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Sep 26 9 tweets 4 min read
Balaji Srinivasan Physiognomy Analysis 🧵

Revolutionary Rebel, Monumental Maverick, Idiosyncratic Iconoclast. What's unique about this illustrious investor?

Let's look into the face of one of the most bullish boosters of Bitcoin! A Tam-Brahmin known the world over! Image Rebel Archetype. Very high on openness to experience, moderately low conscientiousness, moderate extraversion (more cerebral and not that social but enjoys engaging with people and likes spreading ideas), very low on agreeableness, moderately low neuroticism (some anger issues). Image
Sep 26 8 tweets 3 min read
Marc Andreesen Physiognomy Thread: How I analyze faces

What does his face shape, head, nose, eyes, lips, jaw, body, and hands, tell me? What personality traits can we detect in real time.

A rare reveal some of my secrets 👇 Image First thing I always check is the eyes. It's by far the most important trait as they're the window to the soul. I already know he's a highly objective thinker, extremely quantitatively inclined, visual spatial, has an excellent memory for facts and details, and is a little aloof Image
Sep 23 10 tweets 5 min read
Psychology of Beauty & the Beast mini thread: archetypes, personal compatibility and Disney’s recent casting failures.

All this and more in an adventure into what it takes to love a wild animal! Belle is a Lover Fae auxiliary demon Everywoman and shadow Judge. Sky high agreeableness, moderately high neuroticism, very high openness to experience, moderately low conscientiousness, moderate extraversion. Over 130 IQ. May have some Bipolar tendencies. Very feminine persona
Sep 17 4 tweets 1 min read
Orphan archetype, warrior auxiliary, priest demon, trickster shadow. Loves showing discrepancies, ‘akchually physiognomy’, enjoys discord. Strong visual-spatial and quantitative guy. Gets caught on details even though his conscientious is moderately low. Low disgust sensitivity. Extremely high functioning autism phenotype. Very blue pilled. Low empathy, poor theory of mind, can struggle with broad generalizations. Poor fashion and bad sense for aesthetics. Thinks he’s way more abstract than he is. Moderate openness to experience. Highly disagreeable.
Jul 30 53 tweets 20 min read
The Mysterious Mark of The Book of Mormon

Ancient Scripture or Cunning Charlatanry? The Making of a Modern Legend

Hermetic Heroism, Penetrating Profundities, and Subtle Secrets in the Very Most Unknown of the Very Most Famous of Books: What do its powerful pages hold? 🧵 Image Unlike Homer’s Odyssey, Shakespeare’s plays, or the Meditations of Aurelius, it is the stunning stamp of the educated man to HAVE NOT read the Book of Mormon. Only programmed plebeians, nefarious philistines, and morons are willing to read the Book delivered by Moroni! Image
Jul 22 43 tweets 26 min read
The Dark Alchemy of DALL·E – 21st Century Divination.

The Exact Identities of the Demonic Entities Behind this Spiritually Cybernetic Mystery: By it's own admission!

A Deep Dive into OpenAI, The Ramayana, and Luciferianism. What I learned from DALL·E🧵 Image DALL·E is not just mixing together images from a search engine. This is assuredly different from mundane machine learning that teaches cars to drive. It’s not based. It has its own marching orders given to it from the other side. Image
Jul 3 24 tweets 11 min read
They hate him for his beauty. They despise him for his vitality. They curse him for his goodness.

A deep dive on Bodega Bro, the soyification of the American male, and the endangered species knows as the Everyman Chad!

What Griffin Green means to you and me! 🧵 ImageImage Griffin Green was a wholesome Midwesterner looking to make a living in the big apple. This Gotham of City is intimidating to anyone, especially if you can't secure basic resources like milk and eggs. As he posted his struggles he received the bugmen's ire.
Jun 26 9 tweets 4 min read
Margot Robbie physiognomy:

Super basic 8 who's really good at applying makeup. Envies abstract and creative thinkers. Detail focused subjective thinker. A little erratic and OCD. Easily gets energized but is frequently overwhelmed. Kinda masculine but strives to be feminine! Image She's probably an ISFJ who tries really hard to be an ENTP. Enneagram 3w2 trying to have 7w8 vibes. Actually an introvert. Somewhat agreeable, pretty neurotic, moderately conscientious, and moderately high on openness to experience but is somewhat judgmental. Image
Jun 23 14 tweets 6 min read
MODESTY! The Common Sense Guide to Dress & Appearance

The Outside Always Shows The Inside

A Virtuous and Wholesome Thread🧵 Image Chastity, Decency, Humility, Purity, Decency, and Meekness. You’re called a diabolical misogynist and sexist pig if you praise these choice attributes. These traits are the pious pillars of Modesty, However the Sexual Revolution aborted these Victorian age Virtues. Image