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14 Jan
#AfricanLivesMatter Angela Merkel has been German Chancellor since 2005 . How many 5-year terms of office would that be?Why are we not hearing term limits discussions that also extend to Europe?
Term limits alone do not solve Leadership&Governance crisis. Governance Ecosystem
#AfricanLivesMatter In the United Kingdom(UK) At Her Majesty's Pleasure...While commanding the confidence of the majority of the House of Commons. No term limits are imposed on the office of Prime Minister ,e.g.
Margaret Thatcher was PM -1979 to 1991
#AfricanLivesMatter Sani Abacha was a Nigerian military general who served as the military head of state of Nigeria from 1993 until his death in 1998( just 5 years) . In those few years (1 term in office) , he looted , ravaged ,murdered, imprisoned and heaven knows what else
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11 Jan
#AfricanLivesMatter The Economic, Social&Political atmosphere looks very bleak in most African countries- &the rest of the world too. COVID-19 is only part cause. In times like these you can be a pandemic enabler or escalator by spreading fake news,nastiness &Conspiracy theories
#AfricanLivesMatter Try and resist the urge to be irresponsible, reckless or unthinking by paying attention to messages or vibes you send out to already highly stressed audiences or publics. You do not have to click & share everything in your inbox or every nasty thought. Think!
#AfricanLivesMatter When your family, community, company, organisation, church, mosque, country, region or continent needs to build the resilience, courage, unity & hope to fight COVID-19...STOP being the irresponsible flame of Tweets or Posts that burns these down. Focus Pliz
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12 Dec 20
#AfricanLivesMatter If we do not act vigilantly across the whole African continent, we are in danger of losing two heads of State and several Ministers to COVID-19. Both citizens and governments have to be extra vigilant as we approach the festive season! Double efforts
#AfricanLivesMatter The idea of 'Tribe' in our context is both unscientific and ahistorical . Take for example the idea of 'Ndebele' tribe that subsumes Xhosa, Sotho, Venda, Nambya, Kalanga &Tonga nations
#AfricanLivesMatter Take the idea of Shona as a tribe & subsumes based on dialect similarities Kore kore , vaToko , Shangaan, va Manyika , Zezuru , Karanga ,Ndau,Remba,Rozvi and even these subgroups are social constructs . They can not possess tribal or sub-tribe characteristics
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17 Nov 20
#AfricanLivesMatter I see a lot of people downtown, in the townships and on social media pictures of protests, parties , club outings and rallies without masks or social distancing . Stop this Foolishness! COVID-19 is real and do not invite the angel of death into your life
#AfricanLivesMatter If - as an African- you have had to deal with any funeral of a COVID-19 victim under the existing COVID-19 protocols ...then you know that this thing is real , emotionally tortuous, psychologically traumatic and simply unfair to friends, family&loved ones
#AfricanLivesMatter Stop acting immortal or playing immune god or goddess . You are human and very much vulnerable to COVID-19.Stop being selfish by having fun at your family, friends, workers & neighbour's expense .Behave wisely & be considerate .No COVID-19 gift for Christmas
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16 Nov 20
#AfricanLivesMatter Before you post anything on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter ,especially of a visual nature ,do think of the longterm consequences for yourself, your children and loved ones. What makes you popular and happy may bring them lifelong shame, pain & ridicule
#AfricanLivesMatter What we decide for ourselves, we -in reality- decide for everyone else in our lives . If you steal from public coffers, engage in corruption, murder ,invoke juju or other spiritual force(good or malevolent) , you set in motion consequences for your loved ones
#AfricanLivesMatter A chap once boasted of having many children by different mothers. He could & had wealth. He died from a freak accident and a third world war erupted amongst his children and the women for what turned out to be- in substance-an average& poorly planned estate
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15 Nov 20
#AfricanLivesMatter I think like you all ,as a child I never enjoyed or wanted to take bitter medicine. I suspect that you - like me- loved all the deadly stuff like sweets & fizzy drinks ,especially Coke. You may have loved fast food & adding salt to your food too. That's life!
#AfricanLivesMatter As you grow and mature as well as study , you quickly realise the cost of sugar & salt to your health and quality of life. BUT there are a lot more people in fast-food shops than there are in health shops & vegan restaurants. Fast food& fizzy still rules
#AfricanLivesMatter Life is like that . The moral, ethical, intellectual and substantive stuff ( healthy food) is never going to be as popular as social, political or economic fast food & fizzy . The love of life lived fast ,easy & showy is always going to be more popular
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9 Dec 19
#AfricanLivesMatter If you refer to my tweets since August 2017, I have cautioned friends & foes alike against the lure of overkill ; the danger of uniting men & women that despise each other.I have warned too that "He or she that sins for &with you ,will one day sin against you"
#AfricanLivesMatter Read too when I severally cautioned intellectuals , professionals ,clergy and businessmen against talking more than the stockholders .I repeatedly cautioned against defending stuff that you least understand or don't know .I cautioned against power drunkenness
#AfricanLivesMatter It is true that to truly transform any country you need to assemble teams of often strong personalities that may disagree on many things . But the importance of being principled, honest enough to own your errors and humble enough to receive criticism
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