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In 2000, BBC published a damning piece on how the CIA financially supported the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbs on false pretexts. The program contained damning evidence of how the Clinton administration set out to create a pretext for declaring war against the Milosevic regime in Serbia by sponsoring the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), then pressed this decision on its European allies. The revelations in the documentary were reinforced by an accompanying article in the Sunday Times.

A thread on the CIA KLA collusion:… From the historic documents:

Any armed action we undertook would bring retaliation against civilians," KLA leader Thaci explained. "We knew we were endangering a great number of civilian lives." The benefits of this strategy were made plain by Dug Gorani, a Kosovo Albanian negotiator not tied to the KLA: "The more civilians were killed, the chances of international intervention became bigger, and the KLA of course realised that. There was this foreign diplomat who once told me, 'Look, unless you pass the quota of five thousand deaths you'll never have anybody permanently present in Kosovo from foreign diplomacy.'"
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Now THIS in incredible. CIA has quietly released the file on Albanians late last night, after a 20 year hold on the research and 50 years of it being classified top secret. The CIA officially claims that its research shows that Albanians came from the Cyrus River Valley in present day Kura, Azerbaijan. The shocking 182 page report also documents atrocities and political sphere of influence which Albania has kept hidden from the world. Let’s read what the official files say.… Albanians were nomadic heathens, and moved to Greece (one part) and another across Asia Minor to escape King of Ponto’s soldiers. Image
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It’s time for us to document the favorite Serb-hater @KubaBielamowicz aka Kuba’s verbal vomit. We’ll it the NGO Shill’s Fascinating Articulating Revolutionary Thesaurus Guide. (NGO Shill’s FART Guide). We will first reveal the technique then we will describe the angle, then we’ll teach you some words you can use and sound like…super concerned about something that you get paid to illegally lobby for. Joining me will be Doctor @Imgaygunther let’s rock. Kubičko works at @UBS bank, apparently but he comes from a steady line of “diplomatic”, “democratic”, left-wing NGOs and other governmental agencies from the US to Poland to Vienna. Basically, he’s a paid left wing lunatic. Pardon, diplomatic officer.