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17 Oct
1. If you sprint (uphill of course @GuruAnaerobic ), jump or squat and get problems with your knees like jumper’s knee or baker’s cyst listen up.
Here’s your remedy which costs basically nothing and you can build it yourself.
2. Usually the problem is not overtraining, like most doctors will tell you, but muscular disbalances.
In all my 20 years of olympic weightlifting and now sprinting, jumping, etc. I regularly suffered from jumper’s knee and baker’s cyst.
3. I tried everything. Ice therapy, injections, physical therapy, surgery. Nothing really helped.
Most doctors just told me to stop weightlifting.
An already retired physical therapist showed me how to cure my knee problems.
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4 Jan
To understand single options positions it helps to understand the synthetics.
The basic formula which is important to remember is:

Stock = short put + long call
S = -P + C

Let’s check out some synthetics.
Read on...
Long Stock:
synthetic long stock:
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