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8 Mar
Haibo @akaworldwide 😳 you think we bought data and missed Church for nothing 😳.... Reply to @casspernyovest kaloku 😳 tyhini, waske walala umntu Kodwa sime ngaye apha, ungafika uwile futhi🙄

Don't block me please andina Tata 🙏🏾 😭 😭 😭
Ohk ke while we wait

Let's window shop @LeeuwempF furniture 🤷‍♂️

If you like what you just DM @lukhele_tebogo @Thami_Mpahlwa or send us a WhatsApp text on 0728791722 to place your order👌🏾 Image
Let's start with our wide range of luxurious and affordable beds🔥 ImageImageImageImage
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13 Nov 19
I don't think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a dark place mentally. So if you've done that today or any day, be proud of yourself ❤️ or else You are proud of me🙏

And I'm proud of @Nina4Music for making such heartwarming music which always alters talks to me and alters my mood❤️🙏

Stream here on this link below and thank me later

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29 Oct 19
Heeee ukuthanda izinto😢

I almost got bombed by a Soldier's husband today😢

So last night I was online and bored, I posted asking if there was any girl willing to chat via DM
Some yellow bone girl named Keke from Pretoria North quickly liked my post, no one commented
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13 Jun 19
How I got spooked for not learning how to mind my own business 😥

I was about in grade 9 when all my peers where started showing off their girlfriends in school
I felt the pressure but I did not want to go for some easy girl cause, I was waiting for someone special.

Honestly bafethu.....Igwababa😥, but OK that was my excuse when they tease me of how I did not have a girl
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8 Jun 19
How I ended up in Motherwell

It was 15h:30 on Friday June 15 1984, I just came back from school to write my last September trial matric exams.

We finished early that day cause it was the 20th which was pay day for teachers.
We finished at around 12h:30, but they didn't want to let us go home, they wanted us to stay in school till 3pm
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