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8 Apr
Might as well make a little "Artbook Recommendation" on the subject of that last tweet. The 4-book "Full Metal Jacket" series, published by Asahi Sonorama in the late 80's. Each book featuring a different artist, but all sharing the theme of mecha short comics + artwork.
Only have 3 of the 4 myself, but the featured artists are: Jun Suemi, Tomoaki Okada , Kow Yokoyama, and Makoto Kobayashi.
It's amazing seeing how they all approach making / structuring comics differently, it's hard not to recommend if you like mecha.
#1: Capel Donya's Iron Knight [カペルドーニャの鉄騎士]
I was admittedly more familiar with Jun Suemi's paintings, but her comics definitely have that painter's touch. Defining form through heavy contrast more often than fine lines/details, very striking artwork & use of ink!
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8 Apr
Brain desperately wants to see scans of an artbook from the 80's, but all of my usual places/research methods are failing me, and the book is like $200... the search continues
The book in question : Robot Battle V / ロボットバトルV
I somehow naively assumed it would be readily available to read.
While I dream about it, it's primarily a collection of comics and art by Kow Yokoyama. Part of a 4 part series of books called "Series : Full Metal Jacket", each featuring a different artist, with comics and art all focusing around mecha.
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