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18 May
Currently reading James Oakes's wonderful CROOKED PATH TO ABOLITION. The argument over whether the Constitution was a pro-slavery or anti-slavery document was more intense and important than I'd realized. That is, was property in human beings embedded in the Constitution? 1/
One powerful argument Oakes makes is that when six seceded states met to create a Confederate constitution, they kept almost all of the US Constitution intact; 2/
"the one conspicuous change, however, was that the Confederate Constitution explicitly referred to slaves as 'property' and protected slave property as a constitutional right." 3/
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2 May
1/ Marxists believe the fight against racial oppression is inseparable from the fight to liberate the working class, and thus all of humanity--that the two-fold and three-fold oppression of racial minorities is an offense against all of humanity.
2/That the working class must demand and fight for an end to all forms of racial oppression. We believe that the only solution to racial violence by the police is a united stand against it by the working class--that all workers must organize against it.
3/I believe this is correct. Perhaps you don't; perhaps you believe there are other effective ways to address the problem, or perhaps you believe that this is an ineffective or impossible way to address racial oppression. That is an important conversation.
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25 Aug 20
Once again, I've come across that idiotic charge, "You want things to get worse so there will be a revolution." News flash: No serious revolutionary socialist has ever believed that. Things are quite bad enough, thanks. 1/6
As Trotsky said, "In reality the mere existence of privations is not enough to cause an insurrection; if it were, the masses would be always in revolt." What is lacking is not conditions being bad, but political consciousness among the oppressed of a way forward. 2/6
And that consciousness develops in the fight to make things better. The key is this: I believe only the oppressed themselves are capable of waging such a fight; finding a "nicer capitalist" is utterly futile. They are in office to defend interests hostile to our own. 3/6
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28 Jun 20
A time there was when life was good
I'd greet each day with verve
I'd meet each challenge to come my way
No less than I deserved
Though adversity might slow me down
I knew that soon or late
I would triumph over life's cruelty
I thought it was my fate.
I feel naught but bitter mockery now
In the smiles of those I meet
The light has gone from out my eyes
Someone "liked" my opponent's tweet.
[verse break]
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