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7 Apr
Why you should take vaccine.

Many forwards are saying that people are getting covid even after vaccine, so people wonder why should they take the vaccine.

Here's why (a thread)

The role of vaccine is not to prevent 100% infection but to introduce deactivated virus to your immune system.

Right now the virus is very new and hence the body's immune system is clueless about its existence.

Because immunity has not been introduced to this virus in the past, when the virus infects the body, the immune reaction is either delayed or confused against it.

Many deaths that are occurring in Covid is due to cytokine storm.

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5 May 20
Today was a very weird trading day for our markets.

Short-thread on what I feel is happening.

Since Coronavirus is a global problem, i have in the past written we should monitor American markets and we shall reflect what they are doing.

Yesterday & Today, Global Markets were all up by 1-3%.

Nifty too opened at a gap-up, but the selling presser was immense, Nifty instead of being up, ended the day down by about 1% from previous close and about 2.5% down from day highs.

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29 Apr 20
ACE Equities Delivery/SIP Candidate Pick:
Huhtamaki PPL Ltd
CMP: 215
ROCE: 15.22%

Huhtamaki PPL formerly known as Paper Products is now owned by Huhtamäki Oyj a Global Food Packaging specialist headquartered in Finland.

HPPL mainly caters to the premium segment of packaging. It has 65% market share in flexible packaging.

Its major clients include Britannia, Cadbury, Castrol, Coca Cola, Dabur, Emami, Eveready, GSK, Godrej, HUL, ITC, Marico, Nestle, Pepsi, Perfetti, P&G, Tata Tea, TTK-LIG, Wipro etc.

HPPL derives 80-90% of its revenues from the FMCG industry.

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17 Apr 20
There has been a lot of talk about the life post lockdown opens and its impact on demand, many people are backing up pent up demand scenario.

So here is a thread on what i expect.
There are some reports that suggest that Chinese Luxury Retail stores have seen huge demand & people are taking it as a cue.
However, It is a fact that Lockdown for the longest duration comparable to India was only in Hubei Province.

The lockdown didn't last as long in other parts of China.
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14 Feb 20
Stop Loss Hunting

A small thread :-

Yesterday Many People would have shorted PAGE IND in Futures for Results Trade between 23600 to 23200 and many would have kept SLs near 23800-24000
So all of a sudden yesterday at 2:37 PM someone bought a chunk of Page Industries in cash with about 3500 shares and very next minute sold most of it. The buying was done upto 23958 from 23600 and sold 23400.

Someone bought at 23900 and sold at 23400 loss of 17 lakhs in cash.
However, in Futures due to this spike in cash most of the SL's placed got triggered and in that particular minute a total of 8100 quantities were sold from 23550 to 24000 and 3875 the next min, assuming 2000 were buy to push rates, a total 9975 quantity in future was shorted.
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1 Feb 20
As I warned again and again about how Coronavirus can become threat to World Stocks before the stocks started falling, many asked why, it is curable and other stuff, so here is a thread on it.
Coronavirus 2019-2020 infections that are on in China right now is from the family of virus that caused SARS in 2002 that started in CHINA.
SARS started in CHINA in November 2002 and gained headlines in February 2003 when a few Americans got infected, WHO issued Global Alert in March 2003 and the entire epidemic lasted till 2004.
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