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Aug 24 5 tweets 2 min read
Danielle Smith claims that she implemented the moratorium on renewables because Rural Municipalities Asked for framework...

And she gave media all hell for not looking it up...

We're not journalists, but we figured why not?



#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Here's the press release that Smith initially released on the day of the moratorium.

This major policy shift saw no presser and the minister responsible only put up a brief statement on social media the next day...

There are only two letters attached to that release.

/2 Image
Jun 6 10 tweets 4 min read

This clip is making the rounds and has prompted the attached statement.

We’re not going to link to what appears to be the source, because the context and comments are appalling.

That being said…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed… This is a deeply polarized and emotional issue for many, and while the nitpickers are out in full force, one thing that this teacher said is extremely important.

“It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your……
May 25 4 tweets 2 min read
You have to wonder…

Given the sad trombone that was Artur’s press conference/sermon today, does Smith appreciate how much of a nothing burger the “optics” of Artur’s condemnation in January would have been if she had never made the call?

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli

/1… Image On a separate but somewhat related note, is anyone else struck by how sad it is for a person to be worried about the approval of someone like Artur?

For most, his condemnation would be a Medal of Honor…

May 24 7 tweets 3 min read

We need to talk about Bonnie maybe.

Bonnie is allegedly the "volunteer" who posted this fun little statement about Jennifer "Trans kids are like feces" Johnson last night.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image Now that post was very quickly deleted and this was posted after.

Which is, in all honesty, a pretty bold choice.

/2 Image
May 24 9 tweets 4 min read
Smith today resorting back to her "Look I was a radio host" defence of the outrageous things she said.

Here's the problem.

The vast majority of things she said that have gotten her into hot water took place after she left radio and during her leadership race...


#abpoli Smith's comment about how "everything up to stage 4 cancer is under your control?

During her campaign for UCP Leadership. July 21, 2022.

(You can tell because of the "Danielle Smith For Premier" logo beside her head also)

Apr 6 21 tweets 8 min read
Here's a thread of true things that happened surrounding a luxury apartment which led to us being threatened with legal action today by a high ranking employee of a crown minister...

LONG thread, but totes worth it.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image So anyways, back in October we were wandering through the inter webs looking for headshots of a few UCP heavy hitters when we came across this particular image with a luxurious amount of hair...

/2 Image
Mar 17 5 tweets 5 min read
From the DM's..

These were posted in a teachers group today and are being shared with permission.

And you really should read them.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
Mar 17 6 tweets 3 min read
This is Danielle Smith with Jordon Kosik.

Jordon has been campaigning relentlessly for Smith.

He runs multiple facebook sites ramping people up on conspiracy theories.

He calls it engagement.

But he does more than engagement.

Read to the end.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Jordon is one of the people who is dog whistling for people to be confrontational with door knockers and straight up telling them to record the conversations.

Mar 16 4 tweets 1 min read
On last nights episode, we played a video of an anti-vaxxer berating a door knocking team.

We also played a video of @PierrePoilievre sidestepping a conspiracy theory question.

We believe we clearly called out the misinformation and falsehoods.

That being said, YouTube removed the video and episode.

We’re in the process of editing the word “vaccine” out of the episode and reposting it.

But just to be absolutely clear, we stand with the science of vaccination and we believe falsehoods need to be called out.

Mar 14 8 tweets 3 min read
From the DM's...

Remember just a few days back when we said there were groups fuelling some in thing dangerous and this was going to an absolutely wild campaign?

Looks like it's started.

(Thread BTW)


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli There's a lot to unpack here, including the fact that this person effectively chased doorknockers down the street.

But here's the really important thing.

This is a person who has clearly been fed a staggering amount of misinformation and disinformation.

Feb 10 9 tweets 5 min read
“Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says she has spoken directly with people charged with pandemic-related offences, including Artur Pawlowski”

It’s really impossible to state just how controversial Artur is…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli… Artur has embraced many symbols of the alt-right, and dogwhistles like he’s an extra on the set of 101 Dalmatians…

He’s one of the organizers of the Tiki torch marches that took place in #YYC.

You knows, like the white supremacists in Charlottesville…

Feb 9 28 tweets 6 min read
Danielle Smiths first presser since...


So much really.

Time for another honest live tweeting!

(Thread obvs...)

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Smith says her meetings in Ottawa were great! Talked with premiers! Talked with the conservative leader!

Meeting with the PM was productive! Energy was the forefront of her conversations at the...

Health summit.

Feb 8 8 tweets 4 min read
Oh UCP Livingston-Macleod…

What is going on with you?

First it was the debacle with Nadine Wellwood…

And now?

Now there’s Shauna.

A thread…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Shauna has some thoughts on the Prime Minister she would like to share apparently…

Jan 22 8 tweets 3 min read
From the DM’s…

We’re told yesterdays emergency caucus meeting lasted just over an hour. Reportedly half of caucus is horrified and half have lined up behind Smith.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Reportedly Smith is extremely confident that her internal audit of government emails will find nothing & she believes this will exonerate her

The justification is that the emails were sent from the staffers personal account to at least one Crown Prosecutors personal account

Jan 21 9 tweets 4 min read
From the DM’s…

There have been rumors circulating for some time that during the UCP leadership race, in #YYC allegedly a UCP MLA and a group of people utilized membership lists to collect ballots from new Canadians which never made it to counting…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli These ballots were allegedly collected by this UCP MLA and a group of politically motivated individuals whose desire for power and influence reaches well past party boundaries…

Jan 15 4 tweets 2 min read
From the DM’s…

Heard from multiple reliable sources today that the UCP caucus is a hairs breadth away from boiling over and prospective leaders to replace Smith are actively being discussed.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Apparently caucus is split along rather predictable lines, and there are increasing concerns within the larger faction that Smith is more focused on the “Danielle Smith Show” than she is actual governance or winning the next election.

Dec 29, 2022 14 tweets 6 min read
Ok, Let’s talk about those Alberta First Initiative ads, shall we?

Let’s start with their overly vague website, shall we?

And yeah, thread!


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli So what do we know about the newly formed (June of this year) Third Party Advertiser/PAC that goes by the name Alberta First Initiative?

Well, according to their bio, they were formed by a gentleman named Mackenzie Lee.

What else does it tell us about “Mac”?

Dec 15, 2022 28 tweets 8 min read
They’re letting Shandy talk again!

About guns!

Let’s play along!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Shandy - The feds banned some guns and will criminalize western Canadians. Most of those “assault style” guns are in western Canada.
Oct 28, 2022 21 tweets 11 min read
So uh…

On todays episode of “Things are very very bad in Alberta”…

We’ve got a rather problematic little thread you’re definitely gonna want to read to the end.


We’re going all the way through the looking glass…

Join us!


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Earlier today we tweeted this image out.

It’s apparently of an exclusive event that Smith invited elected officials from the municipalities belonging to the constituency she’s running in for her by-election.

A round table with the premier.

Which is kinda problematic.

Oct 27, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read
From the DM’s…

It almost reads as if the intent of the rules surrounding the act is that candidates in a by-election should not leverage their roles in government to influence an election.

Which makes this next bit, particularly…



#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image Smith sent out invitations to elected officials in the constituency that she is running her by-election in to attend a “Municipal Roundtable.”

(We’ve redacted the phone number of her campaign manager here, doxxing ain’t cool).


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image
Oct 26, 2022 11 tweets 10 min read
So if you’re looking for possible reasons why Smith has so enthusiastically said that Calgary needs an new arena…

Let’s go down a little rabbit hole together, shall we?

Let’s start with what Smith was doing in April of 2021…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #YYC She got a new gig!

President of the Alberta Enterprise Group!

6 months before the municipal election in #YYC where the arena deal was already a highly contentious issue!