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16 Oct
Premier League managers as club cricketers

A thread —
Pep Guardiola

Elegant left handed opener with one of the best techniques on the circuit. Struggles when things don’t go his way. Coaches the juniors on Thursdays but gets white-line fever on Saturdays. Recently lost the vice-captaincy after arguing with an umpire.
Jose Mourinho

Grumpy medium pacer. Now playing at his fourth different club in a league of six teams. Bowls first change down the hill and makes the quicker 21-year-old run into the wind. Relentlessly abuses the batsman and his own teammates from first slip.
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24 Dec 19
2010-2019: A decade of wonderful village cricket 🏏

A thread ⁠—
We have to start with arguably the greatest village cricket video in history, from 2013. Incredible.
This remarkable umpiring decision, via @TBCC_

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