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22 Oct
Business slothfulness might just be the reason many people have not attained or are yet to attain certain heights in occupying-till-thy-kingdom-come.
It's one thing to know the Lord. It's yet another to make proper research about the business venture about to be embarked on.
Counting the cost, the word says;

Luke 14:28 KJV
For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it ?
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9 Oct
I once had an argument in my room about God's way of prospering people.

Here's how it went:
So we listened to a Man of God speak about prosperity and how God prospers people.

This pastor talks about giving... and how giving has opened prosperity to him.
For someone who has given out 52 cars in one month, (even his domestic staff have cars) you should expect him to know what He's saying...

But, the children of the world also listened to the message and started crying about tithes and offerings!
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15 Sep
Between you and the world!

The interface you have between you and the world are your social media pages! You are your tweets!

It's easy to try to dissociate yourself from the posts you make when they seem embarrassing or "not-befitting" but people will judge you from ur posts
.. I want the world to know I'm a believer raised by the Holy Spirit and the finest of men @GbengaWemimo I'm also walking in purpose and helping people be the be the best they could be!
So before you make a post that's public please know that it's beyond rts and likes.. It's a part of you the world sees and would most likely relate with you with. Be intentional about the things you share with the world.
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5 Sep
Been waiting for the right time to post this; Thread!
Earlier this year, after being away for a period of 8 years, I took a visit to my former church, my childhood church. (I grew up in Port Harcourt and had most of my early experiences there)
I stepped into the church and I realized that nothing changed!

I mean, of course there was better infrastructure and tech but I'm talking about the people... let me explain
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31 Aug
John. 8:32 "You will know the truth and the truth will make you free"
When Jesus made this statement, He wasn't talking to people walking in chains and fetters no! But He implied they were bound.

Why so?

Because they were! And the chains that held them were far from physical.
These men spoke logic, ate and drank the best meals and had the best clothing yet when God looked at them, He said "bound! bound! bound!"

You see the thing with chains is that after one has put them on for such a long time,
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16 Aug
Truth be told, the fields are ripe and ready for harvest!

There's too many fields of people searching for God in one way or the other, People ranging from business owners to people still trying to put it together, the gays, critics, atheists and people who grew up in
religious homes without ever coming to a knowledge of God, what I'm saying in all is that there is a lot of work for us to do as believers. A lot of fields to be ploughed and cities to be occupied. If we are to see the Kingdoms of this world become..
...the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ then we need to get over ourselves, our desires and our ego and START reaching out for the unoccupied lands. The people who grope in darkness need to see [your] light. Are you preaching the gospel or is it just "vibes?"
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7 Aug
A gospel of the senses, a gospel that insists that one plus one must make two! A gospel that makes sense, a gospel having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. This kind of gospel has been in existence and forewarned of.
There's nothing natural about the life of a believer! From the birth of Jesus to His death, everything that defined Him was marked with the supernatural! That was the life He died for you to live. The life the Holy Spirit came to give!
How do you explain turning water to wine, or bringing money out of the mouth of a fish? If you wanted wine you could have visited the wine shop and last time I checked, fishes don't go around with monies in their bellies. My dear,
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29 Jul
The cycle is the same,
The prayers, everly shuffled,

Lord, I want to get closer to you,
Let me have a deeper walk with you,

As though God Himself doesn't want a closer relationship with you even,

Why do I keep rising and falling?

Why can't I experience you in your fullness?
The truth is,
If you want to have a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit,

You have to learn to STAY with Him, incorporate Him into your daily activities.

"I and my Father are one" is not just meant to be a declaration..

It's a reality, available for you and I
Learn to stay in God, learn to stay in His word..

Avoid/boycott distractions if you have to..

Nothing is worth your relationship with God...

Thank you.
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5 May
Woke up in the early hours of this morning to a thief being caught downstairs at our apartment.
He was in his 20s, a fine young boy, apparently he had almost made away with our neighbour's diesel engine before being caught by the vigilante(s).
As it is with Nigerian culture, he was beaten Chinese before he was handed over to the police.

This happened when we usually have our morning devotion 5am.

(The whole incident took about 2hrs.)
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4 Apr
There was this story about a man who boarded a ship from Europe to America. This was in the olden days hence, flights were not affordable then.... 1/9
Naturally, the ship journey would take a period of months and travellers would usually take on with them clothing and a few provision incase one should get hungry at odd hours, but there was this guy... 2/9
This guy had on him only a pack of cabin biscuits and would sneakily hide and eat them whenever a meal was presented before the travellers... 3/9
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28 Mar
It happened again!
This time with much flow than the last time.
How could one be so unfortunate!
Why would one have to battle with such an ailment for such a long period of time?
For twelve years she had battled with this ailment..
seeking help from far and near, specialists and doctors all capitalizing on her condition to experiment and make more money off her. Come today, come tomorrow, lots of prescriptions and things to avoid, Yet nothing worked. She had had enough...
Then she heard about Him, about the things He does for people, how he could use words to cure maladies! She said to herself "I must meet this man, get myself an audience, maybe get Him to see if he could heal me of this ailment" she pondered..
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21 Mar

Thoughts are the basic, most fundamental fragments of our mind which control the way we perceive and respond to reality.

Thoughts could be built upon or discarded depending on the nature of the thought as it pertains the thinker's choice. In
other words, the thinker can choose what he or she wants to think upon at any given time. Now thoughts could be influenced depending on the exposure of the thinker, his mind, his environment, his subordinate desires or fantasies as we'd prefer to call it.
Thoughts, not skill or ability could make or mar any man, God made us know the thoughts he had towards us, which are of peace and not evil. [Jer. 29:11]

Thoughts could go as far as how we perceive God. Think wholesome thoughts concerning God and His perfect will for you.
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8 Mar
I wear my persecution like a badge of honour. Jesus was a carpenter, he never faced bitterness and threats until he started working the works of God.

Peter was a fisherman, He never got whipped and arrested until he healed the lame man at the beautiful gate.

Let's talk about
Stephen in Acts 7, wise and of good report, until he started performing signs and wonders which caused him to be summoned before the religious leaders.

Dear Believer, the life of power is also a life of persecution, the world wants you calm and collected. Refuse to be tamed!
Be that burning and shining light! Preach the gospel unreservedly and and make up your mind to accept all the honour and persecution that comes with it.

The world is passing away along with it's desires but whosoever does the will of God abides forever. (1Jn 2:27)
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