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Member of Parliament for Bristol West. Shadow Secretary of State for Housing. Casework to:
9 May
THREAD: 1. People in private rented homes are struggling and govt must act. government has paused evictions for three months and answered Labour’s call to increase the Local Housing Allowance. Both are welcome, but do not go far enough.
2. Jobs and livelihoods will take time to recover, and if evictions are allowed to restart before people can start earning again, we could see an unprecedented spike in homelessness. This is avoidable and govt needs to act.
3. In the long term we urgently need to fix our broken housing system, with stronger regulation of rented sector and more affordable and social housing. In the short-term, our 5-point plan would help many people not to lose their homes because of the necessary Covid-19 measures.
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11 Mar
News from UK-EU negotiations.
1. Likely to be postponed.
2. Gove admitd that security Agreement probably won't be done by end of year.
3. Likely services wouldn't be included in the trade deal.
4. This is all a long way from 'exact same benefits' the Theresa May govt promised.
On 1, likely delay, that's because of Covid19, which is understandable. But that's exactly why we proposed amendment to Withdrawal Agreement Bill to give govt option of delaying, because of unforeseen events. Govt refused. This is dangerous, esp. if security Agreement not done.
On 2, Gove admitting may not have Agreement on security by end of this year, this will cause security and police chiefs huge problems. If no replacement for European Arrest Warrant arrangements it will be very difficult to return criminals between UK and EU (either direction)
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16 Dec 19
During the campaign I met lots of people I've worked with or helped during the last 4 years but also realised lots of people don't know what an MP can (and can't) do in constituency or Westminster. I'll blog about this later in the week. For now, some examples of how I can help:
If you're having problems and got stuck in a process with Universal Credit, Tax office, immigration service, benefits assessments, council or any other state agency - i. e. Public not private - my caseworkers and I may be able to advocate on your behalf and get it sorted.
We can't help with initial applications usually, that's something Citizen's Advice or Law Centres or local advice agencies better for. But once a process has started, if it gets stuck or you think something has gone wrong, we can try to help.
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25 Nov 19
THREAD to mark UN International day to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen which is today, 25th November, as per UN resolution 54/134. This is the date on which, in 1960, the Mirabal sisters, Dominican Republic activists, were murdered on the order of the Dominican Leader.
2. Why is International Day to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen women still needed? 49 countries have no laws against any violence in a marital/intimate relationship (also known as domestic abuse/violence). In 37, rapists escape prosecution if married to or eventually marry the victim
3. Across the world, including in the UK, women who are killed are more likely to be killed by partner, ex-partner or family member than any other category of person. In UK, two women per week are killed by partner or ex.
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12 Apr 19
A few notes about Swedish law on rape & sexual assault: an alleged accused cannot be charged without being interviewed, which has to happen within five years (sexual assault) and ten (rape) of alleged offences. This is the statute of limitations.
So if a hypothetical person refuses to make themselves available for interview about allegations against them, this can lead to the case being dropped. It does not prove either innocence or guilt, simply that the statute of limitations has applied and time has run out.
As I understand it, investigations could be re-opened if the accused person made themselves available.
I’m not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice, it’s info I’ve gleaned from online legal resources after feeling frustrated by hearing references to ‘cases being dropped’
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6 Mar 19
After two committees on Brexit-consequential regulations today (there are hundreds and I am whip for Health and Defra so am on a lot of them!) I am more concerned than ever about the threat of a 'No Deal Brexit' and the consequences of any Brexit.
Food safety. Medicines. Medical devices. Protection of natural habitats. Water. Chemicals. These are just some of the regulations I have been on committees for in the last fortnight alone.. We keep getting told it is just a simple cut and paste from EU rules. It is not.
For example, frequently there are changes to who is responsible for enforcing the rules from an EU body to a UK one. With barely any time, certainly no sign of extra resources and rarely any consideration of who will staff these. With consequences for food safety, medicines etc
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2 Oct 18
Thread re Prime Minister on #BBCtoday @BBCr4today re #EU just now: she got her catchphrase in early and followed the classic media training advice 'repeat, repeat, repeat'. 3 years ago it was 'Long-term economic plan', now it is 'when we leave the EU free movement will end'
or 'when we leave the EU we will take back control of our money, our laws and our borders'. All of which is based on fallacy - claim of net out-flow of money has been demonstrated clearly many times, we elect our MEPs and the MPs who debate the EU regs and we have border controls
Astonishingly disdainful way she thinks of UK workers - they will be trained for the low skilled jobs currently done by people from EU27 countries, but we will still allow people in if they will have salary of £50k. She had no plan for immediate recruitment e.g. for care homes
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28 Aug 18
Anyone who missed the piece earlier on @BBCr4today about #refugees on #lesbos please know there are many thousands of people crammed in appalling conditions into a camp intended for 2000, violence, little sanitation, NGOs reporting conditions to authorities but nothing changes.
In Cox's Bazaar #refugee camp in Bangladesh for #Rohingya people who have fled Myanmar there are nearly a million people living in 26 Sq. Km.…
One in four of the population of Lebanon is a Syrian #refugee. They are not in camps but living in limbo. 6 million people inside #Syria are Internally Displaced People (IDPs), forced to flee because of the conflict. 6 million more Syrians are refugees outside Syria
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