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1 Feb
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Quirkless AU where Izuku and Katsuki are long distance best friends. Izuku lives in New York, USA and Katsuki lives in Musutafu, Japan. They talk pretty much everyday thru Discord DMs or text. They make it work despite the 14 hour difference.
They met each other thru a fandom discord server and never stopped talking to each other ever since. Izuku posts amazing fanart and comics on his Twitter while Katsuki writes fanfiction and original work on AO3. Even their followers know of their strong friendship.
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan

[💥] WHAT?

[🥦] I have best idea
[🥦] For art

[💥] Tell me

[🥦] Another comic based on one of your fics. That smut scene. Too good to not draw.

[💥] 👀👀👀👀
[💥] Wait
[💥] Are you drawing it now?

[🥦] Ye
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