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18 Jun 20
The *best* thing we can do to respons to the Fair Deal panel?

Ignore it.

Yup, 100%.

Why? 1/ #ableg
The Fair Deal proposals are what Kenney WANTS Albertans to be discussing. Its *designed* to get your attention, and to drive public debate, discussion, and news cycles - on terms that Kenney has set. It's all about the permanent campaign. 2/ #ableg
What's one issue that the average Albertan will fix into? Equalization.

How many Albertans - right or wrong - will pronounce themselves pro-equalization? Very, very few.

Buying into the Fair Deal allows Kenney to link other issues - pensions, policing, health... 3/ #ableg
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28 May 20
THREAD on today's changes to #AISH and why they are bad.

The UCP have altered the process for assessing eligibility for AISH applicants.

Now, medical eligibility will be determined prior to financial eligibility.

So, what does this mean? Read on, dear readers... 1/ #ableg
In order to qualify for #AISH, you need to meet three sets of eligibility requirements:

-General (I.e., you live in AB)
-Medical (proof of disability)
-Financial (I.e., you don't have $100k+)

This hasn't changed. But... #ableg 2/
...previously, General & Financial eligibility was assessed 1st. This makes sense because they're on the same form - Part A.

Medical was previously assessed 2nd, & requires it's own forms - Part B. It also requires the applicant's Dr. to fill it out... #ableg 3/
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18 Mar 20
It's very, very clear that gaslighting is the UCP's modus operandi on a broad scale.

What is gaslighting? In short, accusing someone else of something you yourself are already doing.

Cases in point to follow... 1/ #ableg
The UCP is trying to stir rage at the NDP for sending out a fundraiser email to it's supporters.

Yet the UCP has a paid ad on Google soliciting donations.

The 1st thing an Abn sees while looking up our Government - 'UCP' - is an ask for money. 2/ #ableg
Another example: UCP comms flack Katy Merrifield tweets this out, accusing the Opposition of not working with the Gov't and not "putting politics aside". 3/ #ableg
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