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Sep 30 40 tweets 40 min read
The daily🧵for the last day of September, Day 219 of #Russia's war. Today #Putin completes the land grab of 4 regions of #Ukraine

If we do nothing it will happen again. Appeasement is not an option.

Have spare £/$/€? Please donate, just 2 weeks left:

The big news of the day in #Ukraine is the murder of over 20 people in #Zaporizhzhia when a civilian convoy was hit by #Russia's missiles.

More on that in a moment, but if you missed anything yesterday, here's the link for Thursday's thread:

Sep 29 40 tweets 37 min read
Thursday 29 September
Day 218 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and the start of another daily thread.

Quite a lot of late news yesterday. To catch up on what you missed, click and scroll through yesterday's 🧵

Some breaking news to start with and #Sweden says it has found a 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Previously 3 leaks were found on the gas link from #Russia to #Germany, caused by sabotage.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
Sep 28 37 tweets 35 min read
Welcome to Wednesday's daily🧵covering all the news from #Russia's war of choice.

The Kremlin hopes to mobilise 1m "soldiers" to fight the losing battle. To defend their homeland, #Ukraine troops need winter gear. Please help us reach £10k target

crowdfunder.co.uk/p/save-ukraine… Today is Day 217.
Yesterday saw the "results" of the fixed and illegal referenda, blank voting papers, stolen toilets, empty passenger jets heading into #Russia and much more.

Missed it? No problem - scroll though from here:
#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

Sep 27 25 tweets 23 min read
Hello again, nice to see you here for Tuesday's daily thread on #Russia's illegal war against its peaceful neighbour.

Day 216 of #Ukraine's Resistance. Also the last day of "voting" in the sham (illegal) referenda in Occupied parts of Ukraine

All the news, events and analysis⬇️ If you missed anything yesterday, here's the start of Monday's thread. Scroll at your leisure!

Sep 25 42 tweets 44 min read
It's Monday and I hope it's the start of a good week for you.

This is the daily thread number 215 with all the news from #Russia's war on #Ukraine

Now anyone who gives over £200 will receive a personal message of thanks from🇺🇦 soldiers on the frontline.

crowdfunder.co.uk/p/save-ukraine… Just to clarify, if you have already made a pledge, you are still eligible. So if you gave £100, we need £101 more, or if you donated £200, just an extra £1 will do it, but feel free to give more if you can afford it.

Help #Ukraine defend itself and defend democracy!
Sep 25 26 tweets 23 min read
Sunday 25 September, Day 214 of #Russia's war of choice. Imagine a leader choosing to send over 50,000 of his countrymen to death and calling up another million, against a peaceful nation which never fired on, nor invaded anyone!

Here is the daily news thread

#StandWithUkraine Sunday started with a bang in #Kherson.

More on that in a moment, but Saturday was a quiet one, thankfully. If you want to scroll back through, here's the thread:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

Sep 24 22 tweets 20 min read
It's seven months ago today that #Russia started its illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

The "short special military operation" started in winter, and is now in its fourth season. The killing continues.

Here's the daily news thread for Saturday 24 Sept

Let's start Day 213 with #Russia's total losses after 7 months. On average 264 soldiers are being killed every day. The ratio between deaths and injured/disabled means if #Ukraine's estimates are correct likely 200,000 have been lost to the military

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
Sep 23 39 tweets 39 min read
Almost the weekend, this is Friday's daily thread with all the news, views + analysis as #Russia attacks #Ukraine

It's Day 212 of the war

There's an update to the Ukraine fundraiser. We hope to get one of these alongside the winter clothing. If you can help, see my pinned tweet Image As usual a link to yesterday's thread as a few of you tell me you like to check up on the news in one place.

Another fairly quiet day in terms of attacks and missiles, although just before Thursday ended, #Zaporizhzhia suffered a bad attack:

Sep 21 36 tweets 37 min read
Welcome to Thursday's daily thread on #Russia's war.
It's Day 211 of non stop shelling and killing.

#Ukraine needs your help, if you can spare anything, please consider donating to our Fundraiser as we're falling behind the target

crowdfunder.co.uk/p/save-ukraine… Wednesday was remarkable.

From pathetic Putin's ramblings/partial mobilisation, to the street protests in #Russia, to the prisoner swap deal which saw all 5 Britons released, ending with Zelenskyy's focused and powerful, history-making speech at the #UN

Sep 21 63 tweets 55 min read
We've reached Day 210 of #Russia's 3 day plan to topple #Kyiv.
#Ukraine fights on.

If you want to scroll through yesterday's news, it's here:


The important thing to say is that President Putin is making his delayed (recorded) speech now about the future of the illegal war
Sep 19 37 tweets 32 min read
Tuesday 20 September - Day 209 of the illegal war being waged by #Russia, welcome to the daily thread.

#Ukraine is fighting for democracy, for its very survival. Our fundraiser is at 18% of target - a good start. Photos added of what we will be buying.

crowdfunder.co.uk/p/save-ukraine… Many interesting stories late on Monday's thread

⚡️#Russia's soldiers sexually assaulted a 4 year old child.
⚡️🇷🇺embassy in Canada firebombed
⚡️Big (suspicious) fire in 🇷🇺 city
⚡️Employees forced to "donate" over 40% of their weekly wage to Russia's war

Sep 19 34 tweets 33 min read
Day 208 of the war.
#Russia's grotesque war on #Ukraine. This is the daily thread.

A new week, but a national holiday in the #UK - the funeral of Elizabeth II and a new photo - her last ever portrait.

Goodbye our Queen, and thank you. Fewer stories on Sunday than for a long time, which is a relief as that usually means fewer civilian deaths in #Ukraine.

But there was still plenty to write about - if you missed anything, scroll through yesterday's thread with this link:

Sep 18 34 tweets 34 min read
Sunday 18 September, daily thread number 207 covering the news and analysis of #Russia's illegal invasion.

The fundraising to help #Ukraine's army with specific items for winter stands at £900 / €1000 after 2 days which is amazing - please see the pinned tweet if you can help! A late start today to the thread, but it's been largely quiet in #Ukraine so far this Sunday.

For all yesterday's stories check through yesterday's thread right here:

#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine

Sep 17 24 tweets 25 min read
Another weekend, another daily thread about the war in #Ukraine, a country fighting for its survival in the face of the onslaught from #Russia's huge army of war criminals and mercenaries.

It's Day 206

If you want to help, please consider donating here:

crowdfunder.co.uk/p/save-ukraine… So all Saturday's stories coming up, although I am commentating all day today so updates may be slower, apologies in advance.

Friday was quite a day. If you missed anything, fear not. Relive the unfolding events right here:

#SlavaUkraini #StopRussia

Sep 16 50 tweets 40 min read
Hello and welcome to Friday, which is Day 205 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

Here's the daily thread, with all the news that matters.
If you want to flick through yesterday's stories, be my guest:

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
Generally a quiet night in #Ukraine. The usual shelling from #Russia|ns in the likes of #Nikopol and #Sumy, but even in the latter fewer than 60 grads fired in the region in the last 24 hours, which although it sounds horrendous, is well down on usual daily figures.

Sep 15 34 tweets 34 min read
This is Thursday's thread with news, views, analysis on #Russia's unprovoked war in #Ukraine, updated throughout the day.

Day 204 starts with a recap of the main story which broke very late last night:
🇺🇦President Zelenskyy is ok despite a car crash

If you missed that, or just want a recap of Wednesday's news from #Ukraine and beyond, then just click here and scroll at your leisure!

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

Sep 14 60 tweets 56 min read
It's Day 203 of the war. #Russia's inhuman, unprovoked, not to mention illegal war in #Ukraine.

The UN is powerless, some would say pointless. It's purely up to Ukraine and its' supporters to #StopPutin

Live updates in this 🧵, or catch up on y'day here

Big attack on the southern #Ukraine city of #Mykolaiv overnight.

The mayor has so far only said some private houses were hit. No news on casualties yet.

#Nikolaev #RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
Sep 13 38 tweets 38 min read
Welcome to Tuesday's thread covering #Russia's illegal war.

13 September is Day 202.
Not as much destruction overnight but Russia still hit #Ukraine.

If you missed yesterday's news, click and scroll here ⬇️

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

The damage came in #Zaporizhzhia when #Russia once again fired anti-aircraft S-300 missiles.

Gov Okeksandr Starukh says 4 rockets hit "technical buildings of one of the infrastructure facilities"

Locals say it's a recycling plant

Sep 12 32 tweets 35 min read
Monday 12 Sept. Day 201 of #Russia's war in #Europe

After the embarrassing retreat from #Kharkiv, the Kremlin seemed to take revenge by plunging a lot of #Ukraine into darkness by hitting power structures in #Kharkiv y'day.

If you want to recap, scroll⬇️
The British update concentrates on the #Kharkiv defeat for #Russia. I've seen some calculations that the area won back by #Ukraine is over 8,000 square kilometres.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Sep 11 41 tweets 51 min read
I'm starting a daily thread on #Russia's illegal war for the 200th time.

Yes, we made it to Day 200, but Putin's 4-day "special operation" to take #Kyiv and 10-days to control all of #Ukraine is going "according to plan"😉🤥

All the Ukraine news, all day every day right here⬇️ First, notice the date, 11 September or "9/11"
Please remember all the victims of that horrific day in the U.S.

Hopefully #Russia's terrorism is being beaten thanks to the heroes of #Ukraine, at the front, protecting a free country.
Saturday was amazing:

Sep 9 38 tweets 40 min read
Day 199 of #Russia's genocidal war on #Ukraine
My daily thread for Saturday starts here.

But what an evening and night it's been already.
So many emotional videos, small victories for Ukraine and another big fire in #Russia.

Missed anything? Catch up:

I've understandably been concentrating on #Kharkiv region, but there is still fierce battles elsewhere.

In occupied #Donetsk, the roof of a hospital caught fire when a rocket hit the building in #Kalininsky area.

Impossible to tell who fired it, but may be a false-flag attack