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20 Nov 20
a friend of mine reached out to me asking to find some help in maybe translating some design notes from Sailor Moon lore
I was wondering if anyone could help us
These notes are thanks to Three Lights and look to be a Pitch to Codename Sailor V (Minako Aino's Story)
Please thank my friend @Jennife48968080 for sharing this info with me and I'd like to thank Three Lights with finding and posting the info online
We are wondering if the notes may have any info related to the Sailor Moon Punches found by Naoko Takeuchi
Especially with these pages relating to Minako, Rei, Makoto, and Ami who seem to show up in the series under different names and rules
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20 Nov 20
In honor of Kirby Morrow and all his amazing work I'm gonna post the intro to Escalflowne
He was a great Van
Amazing anime
May Kirby Morrow Rest in Peace
Continuing the honor of Kirby Morrow and what he stood for

A lot of people were first introduced to anime, thanks to these anime and thanks to his contributions
Here is the intro to Gundam Wing

Where he played Trowa Barton
Since this is a thread in honor to Kirby Morrow the voice of Goku when I was a kid
I think it's best to post the Canadian Opening to Dragonball Z

Also fun story, the Ocean Dub in Canada is where the Over 9000 meme comes from
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3 Aug 19
So you want to learn how to go Live with OBS, let me help with that
Part 1
Go to YouTube Studio (Beta)
Part 2
Click "Other Features" -> Then go to "Live Events"
Part 3
Click "New Live Event"
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