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Senior K-12 education policy analyst at the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute @GaBudget. "A loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can't look away."
12 Jan
Our children's public schools have taken a $950 million cut during a worldwide pandemic

$10.2 billion cut over the last 19 years

So of course lawmakers have filed HB 60, a voucher to divert hundreds of millions of dollars more to private schools #GaPol…
$543 million. That's what the Department of Audits and Accounts calculated a voucher like this would cost the state once fully implemented.

While kids are going to fast food parking lots to do their homework because they don't have internet at home.
Here's bill analysis I wrote about this in 2019.

"Lower test scores are not the only legacy of school vouchers. In Arizona, the state’s Attorney General audited the state voucher system and found 'persistent' misuse of funds year after year."…
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17 Jun 20
Here’s a quick 🧵on the version of the budget that just passed out of Senate Approps #GaPol 1/8

-$1.05 billion cut from public school formula
-$25m taken out to pay for more school counselors
-$15m cut from pupil transportation
-$10.6m transferred from GOSA to GaDOE
First, this budget would put us back into the worst years of austerity. 80-90% of school budgets are for salary/benefits so budget cuts are often furloughs and/or firings. $1 billion will go a long way in some districts in wiping out that teacher pay raise from last year. 2/8
Some of that $1 billion cut will be offset by federal CARES dollars. Districts have been granted $411 million to deal with costs associated with COVID-19. Problem is, a lot of those costs are still on the horizon. 3/8
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