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22 Jul
Please read my pinned Tweet and then also do your homework on the #KigaliPrinciples.

Hussein Obama inked the deal w/the UN just prior to leaving Office bc they had helped NK build (and launch) KMS-4 LODESTAR EMP Weapon for use as a #FalseFlag once HRC was to take Office.
They created, funded, armed and trained #ISIS & were plotting a US Invasion by ISIS under the guise of "Muslim Refugee Resettlement" into the US after they murdered Gaddafi & sent His weapons to arm ISIS in Syria.
They were staging ISIS Troops ALL around the US (including the Caribbean) which is why Hussein "normalized" relations w/Cuba bc He he needed Cuba to stage ISIS Fighters to flood the US once we were hit w/LODESTAR EMP Strike & NK as the patsy.
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27 Nov 20
I hope that every1 remembers what I said.. @realDonaldTrump is three-things. #potus - Executive in Chief of the Department of Justice annnd... The Commander in Chief of OUR ENTIRE US Armed-Forces.. Duh, right!

FBI is badass but they ain't got shit on #USMIL #JAG!
If #USMIL #JAG wants your ass.. there's NO WHERE to hide on the PLANET & we have the most powerful Military in the world!

If you are wanted by #JAG... Every Satellite, every ship & USMIL Operation WILL BE focused on finding you & bringing you to #Justice!

Can't wait...
Can't wait until the ENTIRE #USMIL is set loose on these motherfuckers who sold out #America & had plans to put ALL OF US in fucking FEMA CAMPS!


""Interment and Re-Education"" info.publicintelligence.net/USArmy-Internm…
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5 Jun 20
I thk I figured out how #COVID19 ties into Soros spending MILLIONS of $$$ in Campaign Funds to major US City(s) District Attorneys and #Antifa.

"Prison" (as it were) is a form of "College" for other Criminals to get a schooling in Crime.

When the "#Plandemic" occurred.. the
When the "#Plandemic" occurred.. the first thing many of the District Attorney's did was to release many of the Criminals from Jail & release them into our Society.

#Antifa already had well-coordinated & coordinated leadership however; if the extremely-violent & dangerous
Criminals released from Jails ALL across the Country then what if they were given "Leadership Roles" in teaching and training #Antifa Personnel how to become more violent??

ALL of this appears to be a very-well-planned exercise that has GONE LIVE!
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