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10 May
Tonight, dear follower who doesn't like sports, is the last Flyers game of the season. That means your suffering (and mine) will be over shortly.
(The Flyers are already losing)
The Flyers have tied it up, folks!! Last chance to make @guypbenson and @lachlan cry!
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10 May
Biden got mixed reviews on guns in an otherwise rosy poll. His approval on gun policy was 15 points lower than his overall job approval.
Americans are almost perfectly split on Biden's handling of guns. 48 approve, 49 disapprove. That will make his task of convincing Congress to pass his gun agenda even harder.…
Biden has aggressively pursued new gun-control measures--including bans--ever since he began running for president. But it's his least popular issue outside of immigration. It will be interesting to see how Americans react to his unilateral action to restrict some kinds of guns.
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9 May
None of these are mass shootings as most Americans would understand the term. Two of them don't even fit under the expanded activist-created definition most major media use these days. Sensationalizing shootings to try and make everything akin to Columbine just misleads people.
There's no official standard for what a "mass shooting" actually is but the term was clearly derived from the FBI definition of "mass murder" which involves the killing of 4 or more people in a short period of time. That was what the media generally went by until recently.
In 2015, a group of gun-control activists on Reddit decided they wanted to expand the definition to 4 or more injured in a shooting. That drastically increased the count of "mass shootings" from 21 to 355 that year.…
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7 May
Yes, I'm watching that HBO show because of the Philly accents. My stepmom lives in Delco and is named Mair! How can I not watch??
Winslet's accent is pretty good so far. She leans a bit too hard into the oooos for a Delco accent but it's not bad overall. The show seems like a solid gritty murder drama so far. I'm down to watch the whole thing.
The show is called Mare of Easttown. It takes place in a made up town but it's pretty Delco from what I've seen so far.
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7 May
John Keys became one of the millions of Americans to buy their first gun in March 2020. As an African American, he was part of the fastest-growing demographic to do so. Less than a year later, he’s part of another expanding group: new gun-rights activists.…
“Right at the height of all of the craziness is when I bought my first pistol and rifle,” Keys told The Reload. “It was the last gun show before they shut everything down.”…
Now Keys is co-hosting a show designed to reach out to other black Americans & show them what gun ownership can look like. Guns Out TV follows Keys & his co-host, Shermichael Singleton, around the US as they get training, review gear, & shoot exotic guns.
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5 May
Leaked ATF Proposal a Game Changer for Gun Owners…
"According to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (ILA), the name of the proposed rule and the regulatory identifier number match a rule that was transmitted to the Office of Information and Regulatory affairs the third week of April."
"April Langwell, chief of ATF’s public affairs division, told America’s 1st Freedom, 'I cannot confirm, nor deny, the authenticity of the document, nor can I comment on internal communications or deliberations on potential or hypothetical rulemakings.'"
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4 May
Here's a breakdown of what happened in closing arguments of the NRA's bankruptcy trial…
“This evidentiary record clearly and convincingly establishes that Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has failed to provide the proper oversight,” Lisa Lambert, a lawyer for the United States Trustee, said during the NRA's bankruptcy trial.…
“The uncontroverted testimony is that Mr. LaPierre is forward-facing and that he is a prolific fundraiser, the likes of which are difficult to replace,” NRA lawyers countered.…
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3 May
Wow. The NRA has spent nearly $8 million on Bill Brewer's law firm and former top lobbyist Chris Cox's lawyers in the dispute over whether to pay Cox $2 million in severance.
The closing arguments in the NRA's bankruptcy trial are going on right now. This stat was brought up by the New York Attorney General's closing arguments on why the case should be dismissed. You can watch live here:…
The judge is deciding today whether the NRA can use bankruptcy to protect itself from the AG's attempt to dissolve it in New York court. I wrote about why the obvious answer is "no" but it may go the other way in the latest members' newsletter:…
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29 Apr
Here's the question the judge in the NRA bankruptcy case said it all boils down to at the end of today's hearing: Image
Basically, can the NRA use bankruptcy as protection from New York Attorney General Letitia James's stated goal of dissolving the organization through litigation?
He has incorporated a key point that James's lawyers have hammered at quite a bit: the AG can't just order dissolution herself. A judge would have to sign off on it too.
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29 Apr
The NRA bankruptcy trial is back in session today. They're interviewing the NRA's outside auditing company today. You can watch here:…
Wayne LaPierre is now testifying. He says he's feeling better than last time he testified because he's not on any medication this time.
Welp. We're running into the same problem as last time LaPierre testified. He keeps trying to add explanations to his answers that get struck. The judge has repeatedly told him to just answer the question.
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29 Apr
What happens if the Supreme Court doesn't deliver for gun-rights advocates? What would it take to make gun-rights groups break with the GOP? I discuss this and more in a post for @TheReloadSite members.…
Professor Robert Leider noted Republicans have delivered very little for gun-rights advocates at the federal level outside of judges. If those judges turn out to be a bust, he thinks that could create a rift in the coalition. I'm not as sure.…
It's true Republicans take gun-rights advocates completely for granted at the federal level. Trump didn't deliver any substantial gun-rights laws. The NRA & others spent tens of millions on re-electing him but he didn't make any promises to push for specific pro-gun legislation.
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27 Apr
I spoke to 3 of the top gun law experts in the country. They were less than optimistic about how gun-rights advocates might fare in the Supreme Court's first-ever gun-carry case.…
“Gun-rights advocates should not count their chickens yet,” Robert Leider, assistant professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, told The Reload. “There are several ways this case could go against the challengers.”
“They might try and duck the issue or find some way to avoid ruling on it or make some really narrow ruling that only affects New York and let them modify their law to get around it,” Josh Blackman, a South Texas College of Law professor and Cato Institute scholar, said.
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26 Apr
Actually, Taco Bell currently has the best fast food fries.
There's a reason that one guy from Stanger Things can't get enough of them, folks. The Mexican spices and nacho cheese will possess you!
Hell yeah. Image
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26 Apr
NEW: Gun-Rights Groups Cheer Supreme Court Concealed Carry Case as Gun-Control Advocates Watch Nervously…
“I’m really glad,” Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, told @TheReloadSite. “I expect to see New York’s law struck down.”…
Hannah Shearer, litigation director at the Giffords Law Center, was not glad. She described the court’s decision to take the case, which the lower court decided in favor of New York, as “reckless.”
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26 Apr
This is HUGE news. This could impact gun-carry laws across the country.
The Supreme Court will decide if the gun-carry laws in some of the country's most populous states violate the Second Amendment…
Gun-rights activists have been working towards another big SCOTUS gun case for over a decade. And gun-control activists have feared it just as long. Now it's finally here.…
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24 Apr
It's Saturday and I'm heading to three places today. Can anyone guess what those three places are?
First stop, as pretty much everyone guessed, is Wawa!
Today is gonna be a good day, folks.
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24 Apr
Current estimates put the number of AR-15s owned by Americans at 19.8 million. In comparison, the entire US military has 4.5 million small arms. If ARs were only for "shooting a bunch of people" we'd all be dead by now.
Of course, the most popular rifle in America is used primarily for recreational & competitive shooting, hunting, & home defense. The modular nature of the AR makes it endlessly customizable & the light weight combined with the low recoil impulse makes it very controllable.
ARs are also the preferred home defense choice for many women and physically-handicapped shooters because of its light weight and reduced recoil.…
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23 Apr
New: Gun Group Files Federal Suit Against Tennessee Over Gun Carry Restrictions…
This is the third in a series of lawsuits by @gunpolicy focused on overturning laws baring 18-to-20-year-olds from carrying guns for self-defense. They also filed cases in California and Pennsylvania against similar laws.
The new suit is part of a broader push by gun-rights groups to stock up the federal courts with cases in order to provide the Supreme Court with a smorgasbord of gun cases to choose from. The groups want SCOTUS to expound on Second Amendment protections.…
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12 Apr
There's absolutely nothing illegal about this, Greg. Are you saying there should be?
Attacking gun rights to own the libs...
I don't know if Lt. Nazario had a ccw permit but in Virginia you can carry a gun openly or in a compartment in your car without a permit. The cops ran the gun to determine it wasn't stolen & did not charge Lt. Nazario with any crimes, let alone a gun crime…
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8 Apr
It would be cool if the Flyers could beat the Islanders tonight after they just bought some expensive rentals. I would like that.
It would also make @BrentScher sad which is always a good thing.
Well, the Flyers are down 2 goals already and just took a 5-minute major. So, things are going great.
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7 Apr
LaPierre keeps going beyond what was asked in the questions and the extra bits keep getting struck. The judge has told him several times things will move faster if he stops doing that.
LaPierre just gave a long unprompted explanation for why he got free hunting trips from a show called Under Wild Skies. The judge told him not to do it again and complained about having to keep telling him only to answer the questions asked by the lawyers.
This happened occasionally with the other witnesses but LaPierre seems to want to try and add explanations to every yes or no question and just isn't listening to warnings from the judge about not doing that. His own lawyers asked him to stop and are talking to him now in recess.
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