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23 Nov
Hey everybody 👋
This thread is to address the dilution that $PROG just announced in their new SEC filing.

I'll preface this by saying very bluntly that I AM NOT SELLING and help bring you the facts so that you can make an informed decision on your own.

Lets get started.
Here is the filing so you can read along:…

The first thing is that $PROG expressed they'll dilute by exactly 18,404,908 shares for $4.89 per share, at an aggregate total of $90M.

The filing also explains the previous week's increase in outstanding shares
As we suspected, warrants and convertible notes were exercised in addition to the 13.3M shares that were sold on October 5-9.

The filing explains that their outstanding shares have increased to 197.253M including this new offering which will be a public offering.
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22 Nov
$PROG shorts and market makers are telegraphing a move to the upside. To everyone who is freaking out and calling this a dead play, you're looking at consolidation. Calm TF down...

Wyckoff Accumulation final phase of consolidation is following trend.
Market makers and call sellers still have until Tuesday to make their deliveries. This activity demonstrates an engineered sell-off. They need panic selling in order to scoop up shares on a discount before the next leg up.

The fewer who sell, the less we move to the downside.
We're going to go through some volatility this week as they play their games. T+2 to deliver options and an additional T+6 for market makers to close the outstanding FTDs that result.

Have patience and let the algorithms burn themselves out. They're operating on auto pilot...
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22 Nov
Back in the rising channel once again, this time after a hedgie load up and over 150k calls expiring ITM last week. $PROG is still moving aggressively toward a steady climb and short squeeze.

Technicals looking good
Plenty of calls on the chain for this Friday, but pretty modest in comparison to last week. This is a very weak gamma ramp relative to that.

We are still waiting for unhedged calls to be delivered today and tomorrow, so we can see some significant buying today....
... but we will see how it plays out on the charts.

Shorts were not covering last week, which means they were most likely trying to return and re-borrow shares that were failing to deliver.

And the cycle continues lolol😂
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18 Nov
I'm going to cover one last item on $PROG today. I was looking at the Unusual Whales FLOW that Hootmoney posted, and there is definitely something happening here.

The OI on $5 and $7.5 calls for $PROG went absolutely nuts in the afternoon today, and I only just noticed.
Almost all of the bearish volume came from selling call options at the end of the day, which I STRONGLY suspect is being done in order to quickly secure premium and scalp some cash before the options expire.

This is a very common action, but for it to happen in these numbers...
... holy shit. There are 111,295 calls OTM on $PROG between $5 and $7.50

That's a combined 11.13M shares on the table.

Those weren't there this morning.

A fair amount of these may be retail, but many times more are likely coming from market makers & HFs.
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17 Nov
Wrong ticker, homie. That'd $PRG... not $PROG.

You've got the wrong company.
This is a warning in common investing mistakes.


This error happens so frequently in trading that it has actually caused squeeze events because a stock rallied, and in the FOMO scramble, other stocks with similar tickers have rocketed with them.
This is a really good way to lose money just because you didn't spell check your ticker symbol.

Make sure you know where your money is going before you hit that buy button.
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17 Nov
$PROG OTC/Darkpool activity indicates that algos and institutions are the main responsible parties for this price action today.

We continue to see tons of selling pressure routing to the exchanges whilst.

Reminder to use directed market orders to send your busy to the exchange.
This is a speculative explanation, but I have noticed that because of the plethora of available shares in dark pools, it seems likely that MMs will buy large sums of shares in DPs to grab an inventory of shares on the cheap.
This allows MMs to fulfill buy orders from their inventory instead of buying on the exchange, preventing the NBBO from being affected. Meanwhile, they can route any sells directly to the exchanges on a selective basis to create the illusion of massive selling volume.
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17 Nov
Really liking this Wyckoff pattern here. $PROG is still on it's way to greatness. This little retest of $4.80-$5 is just confirmation.

Even if $5 - $7.50 calls expire OTM, this was a massive victory.

I've closed/rolled/exercised all of my 11/19 call positions.
Most of my remaining contracts are set up for January for safety reasons. (Always give yourself more time than you think you need.)

But the pattern looks like it's going to play out to completion before Dec 17, so I bought a big load of calls on the dip for 12/17 too.
At this point, bulls have done so much damage to shorts this month that I have supreme confidence that the squeeze is coming soon.

And while I do not recommend FOMO-ing into any stock for any reason, $PROG is showing the strongest signs of squeezing of any other play this week.
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17 Nov
For those that like to daytrade on ETFs, $IWM is severely oversold, and @unusual_whales flow is obscenely bullish following this dip.

An alert was fired for a whale buy on the $253 calls expiring 12/10, which are surprisingly cheap at $0.35 on the ask side.

Darkpool volume📈💥
Looks like a nice reversal incoming for the Russell.

It's always a good idea to have some side plays going to earn you a little bit of money, and if you're one of the #AMCAPES, betting on the Russell indirectly helps #AMC as well as it's part of that ETF.
I had a tiny bit of buying power left after I finished exercising my $PROG calls, and wanted to jump on something a bit more... diversified?

Just a nice little swing trade on the side that I noticed looks pretty juicy, so I'm gonna follow that whale.

$253c@12/10 👍
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17 Nov
On the topic of $PROG Dilution...

I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that $PROG will announce an offering, even at these prices, before they or their biopharma partner announce the terms of their partnership, as both parties know it will cause a jump in value.
Even if a dilution comes, there is only 13m shares available to offer, and Athyrium has been scooping up every single offering that wasn't direct to market.

There aren't enough shares available to do any real damage & the offering would be bought within 3 days at this volume.
Suffice to say, I'm not even remotely worried about dilution. Even if it happens, I'll just set limit buys and get more shares at a discount.

It won't be enough to destroy a squeeze if retail simply holds and buys.

At worst, or would just delay it. I'm
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17 Nov
Oof, I wish I hadn't slept in today. Could have made a real nice day-trade. Oh well.

Anyway, I see $PROG is doing awesome. Broke through two support levels in pre-market, and fell back to $5 before finding support.

All-in-all, pretty healthy correction.
Once we establish $5 as the new level of strong support, which it looks to becoming so, then we can expect to see another leg-up. $5.50 is a lovely target that we can easily break to put another level of call options in the money.

Lo and behold, Dec calls are filling up too.
Shorts are still going to have a hard time borrowing shares at this point. Util is 99.9% and the net returns from two days ago are apparently already being borrowed again, which just means more money to take from shorts.
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16 Nov
Thank you, Matt... 👏👏👏👏👏

It's your money. It's your decision. Nobody can tell you what to do. This is about market transparency, fairness, and FREEDOM to control YOUR money and YOUR financial future.

This had to be said -- @matt_kohrs
I truly can understand @matt_kohrs's feelings when someone reaches out to you to tell you something as amazing as that you saved their loved ones because of your DD.

After $SPRT squeezed, someone told me that they were able to save their wife with life-saving cancer treatment.
It forever changed my mindset about why I'm doing this. It wasn't about me and what I wanted anymore. It wasn't just about making money for myself.

I realized that I was given trust and power by the people who followed my non-financial advice.
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16 Nov
What an absolutely incredible day for $PROG. We didn't quite break that $5 area of support, but that wasn't the goal today. Our goal was to break $4 and we left it far behind us in opening 5 minutes of the day and never looked back.

#PROGGERS crushed it. 40% gain today.
We saw TONS of action on in the options market today, with the OTM chain blowing up massively as support flooded into the stock, from the surge to $5.

The volume on $4+ strikes is absolutely incredible, but what's more, exercising on deep ITM options was equally impressive.
Now we have Wednesday ahead of us, and we are threatening to open up the options chain above $7.50 now that we have cracked through 4 new strike levels.

That's as bullish as it gets.

What's more, tons of puts have gone OTM and have lost more than 70% of their value below $4.50
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16 Nov
It's kind of funny, but I left my phone on silent and slept in today.

Glad I did. Seeing $PROG at $5 when I finally woke up was immensely satisfying.

Gamma still incoming. We need to hold $4.20 today and maintain the momentum. More options have been bought and exercised ITM.
I actually sold 50% of my $5/$7.5 that I was holding for 11/19 & waited for a dip, full disclosure.

As it turns out, I now have an even BIGGER position in $PROG because of these calls, and I have enough buying power in all my accounts to exercise all my ITM calls for Fri.
Reason why I sold those OTM calls is because we had a huge volatility spike, so I know that I can sell them for profit and buy them back cheaper when the stock relaxes, which it did down to $4.25

Just a little lesson in day trading.

Fibonacci extensions are awesome btw.
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16 Nov
Sorry, @Xx_WiReD_xX, you're wrong.

I've spent hundreds of hours researching $PROG and it's a solid investment. I'm not recommending anyone sell their stock to buy in. It's simply a good play.

Frankly, the whole "distraction" argument makes no sense to me...
Investors don't play in the stock market to pick a single stock forever. They buy value where they see it, and I see value in $PROG.

You can make whatever argument you want, but there is nothing wrong with people investing in other stocks in order to build wealth.
Yes, $AMC is important.
Yes, $GME is important.
Yes, they both can squeeze.
Yes, there can be a MOASS.

It takes money to drive a stock up.
So while I'm waiting for them to squeeze, I'm going to continue making plays in other stocks that are more volatile so I can make money.
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15 Nov
The numbers are in for $PROG, and whooooooooo boy is it tilted as hell.

6 Million FTDs on 10/29, and we've been on the threshold list ever since 10/20. T+19 days.

$SPRT squeezed on T+21 days on threshold. Just saying.

This is gonna be a long DD thread. Fuckle the buck up.
TL;DR: #SqueezePROG is looking bigger, badder, and more likely than ever.

First, covering the above screenshot, we see that SI% is 30% even after a net return of 2.13M shares today so far. Shorts are now fleeing the stock as we are running up towards $3.50.
If you missed the space call this morning, we talked about $3.50 and $4 being significant levels for us. $3.50 is the major resistance, but $4 is the target to trigger the gamma ramp toward $7.50, which is obviously what we'd all love to happen.
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15 Nov
$PROG Take a look at the difference in the OI on the ITM strikes.

Do you see the lack of volume, and yet the OI dropped dramatically?

That means people exercised their options in massive numbers.

T+2 days from now (Wed), those shares will be forced to deliver. This is bullish.
Image on the left is from last week.
Image on the right is from today.

The FUD factory at InvestorPlace is working overtime.

We are going to #SQUEEZEPROG
Be patient and hold. We got this.

I'm buying shares and OTM calls.
The reason why this matters is because naked calls that get exercised early force the seller to buy stock at market price before T+2 to cover those calls. The more ITM calls exercised before close on Wed, the more shares that have to be bought before Friday.

Just saying.
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14 Nov
$PROG MEGA DD Thread part 1

Posted this back on October 20 after recent options expiration. The details of the charting and price movements should help inform #PROGGERS in order to give conviction to #SqueezePROG

Retweet to help spread the info.…
$PROG MEGA DD Threed part 2

This is when #PROG officially hit all of my squeeze triggers, according to my Short Exempt Squeeze Signal Theory.…

Short Exempt squeeze signal Theory explained:…
Not really DD, but just some pay observations I made that prove I'm not a complete dimwitted degenerate who only pretend to understand the stock market.

I predicted two of $PROG's major moves before they happened, not to mention the $AMC June sneeze…
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14 Nov
These clowns are trying too hard.

Dear #Proglodytes,

You won. You got under their skin enough to scare them into hiring @InvestorPlace to start doing smear articles against this stock.

Monday is huge. The only way we win is by buying and holding.…
Market makers and shorts know that this options all is the best chance for a squeeze on $PROG. There are hundreds of millions of dollars betting on a squeeze this week.

If we overwhelm them, they can't stop it.

We need frenzy buying unlike anything they've ever seen.
Dear #amcapes and $AMC holders,

$PROG stock is a low float stock that is primed to squeeze, and I have been spending the better part of the last two months proving it over and over.

This is your blinking neon sign with an arrow to tendie town, as the redditors would say.
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13 Nov
Hey, @Tsiash1 I'm curious how many minutes you actually spent on your research for this stock.

Did you write this out of spite for your assignment or something?

Your research is ankle deep at best, and I resent that you dismissed it as a meme stock.…
Do you really have that much hubris that you don't think that retail investors can research this shit too?

If you spent more than thirty minutes moping about having to write something about a stock you didn't know anything about, you'd have realized this company is ready to pop.
You should have noticed that this stock has been shorted by 30% of its free float since it was trading under $1.00 less than a month ago, and that the short reports have continued maintaining.

If you looked at options data, you should have seen the PCR is 0.14 and OI of 250k ImageImageImage
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12 Nov
I'm not saying a sell off is gonna happen for certain, but I definitely think that $PROG holders will have their conviction tested harder than ever. Power hour is coming and the volume is still lowest it's been in weeks.

The following is absolutely not financial advice...
Market makers and shorts do NOT want these calls in the money. They will try very hard to force the price down hard today and next week.

There are 25M shares on the call chain here. That's over 20% of the float.

This is the time to hold and hold strong.
A few million dollars in buying volume next week can push $PROG to unbelievable highs if the #Proglodyte army pushes together.

Friday is the time to load up on options, and MONDAY is when the bullish momentum can hit hardest.

NO shares to borrow.
Util 100%
SI 35% of FF
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11 Nov
This is the hard part for $PROG holders. We are coming to the home stretch. This is when all the FUD, negativity and selling pressure will hit hardest.

It's because we are right.
Shorts are scared.
Market makers are terrified.
And insiders are being greedy.

Here's why...
We were forced below our ascending support trend on the lowest volume candle in five weeks. This was a targeted sale to force the price down as fast as possible. There is nothing but false sell walls above us.

That's because the call options chain is entirely too scary.
67,637 calls ITM
185,060 calls OTM
252,697 total


This is Market makers trying to acquire shares at the cheapest price by scaring retail.
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