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24 Sep 20
The internet sucks for women. It’s not just obvious harassment and hate. It’s also the hostile, subtle, passive-aggressive misogynistic conversation tactics used by men — mansplaining, microaggressions, sealioning, gaslighting, endless replying etc. /1
A small group of men on the internet silence and drive out women from participating in open spaces. It’s hard to say whether misogyny or disinformation is the biggest problem with online conversation, but both are a crisis. /2
So with that said, I want to explain a bit how @telepath thinks about kindness, online misogyny, and community moderation. /3
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3 Jul 20
In light of recent issues on Clubhouse & harassment targeted at @taylorlorenz, I want to share some thoughts re how difficult it will be for CH to set up an effective moderation system -- in particular, how difficult it will be to protect women & other marginalized groups. /1
My comments here aren't limited to Clubhouse. Any decentralized social audio product will face significant moderation challenges. /2
For context, I helped lead moderation & community at Quora from 2011-19. Quora has one of the best user-generated content moderation systems. (Thanks @adamdangelo & @ccheever!) I helped draft many of Quora’s policies and enforce them in high-profile situations & edge cases. /3
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20 Jan 20
@AmazonUK I'm so sick of you leaving stuff with neighbours but not notifying me that you have done this. This is leading to a lot of friction with already difficult neighbours! I will have to tell them not to accept parcels - is there anyway I can make sure you don't do this?
@AmazonUK @AmazonHelp I've looked on the order and you haven't even given the complete address where you delivered. I now have to ring the doorbell of several flats - the inhabitant of one of the flats is violent!
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13 Sep 19
@lastminute_com I call 1 number and can only get recorded responses, I call another number, I'm told I'm being charged for that call 13p/min - only to be given exactly the same information as the 1st number. How do I get some help with my query?
@lastminute_com I need to check-in on the @TUIUK website, but neither the reservation no. nor the PRN no. works.

I've tried all the numbers on my invoice as well, but nothing works. I can't buy luggage on your site for Tui either.
@lastminute_com @TUIUK @TUIUK can you help me with this issue?
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21 Jun 17
@Tesco My delivery was supposed to be here between 1-2pm. It is 2.40 and still not here and I haven't received a text either.
@Tesco Online chat not working either.
@Tesco I can't keep waiting either.
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31 Oct 16
@myhermes @johnlewisretail I'm trying to return a parcel I do everything and I'm sent an email that says labels attached. But no labels :(
@myhermes @johnlewisretail No way to contact you - I try the online chat and I'm give a link to contact you that doesn't work & no more help
@myhermes @johnlewisretail No way to contact anyone at all?
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27 Oct 16
@Expedia @ebookers I think the main problem here is no one can just take ownership and look at the whole problem & just resolve everything
@Expedia @ebookers I really need one person to talk to and not explain this 20 times - everyone says they will resolve - no one has.
@Expedia @ebookers Don't you ever just get a manager to look into things like this just to make sure it is all fixed.
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26 Oct 16
@Expedia another email from you telling me there is a problem with my flight, seriously, how long is this going to go on for? @ebookers
@Expedia @ebookers For some reason all my flights have been changed - from Delta to BA - why is that?
@Expedia @ebookers Except maybe they have been changed or they haven't - maybe I have all the flights I want - maybe I have 20 flights or 0
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25 Oct 16
@Expedia This afternoon I get a call saying my 3rd booking is OK - yet I've just received another email confirming I'm cancelled.
@Expedia ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!
@Expedia I can't do anything about this. It is past midnight and tomorrow I won't have time to check if this is OK or not.
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30 Sep 16
@SurveyMonkey I really like your product, but your customer service is not great and a really frustrating process. So far yielding nothing.
@SurveyMonkey If I explain that an option I have selected didn't work, why send me to page that says select that option?
@SurveyMonkey A critical part of customer service is to listen and make sure you understand as much as possible before reacting.
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