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1 Mar
Message 📩 for the 💦 bearers

Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️

I see you really using your discernment & logic rn. Head over heart, which is almost against your nature but in this situation it feels warranted. You’re trying to move forward & detach from a painful situation.—
Be gentile & patient with yourself when it comes to overcoming this. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are healing. I do see you gaining control of those emotions. & as soon as you do, here they come. Could be a fire or air sign. Some of you have a family with—
this person. & some it’s just been a long term commitment. Either way, they are definitely coming back offering you an apology & something serious. I really feel most of you are going to turn your back on this & continue to heal yourself. You’re wanting to just free—
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1 Mar
Message 📩 for the Fireflies ✨🔥

Aries ♈️, Leo ♌️, Sage ♐️

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding you. The confusion looks like it’s tied to another individual. Whether this is a lover or a friend. You’re confused about letting this person back in.—
For someone your intuition is telling you something isn’t right with this person but you just don’t have the physical proof. For others you’re waiting on communication from this person & the silence is driving you insane. Most of you want to move forward & heal from this—
situation. Others of you are really confused about giving this person another chance. Spirit says you already know what you should do. I also see that some of you are worried & stressed out about your money. Spirit says there’s no need, blessings are coming your way. You may be
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28 Feb
Message 📩 for the Air signs

Aquarius ♒️, Libra ♎️, Gemini ♊️

I’m hearing “surrender to your emotions” there was definitely an unbalanced situation that you walked away from. Someone took more than they gave. Could be a water or earth sign. I feel you’ve held on—
To the all the bad things that has happened to you in your life. & spirit is saying RELEASE it. Although, we know everybody can’t be trusted. Everyone is not out to get you. For some of you, you have been unknowingly manifesting love into your life. For others this is —
The business colab you’ve been praying for. Whatever partnership is coming your way is meant to be in your life for a very specific reason & will definitely propel you forward on your life’s journey. Happiness, joy & excitement are coming your way. Almost a child—
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28 Feb
Message 📩 for the Earth Fairies 🧚

Taurus ♉️, Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑️

Okay.. Soooo someone from your past wants another chance. I see you trying to move on & find your own happiness but it’s like this person can’t stay away. They can’t help but want to follow you—
no matter where you are. The cause for the break up seems to be heartbreak & deception & someone not being able to move past this. This person does have DEEP feelings for you but you must use discernment. For those of you that are searching for your own happy ending, I see —
you thinking about learning or studying a new skill, or even going back to school. You should definitely take action & put in the work towards this . Because whatever this is, the universe is saying you have no freakin idea of how much—
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