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Nov 16 42 tweets 13 min read
It's the start of the daily #Ukraine thread for Thursday 16 November. it's Day 631 of #Russia's war.

Yesterday saw the fewest "views" of a thread for the war for a couple of months. Not much big news around, but also war fatigue likely setting in. Please help me spread the word! To review how Day 630 panned out, click the link below.

You'll find details of #Ukraine looking to have broken through in a part of #Kherson while #Russia returned to the awful "double-tap" tactic, killing firefighters - a despicable war crime.

Oct 29 30 tweets 12 min read
It's day 613 of #Russia's 10 day campaign to remove #Ukraine from the map.

Here's another daily thread rounding up all the important news from the region, as it happens, throughout the day.

This is what happened on Saturday:

Overnight drone attacks in #Ukraine and #Russia.

Ukraine shot down all 5 attack drones overnight, with air defence in 3 different regions making hits.

I'm sure the attack wasn't particularly about destroying things for the Russians, but analysing 🇺🇦air defence.

#StopRussia Image
Oct 26 45 tweets 16 min read
Welcome to another daily thread on Day 610 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine.

Here you will find all the news, updated all day long, as I've been doing every single day without fail.

Please share/boost etc to keep Ukraine in the spotlight.
DMs open for tip offs. As usual a quick flick back to yesterday's news. If you need a catch up, click and scroll this link.

Wednesday saw a huge explosion near a nuclear plant, news of how @USPoloAssnUSA is shamefully still funding #Russia's war and sadly many more attacks.

Oct 25 31 tweets 13 min read
Day 609 of the war in Europe. You've found the start of another daily thread with all the news of #Ukraine's fight for freedom and #Russia's illegal aggression.

All the important news, updated live throughout the day.
Here's the link for yesterday's news:
First the overnight news.
16 people were injured in #Khmelnytskyi region.

#Ukraine says it shot down attack drones but debris fell on 11 high-rise and 9 private buildings.

Also damaged were the local police department and here, photos of the Fire Station where debris also hit.

Oct 18 37 tweets 12 min read
Welcome to the daily thread, updated throughout the day, on Day 602 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine.

DMs are open for tip offs, or stories you think I've missed.

Please buy me a coffee (link in bio) if you support the work going into these threads, day in, day out.💙💛 Here's the link to yesterday's thread.
Tuesday saw a busy start to the day and the first use of ATACMS with a devastating hit on #Russia's air force.

News also emerged of a #Ukraine advance late in the day.

Oct 17 27 tweets 9 min read
Day 601.
Yes, back again with another daily thread, trying to keep #Russia's illegal war on the radar with all the news from #Ukraine throughout the day. Every single day.

All the news you need in one handy thread - dive on in, leave comments, share, support me if you can💙💛 Quite a lot of varied news yesterday in the thread.

You missed it? Well lucky for you, here's the link for the start of Monday's thread:


Oct 15 22 tweets 6 min read
Day 599 of this vicious and pointless war.
#Russia continues its invasion of #Ukraine, costing hundreds of thousands of lives - and for what?
Vanity and hatred and now pride.

Here's another daily thread with all the news of the conflict: please share and support. A late start to today's thread as there were no big developments overnight.

#Zaporizhzhia was hit (as reported at the end of yesterday's thread) but no injuries.
All told 176 attacks on 24 settlements in ZP y'day and 3 missile strikes.
6 reports of damage to houses such as here:
Oct 8 22 tweets 8 min read
Day 592 - and each and every day I've been here reporting all the news from the #RussiaUkraineWar in one handy thread.

There's recently been a marked decrease in views as many followers say I'm hidden from them. So please repost, reply, like and support with a Ko-Fi if you can🙏 A calm night and a quiet day so far in #Ukraine.

If you were out and about yesterday and missed the news you can click and scroll here to see what you missed.

Oct 6 37 tweets 15 min read
Day 590 in this sick war.
The first day of mourning in the #Kharkiv oblast of #Ukraine after the biggest massacre by #Russia in the region. Incidentally the people of #Hrosa speak almost exclusively 🇷🇺

To catch up on Thursday's news, click and scroll⬇️

The first day of mourning in #Kharkiv started with a further murderous attack by #Russia. There are no morals, no decency. This is pure evil.

A 10 year old child's lifeless body was dragged from rubble this morning.

16 others were injured including a baby.
Oct 3 31 tweets 12 min read
Good morning and thank you for reading the start of my 587th daily thread covering #Russia's invasion and all-out war against #Ukraine.

If you can support independent, reliable journalism, you can help me here, thank you
ko-fi.com/twmcltd Yesterday proved to be a reasonably quiet day at the front, but still a lot of senseless shelling of civilian population and infrastructure by #Russia's occupiers and invaders.

Catch up on all of Monday's developments here:

Sep 23 47 tweets 19 min read
A very warm welcome, thank you for reading the start of another daily thread covering the #RussiaUkraine war.

I hope your weekend is full of good things.
Saturday is Day 577 of this disgusting conflict with #Russia's sole aim to remove #Ukraine from the map.

All the news here⬇️ Friday 22 September is a day which will probably be marked in some way in a future, free and reunited #Ukraine.

#Russia is still reeling from the news its Black Sea Fleet HQ was hit in #Crimea, and the hits keep on coming.
Review yesterday's news here:

Sep 4 26 tweets 10 min read
Day 558 of #Russia's sick war on #Ukraine.
A new week begins in familiar fashion with more destruction of civilian infrastructure, more war crimes from #Moscow's inhuman, fascist regime.

Welcome to the 558th daily thread covering the war, with all the news you need, all day long Starting as (almost) always with the link to the start of yesterday's thread.

It was a surprisingly busy Sunday with quite a bit of good news for #Ukraine but of course more crimes and wanton destruction. Click and scroll this link t catch up:

Sep 3 37 tweets 15 min read
It's Sunday and it's Day 557 of the war in Europe.

I believe #Ukraine's counter attack is reaching a critical point and there may be serious movement in the next month.

This is the first post in my daily thread: come back often, share, spread the word!
#StandWithUkraine Saturday's headlines were dominated by Ihor Kolomoislyi, but we also had a U-turn by the Nobel Prize organisers, explosions in occupied areas and on #Odesa's special day, of course #Russia had to attack the region as the day ended.

Catch up here⬇️

Aug 17 27 tweets 8 min read
Hello again. I'm safely back in Europe for day 540 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

It's Thursday's daily thread with all the news you need, verified, edited, explained each day in one handy place.

To support my work please buy me a coffee if you can - see the link in my bio💙💛 Wednesday proved to be another busy day with #Russia attacking ports, #Ukraine opening a humanitarian sea corridor, a US supergroup Killing the mood plus loads more sabotage happening in the Terrorist State.

Missed something? Just click and scroll⬇️

Aug 15 28 tweets 14 min read
You've found the start of the #Ukraine war thread - the place to find all the important news, verified, explained and edited for you to understand everything needed about #Russia's attempt to wipe a nation and a culture off the map.

Tuesday 15 August is Day 538 and it's bad.. This morning #Ukraine was subjected to the largest widespread missile attack for a while with multiple cities and regions targeted by #Russia

First the link to Monday's daily thread which started with death in Odesa + Kherson but saw more problems for🇷🇺
Aug 7 27 tweets 12 min read
Hello again, it's Day 530 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine. This is the start of Monday's thread, with all the important news, verified as much as I'm able to, updated all day long.

💙💛Thanks to all who support me in any way - words, retweets, replies and coffee donations! Thankfully a quiet night again in most of #Ukraine. Looks like the massive attacks in recent days have seen #Russia use up its quota.

Missed anything from yesterday? No problem, here's the link for the start of a busy Sunday thread:

Jul 25 30 tweets 8 min read
Tuesday 25 July is Day 517 of #Russia's war in Europe.

The night was quieter for those in #Odesa and the southern ports but still drone attacks across #Ukraine.

This is the start of another daily news thread with everything you need to know in one handy place. If you missed Monday's developments, there was a lot of "under the radar" important news to catch up on, as well as more high profile attacks on #Odesa region and #Crimea + #Moscow.

Click and scroll here for anything you may have missed.
Jul 24 23 tweets 7 min read
Day 516 of #Russia's illegal war begins with explosions in #Moscow and #Crimea! Full details to follow.

It's Monday - and though Sunday was very quiet after a bad start to the day, you can still take a brief scroll through the major events here:

So straight to #Moscow with explosions reported and drones attacking #Russia's capital.

One UAV seems to have hit a residential block in the city:
Jul 21 35 tweets 14 min read
You've found the start of the daily #RussiaUkraineWar thread for Friday 21 July.

Day 513 and I do this every day - the important news updated all day long, verified, edited, translated and rewritten so you can make easily sense of whats' happening.

Send me your stories in DM It was a busy start to yesterday, and like today, more attacks on #Odesa - but then a quieter end to Thursday.

Here's the link for yesterday's thread. Click and scroll to catch up on what you missed:

Jul 18 70 tweets 21 min read
An early start to Daily thread 511 as #Ukraine is experiencing what looks like being one of the worst attacks of the war in southern regions.

For all the important war news, updated all day long, bookmark and return; if you want to support me, click here
ko-fi.com/twmcltd Power cuts reported in parts of both #Kherson and #Mykolaiv regions.

Meanwhile emergency workers in #Odesa are tackling a fire at the site of one of the arrivals.

Jul 12 42 tweets 15 min read
Thursday 13 July.
Day 505 of #Russia's war of choice.
Another day starting with bloodshed and violence on the streets of #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, with the important news updated thoughout the day and night.
Please support me with coffee donations (link in bio)
💙💛 Quick link to the start of yesterday's thread for those playing catch-up.

Ultimately a frustrating day for #Ukraine, but as expected. More military support, more promises but no seat at the #NATO table yet.