodiment of your adversity. It is a purifier, flames that burn away weakness.

To be valiant, one must step in these flames willingly. Confront adversity, survive and thrive. Image
Your spiralling life is your adversity. You have no grand war to fight, this is your war.

Your battle is against weakness, against yourself.

You have to confront it, step into the fire.

Only the elite few conquer these flames and emerge as a new being.

Purified. Image
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9 Aug
Error 404

Rewiring your addicted brain to LEVEL UP your life - Neuro Plasticity

// THREAD //
If you are hoping to melt away the habits holding you back,

If you want to rewire your way of thinking,

If you want to stop looking at the world with the same tainted lens,

Improve your memory, focus better, get rid of brain fog,

Then this thread is for you.
People falsely believe addictions are the end zone - old habits die hard.


Scientifically this is untrue -

The human brain is a magnificent organ capable of a myriad of things.

Changing the way it functions isn't unheard of - difficult yes, impossible NO.
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9 Aug
Secret to success is in paying as much attention to the means as to the end.

Human flaw is to have clouded eyes and only desire the goal - it's alluring

However most failure happens because you failed to scrutinize the means

If your process is right, the end will come. Image
Once you choose your goal and determine the process - shift your focus

Remember there is no effect without cause.

When you let go of the ideal and perfect your means,

It will only lead you towards your goal.

Attention to the process is the secret. Image
This is why failure hurts you.

You are too attached to the ideal - charmed by its allure.

When you fail, you are filled with sorrow.

Do the work, do not be attached to the end.

Decide the goal and detach from it.

Your energy is more wisely spent perfecting your process Image
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4 Aug
Soul and Spirit

Why you MUST live a life of Values - All self improvement starts here

// THREAD //
Think about this for a second,

If you disregard all the terrible atrocities Hitler committed - He was one of the most successful men to walk this planet.

Hear me out here,

In 2 decades, he went from a broke artist to the supreme commander of the greatest armies of the times.
However, his influence on world history has been one of the most destructive ones in recent times.

Problem? His values.

What Hitler believed to be his motivations, were chaos bringers to the rest of humanity.

Misguided values lead to demonic intentions.
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3 Aug
Psych series - 3

The Dr. Fox effect - Use these techniques to be a captivating speaker instantly

// THREAD //
In the 70s there was a conference of psychologists and scientists where Dr. Myron Fox dazzled his audience with an amazing lecture on mathematical game theory

All the attendees confirmed it was incredible

However what they didn't know was


An actor
Everybody present there were a part of an experiment and he was hired to play a role

The research was an idea that students validated their teachers competence based on personality rather than knowledge

He did just that, dazzled his audience with charisma and personality
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28 Jul
De-coding Tobacco

How I quit cold turkey after smoking a pack a day for years! - EASY

// THREAD // Image
Few years ago, before the improvement bug bit me -

I worked as a Senior Project Engineer for a large Oil and Gas conglomerate in Dubai.

If you've been to the Middle East you'll know this - Tobacco use is widespread here.

My choice of poison - Marlboro red's & Shisha. Image
What started with boyish peer pressure to fit in with my friends, turned foul very fast

Eventually spilling over to every part of my life

I was reaching for a cigarette every break I got, after every meal I had.

It was pathetic looking back.

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27 Jul
Online Trickster

Psychology of Addiction, Manipulation & Influence by Social media - Read to Unplug.

// THREAD //
To write this thread I thought well and hard about how to approach this issue

There are too many variables and perspectives.

Social media after all is just a tool.

And as with any tool its use depends on the person using it.

However, is it really that simple?
Researchers at Penn State have theorised that people change their personas on social media to fit in with their peers

Think about this, a mere tool changing its masters personality.

If holding a hammer made you act like Thor - you would be called a lunatic.
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25 Jul
Psych series - 2

How to use the Placebo effect in Psychology to fix your life - Mind magic

// THREAD //
Our bodies are capable of creating a series of biological changes and chemicals that can heal, strengthen & modulate our bio systems

When your neurochemistry is conditioned to perform in a certain way on ingesting a substance, it can be tricked

Let me give you an example
Italian researcher Fabrizio Benedetti did a study on Placebos,

He replaced the drug Sumatriptan with a placebo in his subjects

Results showed the same areas were active on both cases

Neurobiology doesn't lie
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24 Jul
Croak to death

Understanding the Boiling frog syndrome and steps to fight it - Very important.

// THREAD //
⚔️ What?

The premise is this,

Drop a frog into boiling water, it will jump out immediately. But,

Place it in cold water and heat the water slowly, it won't notice and get boiled alive.

This is a metaphor for complacency and ignorance.

Observe the world,

It's everywhere.
People getting stuck in habit loops that are deteriorating their health, finances or well being.

Being so engrossed in its momentary pleasure that they fail to see how it's destroying them

Usually by the time they want to change, they've dug too deep a hole to crawl out of.
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22 Jul
Social Tug of War

How to USE dark psychology to get what you want - Powerful techniques.

// THREAD //
In a Utopian world, people would look out for each other. There would be no locks on doors, Strangers would be kind.

Unfortunately, we don't. It's a cut throat world out there.

There's always someone waiting to take advantage of you.

Learn the art of manipulation
To manipulate someone you need to have a goal to nudge them towards.

Even better, is to use their own goals to advance your own agenda.

Use irrational behaviour inherent in humans to your advantage

Start thinking objectively and try to control the flow of information.
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21 Jul

Actionable steps on how to break free from negative habit loops

// THREAD //
Infinite loops

You make a habit and then the habit makes or breaks you

They are Behaviour patterns that you develop over time.

Slowly they become a part of who you are.

They trap you in an infinite loop that never stops

Unless you make a conscious effort to break free
⚔️ Desire and Belief

To break a habit loop you need to desire it.

A wishy washy effort with a vague goal will not cut it.

Remember, you are fighting yourself now.

You need a burning desire for change and a firm belief that it is possible to break free.
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20 Jul
Sheeps don't lie

How to develop critical thinking and NOT follow the herd

// THREAD //
Ignorant and Arrogant.

This is how I diagnose people who do not think for themselves.

Ignorant to believe all they've been told is true.

Arrogant to believe all they know is true.

In modern times, you must draw accurate conclusions from the facts present - objectively
Consider an average working class person.

95% of the time, he lives in a bubble feeding on a diet of mainstream media and social echo chamber groups.

Any new ideas and new approach to thinking challenges his way of life

There is no individual growth

No exchange of ideas.
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19 Jul
Hard knocks

How to train your brain into doing challenging things

// THREAD //
When you read this many of you will be confused.

Why would one voluntarily choose a difficult life with challenges?

The answer is because it's the only life worth living

Facing hardships and breaking through them teaches you all of life's lessons

Easy life = Weak self.
Look at every single person you admire

More likely than not, they've been through tremendous adversity

Beat the odds, survived and thrived to create something magnificent

Challenges excite them, fire up their spirit 🔥

This mindset goes parallel with success

No coincidence.
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17 Jul
Eyes on target

How to set goals effectively for high performance living

// THREAD //
To understand Goals, think about how it's used in the game of football.

It's the desired outcome towards which all action moves.

A purpose, for which an individual strives for.

It is the director for how we think and act.

Non-reflexive action MUST be driven by goals.
To understand and predict a person's behaviour you need to have a sense of his goals.

To have order and stability you need goals

To have a connect between your desires and their manifestation you need goals

The pursuit of these set goals is what will give your life meaning
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16 Jul
Diamonds don't break

How to build self discipline - ZERO to SPARTAN guide

// THREAD //
To be disciplined is to live the way of the warrior.

You put aside momentary pleasures and stimulation,

In exchange for the manifestation of a purpose.

Disregard fleeting pleasure for a grand future & an action packed present.

And you do this voluntarily, everyday.
Being disciplined isn't hard, it's perceived to be.

To someone who has made this into a lifestyle, it's just another day at the office

You need to embrace this mentality of growth, discipline and learning.

On a day to day basis, you do this with your choices.
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