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31 May
Story time from the book:

For the past 20+ years, Memorial Day meant it was going to be a busy day in the book..

All the games, people off work, and business was booming..

I’d hustle to go from working to getting to Pap Pap & Grandma’s for food..

This year, it’s different..
because now we are all living together..

2020 was life changing for so many of us..

I had a stroke eight months ago, and, not only do I feel amazing, but I gained so much..

Perspective, reflection, gratitude, just to name a few..all things I had but I needed a reminder..
In addition to Mrs Consig and the three Consig girls, I now have Grandma Deb & Pap Pap Rocco in the house with us..

A lot of generals up here in the ocean of estrogen, and, despite being a couple loud guys from Pittsburgh, Pap Pap and I are outnumbered..

As we completed this..
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9 May
Story time from the book:

In the book, you don’t see women that much. It’s sports, it’s betting and it’s a lot of ego on both sides of the counter..

I say it all the time, but in case you missed it, nobody knows shit..

Except the women, of course, and Mother’s Day was always..
a special day in the book for me..

One thing we all know to be true is that we are here because of our mom. Whether your mom is a part of your life or not, that is on you and her..

It’s the hardest job in the world, yet there is no greater benefits plan or job satisfaction...
When I was in the book on Mother’s Day, I always gave any woman who came to the counter the Consig special..

Two drink tickets for Mother’s Day with your trip to the window..

“But I’m not a mom.”

I would smile and go “it’s fine. Have one for you and your mom.”

I would..
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23 Apr
Story time from the book:

I often remember sporting events from days spent in the book over the years..

Games, bets or moments that were shared with people.

Dates & numbers that are etched into my memory.

April 23 is a date I will never forget but it was not for a game.. Image
or a bet but it involves both in a way..

Eight years ago today, on a Tuesday, I was off from the book when my phone rang at 6:38am..

Mama Consig was calling..

“Hey, Ma. Good morning. It’s a little early. What’s up?”

There was a long pause.

“David, I woke up this morning..
and your father wasn’t breathing. I called him, shook him, tried everything. He is gone.”

I jumped up to my feet immediately.

“WHAT? What did you say?”

She repeated her words, and I dropped to the floor from the worst gut punch I’ve ever taken.

The noises that came out of..
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22 Apr
Story time from the book:

Little Consig got me last week with the shit bet..

Today, we bet on whether the most important man on the walk to school (and my next job), the crossing guard, would be wearing the same pants he has worn every day since her return to school..

day, we walk by this man as the wind howls. He holds up his stop sign in one hand and puts his other hand up, stopping traffic immediately like the crash test dummies commercial.

Most people walk by in a hurry and don’t say a word. I am not most people.

I see him every day..
and I greet him with something and a thank you everyday.

Keeping little Consig and all the kids safe from the maniac, running late for work, moms and dads is a grind, and I appreciate his efforts.

One day last week, I noticed he was wearing brown pants for the first time..
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7 Apr
Story time from the book:

Last year, every morning, Little Consig and I walked to school..

8 minutes, priceless time, just me and her on the way to kindergarten..

We just went back to full time school this week, and already, we have a bet..

As a Consig kid, you got action..
when you want it, and we make odds on everything..

Parents know the day starts way earlier than the walk to school, but, as that Patriots guy says, there are no days off..

Here is what went on today by timeline on the walk to first grade in northwest Las Vegas..
6:30am, wake up call fight.

7am, argument to brush your teeth and get dressed ensues

7:01 mama leaves for work

7:08 Grandma yells upstairs “did yinz hear about the ketchup shortage?”

7:20 Pre game shit occurs

7:30 Still shitting..when I ask why, “there are no wipes”
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21 Mar
Story time from the book:

So we are through round one of the Madness. It has been an absolutely crazy couple of days,

The next two days are always so much fun because now you know me, I know you and we are all enjoying the hoops.

Here are a few tips to make it go smooth the..
rest of the way of “boy band weekend” otherwise known as the NCAA tourney in the book..

1. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, cares about your bracket unless they ask. And even then, they may just be trying to be nice.

You had Ohio State in your Final Four? Texas? Or you had UConn..
in the Sweet 16? Two shits. Not one, but two shits. That’s how much anyone in the book cares.

And for all you geniuses (Not you Matty from Yahoo) who picked Oral Roberts and Abilene Christian and Ohio U outright, you all lyin..complete bullshit..

These guys could actually..
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12 Mar
Story time from the book:

The book business is a microcosm for life lessons.

There are rules, there is order & there is chaos, all within minutes at times.

Growing up in & around the business has been invaluable as a parent as well.

Just like bets, you win, lose or push but
you just wanna be right more than you are wrong.

Sometimes, the plan comes together. Other times, it’s a dead wrong loser. But the juice is always working.

Bettors, books, pick girls, bag guys, and everyone else in between, the one line we can all agree on is that we all..
want to be right..

The money is relative, and it is the measuring stick, but it isn’t the be all, end all..

Yes, the book has to win to pay the salaries of the employees. The bettor has to win to make more plays and maybe take a vacation.

But we are all people fighting
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10 Mar
Story time from the book:

At this time last year, we were preparing for March Madness. The day the book turned off the odds, closed the windows, and sports shut down is a story for another time.

There will be a tourney this year, and here is a guide to be prepared in case..
you forgot. It’s only been a year, but you know the Boy Scouts motto “Be Prepared” applies in the sports book as well.

The Scout motto means that you are always ready to do what is necessary to help others. It also means you are ready, willing, and able to do what is..
necessary in any situation that comes along..

One of my best co workers ever named Linda dubbed March Madness “Boy Band Week” in the book, and she was right..

It’s mostly a guy’s trip, groups of dudes, hanging out, drinking and betting on basketball non stop..

In the book..
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12 Feb
Story time from the book:

As you may or may not know, in addition to working in sportsbooks in Las Vegas for 17 years, I am a softball coach..

The last tourney I coached before Covid was with Coach is a fitting tribute to him..he was one..…
of those people who had that "thing" that you know when you see it..

The big straw hat, the shades, the beard, and all the sayings and "Vern-isms" that were unique to him..

He knew everybody..players, coaches, umpires and tournament directors, and they knew him..

He made..
connections that went beyond the field, and the lessons taught were for life..

Coach Vern had the love of the game, but he had the love of people..

A fiery competitor on the field, he was always there to relate, listen and let the girls know "you do you" off of it..

As the..
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6 Feb
Story time from the book:

Saturday is one of the busiest days of the year for a sportsbook.

With a full slate of college basketball games, NBA, NHL, soccer and, oh, yeah, the biggest football game of the NFL season and the slew of props that come with it..

The electricity..
in the book is just that..electric..

Everyone, both customer and employee, are excited to be there..

By today, the regulars are pissed off that their usual seat is reserved, let alone that they may have to wait in line to bet the exacta in the 3rd at Oaklawn or get their..
8 team, smokin, chalk, money line ten dollar parlay..

Often times, the rookies in town are partying, boozed up, and havin fun..

They don’t know they need a game number when they come to the window because they don’t even know a game number exists..

For book employees, today..
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30 Jan
Story time from the book:

In case you haven’t heard, the Super Bowl props are out. If you don’t know what the props are, they are bets on the game that are not:

side (team +/- points)
total (over/under)
money line (team win/lose no pts)

Anything and everything, including..
the coin flip (not just heads or tails, but which team wins it & whether they will defer or not), or who is going to win the MVP..

Every year, the books try to top one another with these prop offerings, and it can get pretty silly..

But you know the old adage in the casino..
business..if it didn’t make money, they wouldn’t offer it..

For some books, the prop handle will equal or surpass the handle on the game..think about that..

A bunch of propositions like how many receiving yards will Travis Kelce have along with the rest of the props make up..
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30 Jan
Story time from the book:

It’s the lead up to Super Bowl week, and for the first time in almost 20 years, I will not be working in a book for the Super Bowl..

Between the counter, the party rooms & the risk rooms, I’ve seen a lot..

This was my spot the last couple years in..
the office here in Las Vegas..

It’s screens and TVs..

For those of you who have been in a book, you see them from the sit with your friends in nice seats, watch games and root for your bets..

What you may miss is the people on the other side of the counter doing..
pretty much the exact same thing..

Yes, it’s a “battle,” and yes, it’s measured in “real money.” The book is a business. It’s their job to win, and it’s your job to win.

Sometimes, the pressure can be excruciating, sometimes it is fun, but like you sitting with friends and..
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23 Jan
Story time from the book:

Some of my favorite places to be are places or venues where people are just people..

Ballgames, the beach & yes, the sportsbook..

People can be just people..

Famous, rich, smart, sexy, doesn’t matter..

Today, I woke up & heard that Larry King died..
and it reminded me of a story..

Back about 14 or 15 years ago, I was working an opening shift in the book downtown at the Golden Nugget..

It was a Wednesday and it was me and Marissa, my Filipino co-worker who was a Keno writer turned sportsbook writer..

Marissa didn’t like..
sports, mornings or people, so she wasn’t exactly a ray of sunshine when you worked with her..

There were times I know she was asleep sitting up, and she perfected the art of not speaking English like Sammy Sosa did at the steroid senate hearings..

It was an art form to watch..
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21 Jan
Story time from the book:

People ask me every day “who are the sharp guys on”

My guy @lippardtom is one of the smartest sports bettors I know..

He go 6’4”, hits a golf ball a mile & has a real good opinion..

Plus, he is a #BillsMafia guy and he has ALL 4 teams left..

Not to mention, he is someone who’s opinion I respect..

Just like The Godfather, I never asked where the money came from..I never asked who gave the order..

I did ask him to be on my podcast and he said yes..

He came on October 8th in Week Five and told us that Buffalo could..
go to the Super Bowl and that Josh Allen was the second best quarterback in the NFL..

With that in mind, he still got futures on other teams knowing he could be wrong..

That is what smart guys do..

You can go back and listen to the episode anywhere you find podcasts..

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12 Dec 20
Story time from the book:

You all know the importance of the number 3 when you make a football bet.

You wanna lay 2.5 or you wanna take 3.5. We have all heard 3 is a key number.

Today is officially 3 months for me to the day since I had a stroke that changed my life..

What you hear, what you know, and even more what you don’t know about strokes isn’t good in most cases..

My Nonny D’s third husband suffered a stroke when I was 7 or 8 years old..

His name was John and he had the heartiest laugh and treated my grandma like a..
princess..I thought he was the coolest guy ever because he would always bring us donuts with jimmies on them when we were at Nonny’s apartment..

For you non Pittsburgh people, Jimmies are Sprinkles. They can be chocolate, vanilla or rainbow. And they are very popular on donuts..
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8 Dec 20
Story time from the book:

For as long as I can remember, I have been asked the question “who do you like?”

This goes back to the days before I ever worked in a sportsbook, but even more so over the last two decades in the book..

I don’t ever claim to know anymore than anyone..
else because I have seen “sharp” money lose and “squares” win..honestly, I am and have been over that talk for a long time..

I am no longer surprised by the “who do you like” question, and, in fact, I love it. I love talking to people about it, and I love hearing what people..
say. Sports brings people together, and making plays or having opinions can be fun..

Occasionally, it’s where I get asked the question that is the real story..

On the phone, on the radio, on podcasts, on text or DM, even in the pisser..

2020 has been a challenging year for..
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3 Dec 20
Story time from the book:

In case you have not seen or heard, I got to co host a couple of shows this week on VSIN and SiriusXM on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Two hours each, in studio, from the sports book at the South Point in Vegas..

The book is a magical place for me,
and it is truly a home away from home..

The studio is amazing, the staff is top notch, and the production is professional..

But the “show” is truly outside the glass walls and sitting in the book, socially distanced of course..

After the show Wednesday, I was watching the..
rare Wednesday NFL game between Ravens and Steelers, and I caught the eyes of a guy walking towards the counter.

Nobody recognizes anybody right now with the masks on, but I knew right away. I slid mine down to reveal my face and yelled out, “Man, they haven’t chased you outta..
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26 Nov 20
Story time from the book:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It combines three very simple things that I love in a way like no other day.

Football, food and family.

You don’t have to like all three, but, for the last Thursday in November, you get all three in full effect..
Growing up in Pittsburgh, these three things are a way of life.

Not quite the “code and honor” that Lt. John Kendrick spoke of in “A Few Good Men”, but it ain’t that far off..

The order may change, but on Turkey Day, those were the only things that mattered..

It all started..
with the question:

“What time are we eating?”

In our house, we were eating whatever time my mama Nance said we were eating.

Her and my Nonny would cook and make cookies to feed an army..Hell, we were our own squadron, five kids in all, and we all liked food..

Mama Nance..
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23 Nov 20
Story time from the book:

Every week during football, Monday is spent asking “how did the book do?”

It’s the Monday morning column that gets a lot of views every week. I was lucky enough to be a part of that call when I worked in a book.

It was fun talking to all of my guys..
writing the columns like Purdum, Fawkes, Micah Roberts, Dewey and Everson, to name a few.

I still talk to them, but now the conversations have expanded to other parts of the business, as well as how is the family, how is your health, and always, who do you like..

And now...
I’m doing shows on the radio or videos with my guys Perrault, Brad Howe, Kevin Rogers, Teddy and Prez every week, along with my own podcast with Mo, Reynolds and HB..

The calls and texts are priceless, and it all starts with the sports and the gambling..

If you listen to..
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21 Nov 20
Story time from the book:

In the time not in a book or talking about games in the book, I am all in with my girls and coaching fast pitch softball.

We finally got a home tourney this weekend so my morning is taken up calling pitches and coaching a bag.

College football is.. Image
in a really tough spot right now..

Games are getting postponed, and its been really hard to pick sides, play totals or make numbers. Feels like a lot of guess work.

Fun part for me when I’m at the fields and we are in Vegas is talking and watching the coaches from the other..
teams check their phones for the scores..everybody has plays..

And it’s so much fun to talk about them..

Even the kids are like “Coach Dave, what’s the over/under for this game?”

C’mon, bruh, the way we are hitting, our team total is 2.

“Coach Dave, we are taking the over.”
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5 Nov 20
Story time from the book:

I don’t know about the rest of you but with everything going on right now, I just want to take a trip..

In the past, when I was stressed, tired, worn out, I would get away..

For many years, it was a trip to Vegas that did it..

Not a long one, but..
usually a 48 or 72 hour “session” at one of the many fine resorts in town..

Superman went to his “Fortress of Solitude” so he could clear his head and chill..made him better to come back, save the world, and listen to Lois’ shit..

I would do the same, only it was at the MGM...
I got hooked up with a host there, and my man Ant treated me like a whale and I was barely a goldfish..

Four to six times a year, I’d show up, hang in the book, bet/watch games, play blackjack and shoot dice all night, snack in between, and watch the show leaving Studio 54..
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