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Ripping The Band Aid Off '..#Tartaria, You Will Dig It.."
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Newly Discovered American Kingdoms

#History 2/
Ok, Now you have seen the proof for up to 6 #AmericanKingdoms IN the Americas up to the late 1800s
~#Tontonteac Kingdom
~Tolm Kingdom
~Nova Albion Kingdom
~Sierra Nevada Kingdom
~Quivira Kingdom
~Anian Kingdom

And moar

Most of these 'Kingdoms' are DENIED by academia. Image
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Famous Faking Fakers Of Fake History

Lets Go


Yes, he launched his own career by Faking antique statues

One known as the Sleeping Cupid (now lost)

While working with the Medici family in Florence. He used acidic earth to make the statue look antique.
Image 2/
It was sold through a dealer to Cardinal Riario of San Giorgio, who eventually found out the hoax and demanded his money back, but didn’t press any charges against the artist.'

Here is another of #Michelangelo’s forgeries,
“Laocoon and his Sons,”
👇 Image
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Lets call this thread:

The Fool of Rome

The time period referred to as the “Dark Ages” was literally and figuratively dark because it never existed in reality.

1,300 years were added to the modern Gregorian calendar

Are you Ready?

Let's go...
Image 14/
Side note:
There are many, paintings, stories, and later news paper clippings that talked of 'powerful and unnatural weapons." (para) that was used to destroy passing enemies and cause seemingly 'natural' Earthquakes and other disasters across the realm, emanating From this area.

'The HAARP array in Norway was identified as the source of the imminent disaster in La Palma.

It is located around a massive underground base complex there. This base came under temporary scrutiny in late 2009 as the place of origin of the mysterious “#NorwegianSpiral”

In other words, the Northern European Thule society seems to be involved. A Thule society source linked it to events at the Thule airbase in #Greenland and “a complicated connection between Greenland and what’s under Lake Geneva.”

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#HIStory want you to believe that #Tartaria was simply a 'Large land mass of uncharted lands'.

Of course this was from Uneducated Swamp-Dwellers who called this massive Empire, 'full of ..uneducated Herdsman..'
(Tartaria mastered Iron 900 years earlier then the swamp) 2/
These European Swamp Dwellers denoted the Tartaria people into simple categories (sound familiar?)

They painted them all with the same 'brush' and just called them all 'TarTars'.

But there is a Huge distinction.

The #Tartarian Empire was of Many peoples and many regions. Image
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Through out history, even before the written word, music told our stories.

Through Music, we learned of the great wars, the great kingdoms (both low and most high), our greatest fears, and our greatest victories

..And Through Opera we also learn About, #Tartaria

A Thread~ 2/
You may be surprised at the amount of #Tartarian history that can still be found inside these sonnets and stanzas

Curious, did Opera originate with the #Tartaria empire?

The #Usurpers would have you believe that it was invented in Europe "..in the 17c.." but they lie, soo..

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You are watching most of these revelations happen in REAL-TIME as this research is being done.


This has been a journey based on a solid foundation from researchers from around the world.

This Is The Way people.

Secrets @catwalkersky @RezDoge This is WHY we are doing this.
The #Usurpers ERASED the 300 years of history of America that we are showing you (in Drakes book for starters)

Officially, there were NO kings in N. America.👇
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Moving thread

Lets Go..

Does ANYONE find is sus that NO human painted or scratched a picture of the #MOON until the 15c?

We have been here for "450.000" years people

The first thing a child learns to draw is the Moon or Sun yet the first drawing of the Moon was in j609? Image 2/
Supposedly the earliest so-called depiction of the Moon is the #NebraSkyDisk, found in 1999 and dated to 1600 BCE

This is the #Usurpers only proof of an early moon depiction ever.

Sun and 3 moons?
Full moon and stars?

Officially, one of them is a "Rainbow"
? Image
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What is really going on with Africa?

The official story is:
"Africa begins with the Age of Discovery in the 15th century, pioneered by the Kingdom of Portugal under Henry the Navigator...bla bla BS"

Map Break:
j569 twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Stolen HistoryImageImageImage 2/
Take a look at those again.

What do you see missing in these quite detailed maps?
(besides 'Europeans')

Remember this is BEFORE the the #Usurpers crawled out of the swamp.

Are you paying attention to all those great cities for millions? Castles and fortresses?
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This is one of the acids used to treat [read: prepare/melt] the Polygonal/cyclopean stacked rocks in places like Puma Punku ect.

How is this related to #Tartaria?

They named it, Tartaric Acid

[note: like the #Tartaria alphabet, this can be read the upside down] https://t.co/TI5IKayej0twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood Image Griboyedov Canal Image
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#Rome Fell Once.

1000 years was added to our timeline to make the #HolyRomanEmpire seem more ancient than it was.

The #PhantomTime added by the #Usurpers has been well documented [read my timeline]

...Let Go..

30k 'Roman' sites and NONE are built on earlier Roman sties?👇 2/
For this time period [800-900 years] #Strata MUST BE in this order:

Late Antiquity > Antiquity > Early Middle Ages.

Yet with over 5k Early Middle Age sites and 30k Roman sites found-dead by the #Usurpers..

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YES, even #CORN is a HIDDEN mystery and may find its origins in #Tartarian horticulture

Lets go..

First lets get the Official Narrative out of the way, shall we?

"Corn was first domesticated by native peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago."

~The end

Egypt👇 ImageImageImageImage 2/
The #Usurpers narrative that the Indians learned to cultivate #CORN first is Bogus right off the start

#CORN is a cultigen, it can only live WITH humans cultivating it

No humans = No #CORN

Next, lets look at the 'Mother Plant' where all plants derive from

There Isn't one! Image
Mar 10 18 tweets 16 min read

This is the cement that "Built America".

But How?

When 'America' didn't even INVENT [read: rediscover] Natural Cement until most of these #Tartarian buildings were made?

Lets start with some chronology in,… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… 2/
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What The #BELLS?

Hundreds of thousands were destroyed.
Official story, "evil Germans' needed bullets."

But America destroyed just as many. Some so massive the #Usurpers cant even really ascribe how they were made, "we lost the tech.." [again]

..More #Tartaria #Antiquitech? ImageImage The technology used to create a perfect pitch in #Bells is very hard. It takes a clear knowledge of the material down to a molecular level.

The Forges alone to mold a 20+ foot Bell have not been found. ImageImage
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Greco-Roman in China?


They diametrically opposed each other at their core ideologies and would NEVER emulate each-other and "Rarely Met, but knew of each others existance."

One is "xenophobic" and the other hunts "Barbarians".

There were "Walls" built to separate these… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Explain how Greco-Roman architecture is in China.
~"Most historians believe that the two empires had only indirect contact.."

#Tartaria Image
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A short list of Questions that the #Usurpers refuse or can not answer:

~'What do you mean 'No Bathrooms/chimneys/sewers/running water in ALL CITIES, we've had that tech for 1000 years!'

~'Oh ya, where did they get the Natural cement/rebar/red brick from in 18__s?'

~'So… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… ~Really?
No Human Ever Found a Cave Painting until 1879?
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Little more digging to do yet....
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What is going on with these #treelines?

Miles and miles of Straight-Lined Trees.
90 yards wide and continuous through-out countries.
Usually in rows of 3

Black sea~ to ~ Russia👇 ImageImageImageImage 2/
These #treelines cross international boarders

Who is maintaining them?
Who planted them?

In perfect lines for thousands of miles?
Zig-Zagging across countries?

When something rips through the topography lines of trees, it picks right back up on the other side.
👇 ImageImage
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Let the Reset begin
Feb 25 12 tweets 6 min read
#Tartarian #Griffin In the architecture around the world👇

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