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Sep 2 7 tweets 5 min read
☕️ It's 9 a.m. on Monday. You're logging on for work.

🏖 But instead of being in the office, you're on the beaches of Barbados.

Eco-conscious "slomads," like digital nomads, work while travelling — but they prefer to spend more time in one place.

Could this life be for you? 🧵 📈 Remote and flexible working has boomed since coronavirus lockdowns lifted globally.

It’s backed by big companies like @AirBnB and @Twitter.

✈️ More countries are now issuing digital nomad visas which allow people to stay and work for up to two years.
Aug 30 10 tweets 5 min read
🇱🇰 Since March, Sri Lankans have faced severe shortages - of fuel, medicine and food essentials.

Now, the country is losing yet another resource: its most skilled professionals.

✈️ From engineers to doctors, why are Sri Lankans leaving their own country? 🧵 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka is facing its worst financial crisis in more than seven decades.

The nation has been battered by a combination of factors including COVID-19 and rising oil prices.

Data suggests the number of those leaving the country was big enough to delay any economic recovery.
Aug 26 9 tweets 5 min read
🚁 Flying drones for taxis
👻 Holographs for teachers
🌙 Even a man-made moon

Would you sell your data to live in Saudi Arabia's new smart city, #TheLine?

Some are keen but others are concerned. Why? 🧵 A rendering of The Line, a smart city in NEOM, a high-tech bA rendering of The Line, a smart city in NEOM, a high-tech b 🏙️ #TheLine will be the first development in @NEOM, a planned $500 billion city.

The sustainable smart city will feature two skyscrapers stretching in a straight line over 170 kilometers.

📊 It will stack homes and offices vertically, mining the data of its 9 million people. A rendering of The Line, a smart city in NEOM, a high-tech b
Aug 24 8 tweets 4 min read
🇺🇦 "A new nation appeared in the world on Feb. 24... It was not born, but reborn,” said @ZelenskyyUa in a speech to celebrate Ukraine's 31st independence day.

Today marks six months since the invasion by Russia. Here's how the crisis affected the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. 🧵 Image 🇺🇦 The war triggered Europe's worst refugee crisis since the end of WWII, @UNmigration reported.

🇪🇺 Most refugees have crossed to the EU.

In May, nearly 400 of them found a haven in France under a community project.…
Aug 1 10 tweets 5 min read
🇲🇽 Many Mexicans can't afford to buy basic food...
🇧🇷 Meat is becoming a luxury in Brazil...
🇻🇪 And some Venezuelans can't even pay to bury their dead.

The cost-of-living crisis is wreaking havoc in countries worldwide.

Here’s how three nations in the Americas are coping. 🧵 🇲🇽 In Mexico, the #UkraineCrisis has pushed the price of corn to a nine-year high.

Vegetable oil prices are also up by 23% over the last year. Inflation is at a 21-year high of nearly 8%.

🌮 Families are cutting back on staples like tacos and empanadas. "The situation is bad. Every week, little by little, th
Jul 18 14 tweets 9 min read
🚨 From London to Nairobi to New Delhi, nations everywhere have been hit by rising food and energy costs.

🇺🇦 Triggered by the #UkraineCrisis and COVID-19, the cost of living crisis is devastating ordinary people.

Here's how it's reaching breaking point in 6 countries. 🧵 A person seated on a grey couch showing an empty wallet.A customer speaks with a fish seller at Mile 12 Internationa 🇬🇧 UK

📈 Inflation is running at the highest rate for 40 years.

💸 Debt is spiralling fast with research showing there's now a 38% increase in households saying they were a heavy financial burden in 2021. Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi speaks w
Jun 27 8 tweets 6 min read
🚨 The latest #crypto crash has roiled markets and spooked many investors.

But from Ukraine to Gaza to Afghanistan, people facing war or crisis say #cryptocurrencies are still a vital lifeline.

Here's how people in 3 countries have turned to digital coins for survival. 🧵 🇺🇦 When Russia invaded #Ukraine, many relied on #bitcoin to bypass sanctions.

⭕️ Crypto was used to buy supplies for those in warzones.

💰 The government's fund of about $100 million in crypto has been depleted by the crash, but charities are still seeing generous donations. “The bank system didn't work in the early days of the inva
Jun 21 11 tweets 6 min read
🇬🇧 The UK is pressing on with a plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda - even after a European court halted the first flight.

🚨 Campaigners are alarmed - but it's not the first nation to send people overseas.

Here's how others have adopted offshoring policies. 🧵 A view of The Hope Hostel accommodation where migrants from Members of the staff board a plane reported by British mediaMigrants who launched from the coast of northern France cros 🇦🇺 Australia

⭕️ Introduced in 2001, the country’s offshoring asylum programme specifically targets migrants arriving in Australian waters by boat.

🌏 They have been transferred to detention centres in Papua New Guinea's Manus Island and the South Pacific island nation of Nauru. The Australian coat-of-arms is displayed in the entrance of
Jun 20 10 tweets 5 min read
💸Black women in the U.S, especially in the South, have historically faced huge hurdles when it comes to jobs and building wealth.

🇺🇸But in Georgia, a revolutionary scheme will give free monthly cash to lift poor women out of poverty.

How could guaranteed income change lives?🧵 💰Across the U.S, Black women earn about 60 cents for every $1 paid to white, non-Hispanic men.

⭕️ In Georgia, they're roughly twice as likely to live in poverty as white women.

🚨That's why non-profits @GiveDirectly and @theGROfund are leading a new guaranteed income project.
May 31 11 tweets 6 min read
🇧🇪 Belgium has become the first country in Europe to decriminalise sex work.

⭕️ The new policy means sex workers will have more legal protections while supporters say it fights stigma.

🇪🇺 Could other EU nations soon follow? Here’s what you need to know. 🧵 A protester holds a placard as Dutch sex workers demonstrate 🇧🇪 Before now, sex work wasn't prohibited in Belgium.

But to avoid pimping and exploitation, those who facilitated it - like hotel owners or accountants - could be prosecuted.

Activists say the lack of legal clarity led to abuse, like long hours and the risk of violence. "With the owners of the spa or nightclub, they say you
May 12 9 tweets 5 min read
🛁 Hot tubs
🍼 Free babysitting
💵 Cold hard cash

🇺🇸 Across the U.S., smaller cities are trying to lure remote workers away from big metropolitan areas with new, tempting perks.

🚐 Ready to pack a moving van? Here are 4 places you could consider calling home. 🧵 1️⃣ Tulsa, Oklahoma

💰 The city will give you a $10,000 grant to relocate alongside a year’s free membership at a co-working space - and the promise of a welcoming community.

📈 More than 1,500 people have already taken up the offer.
May 11 9 tweets 7 min read
🇨🇫 The Central African Republic is the first African country to adopt #Bitcoin as legal tender.

It's also the world's 2nd-poorest nation, facing economic crisis.

Expert @PeterJHowson argues #crypto could lead to more resource exploitation & become a digital 'blood diamond.' 🧵 Image 💎 In colonial times, European powers capitalised on war in Africa to profit from its resources.

“Blood diamonds” define diamonds sold to fund military action in diamond-rich areas.

Today, they're making a comeback in the form of #crypto, says @NorthumbriaUni’s @PeterJHowson. Image
May 9 8 tweets 5 min read
🇺🇸 As abortion wars escalate across the U.S., digital footprints could become a dangerous weapon.

📱 From location data to search history, online records could be used to target people if #RoeVWade is overturned, researchers say.

🚨 We answer 4 key questions. 🧵 1️⃣ How could data be used against pregnant people?

📺 Anti-abortion groups could use it to target them with ads.
📍 Private companies could sell their location data.
🚨 Law enforcement could use search histories to mount prosecutions.

All without their knowledge or consent.
Mar 10 10 tweets 6 min read
🚨 Around 1.6 billion children worldwide couldn't go to school because of COVID-19.

📚 A worsening education crisis means over 70% of 10-year-olds in many countries could soon be unable to read a simple story, the @WorldBank warns.

What does this mean for our kids' futures? 🧵 Image 💻 When the pandemic was declared two years ago, a normal school day soon involved online learning through Zoom classes.

🎒 In richer countries, things now seem to be back to normal.

⭕️ But this isn’t the case in some developing nations. Image
Mar 1 8 tweets 7 min read
🇺🇦 The #Ukraine war may be miles away from families in the Middle East. But many fear it will be felt in their kitchens.

🌾 Russia and Ukraine export 29% of world's wheat. The crisis has sent food prices to a 13-year high.

Here’s how 3 countries are facing dire consequences. 🧵 🇾🇪 Yemen

🌾 The war-torn nation is almost entirely dependent on food imports, buying at least 27% of its wheat from Ukraine and 8% from Russia.

🥖 7 years of conflict has already left more than half of its people hungry. Now the #RussiaUkraineConflict is making things worse.
Feb 28 7 tweets 8 min read
💰 Millions in crypto donations
📱 @Pussyrrriot selling #NFTs
⚡️ @ElonMusk activating Starlink internet

🇺🇦 People and companies are using new tech to support #Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion.

Here are 5 ways the world is rallying online to help Ukrainians in crisis. 🧵 1️⃣ Crypto donations

💰 Ukraine's government has raised almost $13 million in #cryptocurrency to help their military, says analysis firm @Elliptic. Funds to volunteer and hacking groups have also spiked.

⭕️ Charities like @Save_Children are also accepting #Bitcoin donations.
Feb 7 8 tweets 7 min read
☀️ Sun, sea and... NFTs?

🇵🇼 Pacific nation Palau is kicking off a digital residency scheme for so-called 'crypto-citizens.'

It hopes to revive its economy during COVID-19. But some are skeptical about what this means.

Here's what experts @PeterJHowson and @OJutel told us. 🧵👇 1️⃣ Why is the scheme happening?

🛥 Palau used to be a magnet for tourists and welcomed about 100,000 yachting enthusiasts each year.

💸But COVID-19 restrictions mean people have stayed away - and Palau’s cash is drying up.

⚡️ Now, it’s turning to #crypto to boost its economy.
Feb 4 7 tweets 5 min read
⚡️ Forget the Olympic athletes, it's the tech that's going for gold at #Beijing2022.

⭕️ But could some of the new gadgets and tools lead to a privacy nightmare?

🇨🇳 We look at 5 innovations creating a buzz at the #Olympics. 🧵👇… 1️⃣ Robot chefs

👩‍🍳 Visitors can expect some of their food to be prepared and served by friendly robots.

🍔 They can make hamburgers, serve ice cream and coffee, and even deliver room service.

⭕️ They also ensure social distancing and help sanitise areas.…
Jan 27 9 tweets 7 min read
💰 #Crypto could be revolutionising the way we pay.

🚨 But is it doing more harm than good?

🇸🇻 While nations like El Salvador are embracing crypto like #Bitcoin, others such as Russia are starting to crack down.

Here’s why countries and authorities are sounding the alarm. 🧵 1️⃣Crypto could weaken the economy

@IMFNews has urged El Salvador to drop #Bitcoin as a legal tender, citing "large risks".

🇵🇰Pakistan's central bank argues cryptocurrency trading could mean more money flowing out of the country.…
Jan 25 8 tweets 5 min read
🇦🇫 Five months since the Taliban seized power, Afghan companies are battling to stay afloat.

📉 International sanctions and curbs against the hardline Islamist group are fuelling a deepening economic crisis.

⭕️ Here's how businesses in the country have been affected. 👇 ImageImage 1️⃣ Dynamic Vision

⭕️ Dynamic Vision was one of the country's top infrastructure companies.

It had more than 300 projects, some 1,200 employees and an annual turnover of $10 million.

⛔️ But the Taliban takeover meant millions stuck in unpaid dues and limited cash. Image
Jan 18 11 tweets 7 min read
📈 The #NFT market has exploded over the past year.

💰 Sales soared past $24.9 billion in 2021, according to market tracker @DappRadar.

⚠️ But more artists are sounding the alarm over thieves stealing their digital work.

⭕️ How big is the industry's fraud problem? 🧵 1️⃣ What are NFTs?

🖥 NFTs represent a digital item like an image or video.

⚡️ They're usually bought with #crypto and transactions are recorded on a blockchain.

📱 On some marketplaces, anyone can create and sell NFTs, without showing proof of ownership of the original image.