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18 Feb
It doesn't do anybody any good for their elected officials to pretend to be conservative if they're also incompetent or, maybe even worse, have no interest in actually doing the job.
I have buddies who love certain politicians b/c they see them perform on Fox News giving rousing monologues about their supposed conservative vision for America. People born to talk paired with journalist hacks who won’t ask serious questions.

They don’t get why I’m not a fan.
I try to point out the following:

1) Talking isn’t leading. Being a good talker doesn’t mean that you know what you’re talking about. Commentary is not the same as competence.

Elections today are often ideological beauty contests. Not enough people ask “can they do the job?”
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7 Feb
The argument that it is unconstitutional to impeach a former President is ridiculous.

First, the Constitution does not say that it is. What it does say is that the penalty for conviction can’t be more than removal from office and being barred from holding office again.
Secondly, even if it were true that there was a Statute of Limitations for impeachment that somehow ends when the President leaves office, Trump WAS impeached before he left office. The resulting trial is occurring after he left. But the impeachment (indictment) happened before.
An impeachment is akin to an indictment although one where the person being impeached, if convicted, will have penalties not worse than being removed from office and barred from holding office again. The Senate trial is like a trial that results from an indictment.
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6 Feb
The election of 2020 as explained by a set of maps.

Map 1: Where Trump lost in 2020 after having won in 2016 (whole states only, not including Nebraska's Second Congressional District).
Map 2: Where Trump won in 2016 by a narrow margin (less than five points).
Map 3: Where Trump won in 2016 by the skin of his teeth (less than one point).
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28 Jan
If you listen to the pundits, you’d think that the @HouseGOP did very well during the 2020 elections.

That’s not quite true.

Here’s what actually happened.
The only state in the country where the GOP had a net gain in House seats since Trump took office in 2017 is Minnesota. The party gained one seat there in 2020.
In the following states, the GOP gained seats in 2020 - but - only gained the same number of seats that it lost in 2018:

(Lost 2 seats in 2018, gained 2 seats in 2020)

(Lost 2 seats in 2018, gained 2 seats in 2020)
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28 Jan
Economist Poll - Favorability of the GOP
(% saying they have a "very" or "somewhat" favorable view)…
(Page 180)

White Men w/no degree - 42%
White Women w/no degree - 42%
White Men w/degree - 35%
Men - 33%
Women - 31%
White Women w/degree - 26%
Favorability of the GOP (Continued)

Hispanic - 24%
Black - 19%
This is what the GOP approval numbers were on the 11/2/2020 poll - right before Election Day.…
(Page 194)

White Men w/no degree - was 54% (now 42%)
White Women w/no degree - was 53% (now 42%)
White Men w/degree - was 43% (now 35%)
Men - was 45% (now 33%)
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27 Jan
There is an interesting divide among whites by education about the Trumpian theory that Biden didn't win the election (Page 31) .…
67% of white men with college degrees believe Biden legitimately won (33% don't).

48% of white men without college degrees believe Biden legitimately won (52% don't).
76% of white women with college degrees believe Biden legitimately won (24% don't).

52% of white women without college degrees believe Biden legitimately won (48% don't).
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27 Jan
A lot of people have been talking recently about the crazy talk that has come from several state GOP organizations.

What people haven’t noticed is how badly the craziest of the crazies have done in recent years. Let’s review.
The Oregon GOP made headlines yesterday for saying something pretty psychotic.

Maybe all the losing made them crazy?

Oregon has 7 members in Congress. Only one of them is a Republican.

In Oregon, the GOP is in the minority in both the State House and the State Senate.
And as bad as that is, they actually lost ground during the Trump years. The Oregon GOP lost the Secretary of State office. And lost 1 State Senate seat and 2 State House seats during the Trump years.
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27 Jan
Senate Republicans might be thinking that the politically safe move would be to try to figure out a way - any possible way - to avoid convicting Trump.

I think they’re overlooking some things.
Unlike the first impeachment trial, in this trial, the evidence of Trump’s guilt isn’t going to somehow be too intellectually challenging for the average person to grasp (not that the last one should have been either. But, anyway ...)

And there could be witnesses.
The people who were involved in the assault on the Capitol keep getting scooped up left and right by the feds. More stories are going to get published showing how this whole thing came together. This will likely look worse, not better, as time goes on.
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26 Jan
In 2022, the GOP will be defending 20 US Senate seats.

And 17 of them are in states in which Trump did worse in the 2020 Presidential election than he did there in 2016.
Also, in 3 of these states (Kansas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania), the GOP had a net loss of US House seats during the Trump era.

In 10 of these states (AK, FL, ID, IN, KS, MO, NC, OK, PA and UT), the GOP had a net loss of State Senate seats since Trump came to office.
In another 10 of the states where the GOP will be defending US Senate seats in 2022, the party had a net loss of State House seats since 2017. These are AK, FL, ID, MO, NC, ND, OH, PA, UT and WI.
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25 Jan
Every time I hear somebody like @RandPaul continue to dishonestly cast doubt about the election results, I get motivated to put out data to set the record straight.

And so I did some more study.
I made a list of every state in the country with indicators of whether the following things happened since Trump took office:

1) Did 2020 exit polls show Trump did worse with Democrats than in 2016?
2) Did 2020 exit polls show Trump did worse with Independents than in 2016?
3) Did Trump do worse in the state with Republicans than he did in 2016?
4) Did Trump do worse in the state with white voters than he did in 2016?
5) Did Trump do worse in the state with black voters than he did in 2016?
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24 Jan
Some people in this country are sincerely confused to hear people talk about “white supremacy” in conjunction with politics in America today. At the same time, a lot of people, both openly and in private, have consternation about changing demographics in America.

Let me explain.
In 1870, right after the Civil War, the US Census showed that there were six states in which African Americans made up more than 45% of the state population - South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Georgia. The region we call the “Deep South” plus Florida.
Ten years prior, many of these human beings were considered to be the legal property of other human beings. And then came the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the US Constitution. Suddenly, these former slaves were citizens. And the men could VOTE.
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24 Jan
While 147 members of Congress voted to throw out the Presidential Elections in Arizona and Pennsylvania (I still can’t believe this happened), 11 of them voted against the Presidential elections in THEIR OWN STATES.

They voted to disenfranchise their own states’ voters.
These members:

Arizona House members who voted to throw out the Presidential election in Arizona:

Paul Gosar (AZ-04)
Andy Biggs (AZ-05)
Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)
Pennsylvania House members who voted to throw out the Presidential election in Pennsylvania:

Daniel Meuser (PA-09)
Scott Perry (PA-10)
Lloyd Smucker (PA-11)
Fred Keller (PA-12)
John Joyce (PA-13)
Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14)
Glenn Thompson (PA-15)
Mike Kelly (PA-16)
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23 Jan
States where the @GOP lost US House seats in 2018 and either didn’t gain them back in 2020 or lost more:

(Lost 1 seat in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 1 seat in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 1 seat in 2018, lost 1 seat in 2020)
(Lost 1 seat in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 1 seat in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 2 seats in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 3 seats in 2018, no change in 2020)
(Lost 2 seats in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 3 seats in 2018, no change in 2020)

(Lost 1 seat in 2018, no change in 2020)
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17 Jan
I did some comparisons on different aspects of how America is doing right now compared to how it was doing at this time four years ago.

I put the links to the sources of information here so you can check for yourself.

1) Unemployment, the Deficit and the Debt
2) Jobs and the Dow Jones Stock Market Growth
3) Presidential Job Approval and Overall Satisfaction of Citizens
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16 Jan
Here is a list of the members of the US House of Representatives who voted against certifying state election results on January 6th who won their seats in 2020 by the smallest margins (and who may be most vulnerable in 2022):……?
Mike Garcia (CA-25, won by 0.10 points)
Burgess Owens (UT-04, won by 1.00 points)
Beth Van Duyne (TX-24, won by 1.30 points)
Jim Hagedorn (MN-01, won by 3.10 points)
Carlos Gimenez (FL-26, won by 3.40 points)
Stephanie Bice (OK-05, won by 4.10 points)
David Schweikert (AZ-06, won by 4.30 points)
Bob Good (VA-05, won by 5.10 points)
Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02, won by 5.80 points)
Lauren Boebert (CO-03, won by 6.20 points)
Nichole Malliotakis (NY-11, won by 6.30 points)
Richard Hudson (NY-08, won by 6.60 points)
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16 Jan
In addition to the places where Trump and the GOP lost since 2017, it’s also noteworthy to look at the places where it has been trending downward.

What about the states where Trump won but yet did worse than other recent Republicans?
There are a bunch of states where Trump did worse than Republicans usually do in Presidential elections. Even though he ultimately won the state.
In Alaska, Trump did worse than any GOP Presidential candidate since Bush in 1992.

1996 - Dole won by 17.53 points
2000 - Bush won by 30.95
2004 - Bush won by 25.55
2008 - McCain won by 21.54
2012 - Romney won by 13.99
2016 - Trump won by 14.73
2020 - Trump won by 10.06
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15 Jan
I can sense the damage that the Trump era has done to the credibility of Church in America just by my own reaction to things.

I’ve been a believer for more than three decades. Bible College Grad. Used the Shepherd’s Guide anytime I needed to hire help.

And I’M disgusted.
Yesterday, I saw an ad for a Christian Academy for kids. A few years ago, I would have been drawn to look into it. But now when I see it, I can’t get the image of the Trump Evangelical, the folks who are sadly especially common among my white evangelical brethren, out of my mind.
When I hear people who are prominent in ministry talk about societal issues or even the Gospel, I can’t help wondering if they’re among the many who tolerated and even celebrated the evil of the last four years. I ask myself “should I bother listening to them?”
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14 Jan
Trump’s false claims that he won the election that he lost were centered on six states - the five states which Biden flipped (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) along with Nevada.

Let’s look deeper at the elections in these six states.

Trump won Arizona in 2016 by 3.5 points, which was the slimmest margin that any Republican won the state by since 1996 (when Bill Clinton won the state).

Trump lost Arizona by 0.31 points in 2020.
When Trump came to office in 2017, Arizona had two Republican US Senators. Today, AZ has two Democratic US Senators.

In 2017, AZ was represented in the House of Representatives by 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats. Now it has 5 Democrats and 4 Republicans.
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14 Jan
The GOP's House gains in 2020 are a bit overstated (especially by @GOPLeader, who is motivated to have as good a story to tell as possible).

But the GOP is down 30 House seats since Trump took office. Here's the math.
States where the GOP lost seats in 2018 and did NOT gain them back in 2020:

Arizona (1 seat)
Colorado (1 seat)
Georgia (2 seats)
Illinois (2 seats)
Kansas (1 seat)
Maine (1 seat)
Michigan (2 seats)
Pennsylvania (3 seats)
Texas (2 seats)
Virginia (3 seats)
Washington (1 seat)
States where the GOP lost seats in 2018 and gained some or all of them back in 2020:

California (lost 7 in 2018, got back 3 in 2020)
Florida (lost 2, got back 2)
Iowa (lost 2, got back 2)
New Jersey (lost 4, got back 1)
New Mexico (lost 1, got back 1)
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12 Jan
People don't seem to understand how bad the Trump years for the GOP in terms of raw electoral losses.

Here's a set of maps to illustrate how bad it was, and also to reiterate why Trump lost the election.

Map 1: States where the GOP lost seats in State Houses since 2017.
Map 2: States where the GOP lost seats in State Senates since 2017.
Map 3: States where the GOP lost Governorships since 2017.
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11 Jan
While Trump lost the election in November, the fact that he choose to lie, try to overturn a popular election and ultimately incite a violent mob instead of conceding, he lost a lot more since then:

- He's suffered the further humiliation of losing 61 out of 62 lawsuits.
- He was humiliated by having the Supreme Court which is comprised of three Justices that he himself nominated rejecting his false claims twice in a single week.

- His already low approval rating according to Gallup has fallen even lower. He was at 46% on Election Day. 39% now.
- He's lost many of his most loyal allies. Mike Pence. Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. The National Association of Manufacturers.

- He's lost business. The PGA has pulled the plug on Bedminster. His brand is more toxic than ever.
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