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9 Jan
The problems regarding Memory Alpha are but a small example of the issues facing so many marginalized people.

Representation matters.

And also an example how a small-minded person's personal bias and prejudice can taint wiki information and sow doubt on the validity 1/?
of the entire site's information.

Once you understand that their info comes from few or one source, you can be cognizant that you're getting that source's spin/bias & opinions, even though it's couched as facts.

Wikis are tricky things. 2/?
They can be free-flowing cantankerous conflicting pits where info changes by the moment or, as is the case with MA, a tightly-honed avenue for unseemly prejudice of the admin/author.

It's important to remember that MA is what it is: a privately-run site by hobbyists who have 3/?
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