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Chess journalist, working for @chess24com. Worked for TV 2, Dagbladet, VG, @chesscom & @ChessICC #COYS!
Oct 23, 2019 66 tweets 66 min read
[THREAD] Excellent 1 hour interview with Carlsen by @AskildB & @OdinSjakk for NRK where the World Champ, among other things, speaks about 2018 WC match, performances in 2019, his unbeaten streak, Candidates 2020, Fischer, Norwegian chess the #FRchess WC etc. Highlights here. /1 @AskildB @OdinSjakk The interview was conducted before the tournament at Isle of Man. Asked how he is doing since their last interview before the 2018 WC match, Carlsen jokes: "My last tournament went pretty badly [STL Rapid & Blitz], so I've forgotten everything that went well!" /2
Nov 7, 2018 19 tweets 6 min read
Some interesting quotes by Carlsen in a recent interview with VG (subscribers only). In this thread. 👇#CarlsenCaruana Carlsen: "I know more chess than I did in 2013, but still my rating is lower and my results are worse. It just doesn't make sense." #CarlsenCaruana
Oct 23, 2018 72 tweets 14 min read
Wow, this is really gold. 1 hour exclusive podcast with @MagnusCarlsen being interviewed by two of his closest friends. Some fun anecdotes from his childhood. Too bad most of you guys don’t understand Norwegian. Carlsen on his final GM norm (Dubai Open): «It came earlier than I expected. There was a period in the fall of 2003 when I had roughly 2450, thought about norms, but I wasn’t really close. But in the spring I had my breakthrough»