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6 Aug
Thread: 55 years and the struggle to protect and expand the franchise continues in the middle of the 2nd presidential election cycle without full protection of the VRA and a global health pandemic that forced voters to choose health and safety and voting in some cases 1/ #VRA55
The Wisconsin spring primary was a "sobering reminder that protecting the public health, voting rights, and process integrity are complementary endeavors that must be considered ahead of the next round of elections" 2/ ourprism.org/article/2020/4…
“The short-term remedies that are being discussed right now could easily be implemented long-term. That will require political will, and political will is determined by our votes.” - Ashley Shelton of @powercoej on #COVID19 3/ powercoalition.org/oped-voting-as…
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22 May
The primary Black voter electorate and the general Black voter electorate are not one in the same. Folks do need to grapple with the complexity of having someone go on such a popular platform, where his comments are bound to go viral, and choke as the VP did.
We also cite stats about folks thinking people should resign or not, or whether they are willing to support x candidate but rarely ever engage in discussion about the pragmatism of Black voters and how that reflects in those who choose to vote no matter what and those who sit out
Folks will say well Black voters don't care but rarely really address the fact that we have been voting for racists and folks who are working against our interests since we got the right to vote. For many older folks nothing has changed it's a matter of keeping out a greater evil
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18 May
Early voting starts today in GA. Last week, organizers and lawyers announced the formation of a voter empowerment task force to protect voters from targeted prosecutions for "innocent mistakes" by a voter fraud task force announced last month.

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As a voter, I walked my daughter through the steps she needs to take to make sure her ballot application is processed and her ballot mailed out. This is her first time voting. Many of us as parents still handle paperwork etc for our older teens.
We requested our absentee ballots a few weeks ago by email, using the email provided on the ballot and the My Voter page. Last week or so, I followed up to see if my ballot had been processed. No response.
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31 Dec 19
Straight up there are days when i wonder if I just should’ve taken the transportation planning job I was offered many moons ago. But I just had to go to law school and prove to everyone who told me I would never make it, particularly after getting pregnant, and to give up.
Now I don’t look at it as giving up but letting go. And it’s quite a relief. Expensive lesson learned, these student loans are killing me. But I’m living on my terms and not what I think will make x person proud or what I have to prove to anyone.
So I end by hoping that all of us with lives lived and lessons learn 1) be kind to ourselves in the reflective moments 2) share with our young folks about shifting from scarcity to abundance. We need to change how we view our place in the world. 3) and share our stories.
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31 Dec 19
Beginning of the decade I was struggling through my first law job. The financial crash completely derailed my plans and arguably I’ve been trying to recover financially, emotionally and professionally 10yrs later. I end the decade officially retired from the practice of law.
I went into retirement status because what I thought would bring me joy never did and paying the state of IL money just to hold onto a credential I wasn’t using made no sense and there is no hardship rate.
I appreciate the amazing folks who offered to help me transfer my license to Georgia, even more money involved. But being a lawyer is what 8 yr old Anoa thought was her way out. I appreciate the dream for giving me the drive to be who I am today.
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27 Dec 19
Hi. I get y’all think you’re doing something clever by comparing any of these presidential candidates to deceased Black power and Civil rights figures but you aren’t. Our struggle and legacy isn’t for propping them up.
Folks align with your politics dope. You’re excited and see value. Wonderful! But do not compare, leverage or assign credit to these folks from our ancestors and predecessors. If one of their living comrades chose to that is their business. But it’s not for any of us.
My Baba was a political prisoner for 17 yrs, my uncle was murdered on a Virginia Highway. And y’all out here doing this. You believe in the electoral process Dope. Do the work. Organize and grind. But don’t leverage our ancestors to prop up your candidate.
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4 Dec 19
Today's news about Sen Harris isn't only about her campaign. It is an indictment on the mainstream media and it's fixation of maintaining entrenched whiteness and moderation. theroot.com/fear-of-a-whit…
Sen Harris received far less favorable coverage than Pete Buttigieg who has countless issues in his governance. Aside from @TYTinvestigates @jtlarsen reporting on “Buttigieg's Police Issues Go Beyond Secret Tapes” there has been little to no coverage. tyt.com/stories/4vZLCH…
Critiquing candidates' records and campaign health should happen across the board. And it's not. There is a particular focus on positioning the next top best mediocre white candidate without real scrutiny of their records.
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20 Sep 19
@wsejour Who signed on to a letter?
@wsejour Who signed on to what letter?
@wsejour And Wendy you really know me better than this. The whataboutism for some random people may not have even seen in their TL who was reportedly fired. Actually handled undermines whatver point you and she thinks is being made
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20 Jun 19
So my dad and his older brother were diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in late 2016 and mid 2017 respectively. They are in their 60s. Their father was diagnosed in 1997 and passed away in 1999 due to lack of treatment. My dad and uncle are truly blessed. themmrf.org/multiple-myelo…
This is considered uncurable but manageable with treatment. Treatment is extremely costly. My dad was hospitalized in late Jan 2017 for two weeks for stem cell replacement therapy. It is a blessing he has insurance and both he and my stepmother had as much leave as they did.
I took time then as well because he needed someone home with him 24hrs a day. I was still a federal employee and stocked up enough leave to take off two weeks to be at home when my stepmom went back to work. Another blessing.
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12 May 19
A lesson in white feminism and fragility in four parts. Alyssa Milano is allergic to accountabilty. Many folks have tried with her. Instead of addressing, processing and engaging honestly she gaslights and then plays victim. Her ego is writing checks she can’t cash. Not the one.
Alyssa fell a part in complete Miss Millie tears because she thought she could punk me. She thinks with her platform and celebrity she can silence me and anyone else who has ever tried to call her in. This was my second time in a more private space trying, because she moves funny
You cannot claim space in progressive movement spaces and 1) work against movement, 2) throw your support behind someone who has done so many of us harm with no concern for the position that puts others in let alone trust 3) we can’t have people just doing things for the press
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27 Apr 19
#IHadAnAbortion twice. Abortion is a right. It is an economic issue. It is my story and the story of many others. It is ours to share it not. I no longer bear the burden of silence, and stand up to stereotypes and anti-choice distortions of who we are and why we choose.
In my last year of grad school I was pregnant, my son was barely one my daughter approaching four. Their dad and I were separating and it was already a struggle financially, emotionally, mentally etc between two young children, work and school.
#IHadAnAbortion thinking about my life and circumstances and the life I wanted for my children. Finishing school and getting a full time job was in my reach. Having another baby in the midst of a failed relationship and living as a single mother caused a lot of stress and anxiety
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12 Apr 19
Thread: Last month House Reps made a big deal about standing against hate. Now they sit silent about this vile and dangerous attack leveled at Rep. Ilhan Omar. Trump linking her to 9/11 only sends one message. Denouncing hate is for moments like this.
h/t @alexisgoldstein
Find your Rep and demand they publicly denounce the vitriol and attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar. They are playing a dangerous game and her life is at stake. The posturing and twisting of her words and intent over the past few months leads us to this moment. bit.ly/CallRepsforIlh…
Find your Senator here and demand they publicly denounce the vitriol and attacks leveled at Rep. Ilhan Omar. They are playing a dangerous game and her life is at stake. The posturing and twisting of her words leads us to this moment. bit.ly/CallSenateforI…
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2 Apr 19
When white women show you who they are believe them. They aren’t trying to smash the patriarchy or dismantle system and will work to help put our oppressors at ease.
Because Alyssa in all her wisdom chose to center Joe Biden an extremely privileged and powerful man and his good intentions instead of using her platform to talk about boundaries and the way women are socialized to be nice to Men even when they make us uncomfortable.
Her good kind friend Joe is the author of the 94 crime Bill. Yes the same one we demanded BERNIE explain his vote on and held Hillary accountable for advocating while First Lady.
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22 Mar 19
Everybody wants “proof” before being willing to take a stance on Shaun King but no one considers the fact that he uses a massive platform to distort, shame, bully and attack. The proof is in emails people are afraid to release because y’all just harass them.
The “proof” is in all that membership money being spent on legal fees and severance. But all that info is locked up behind NDAs
The proof is scrapping the first news team back in early January because they weren’t smart enough to do a show Marc Lamont Hill would like (Which was condescending and sexist) and still having no content but charging full price in March.
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16 Mar 19
No one who has spent the past month chastising and othering Ilhan Omar in the midst of right wing harassment are “innocent.” Pretending to be on moral high ground and talking about “As an American” suggesting that Ilhan is not contributes to the mindset that people don’t belong.
When predominantly white liberals spend more time correcting, silencing, or attacking the words and work of BIPOC without any real effort to address white supremacy they are a part of the problem. Sure if we are assigning “fault” it is less than the right but they too are wrong.
Islamaphobia has not only been ignored it has been tolerated and flirted with by Democrats in policing the expression of many as well as in the support for the ongoing “war on terror.”
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21 Feb 19
Good morning to everyone except Republican in GA who are trying to not only make our system of elections even more vulnerable with expensive ass machines that cannot be audited and are a hack risk but are trying to further compound voter suppression by #GAHB316 #gapol
No this bill isn’t a real “bipartisan” effort. It is a hodgepodge if some good stuff from four Dem bills currently filed. #GAHB316 continues to ignore well documented issues with “exact match” including the fact that the SSA HAVV database has a high error rate of “no match”
Since Jan 2011, 39% of GA voter registration forms have been returned as “no match”. The SSA Inspector General issued a report in 2009 stating that this system was problematic for the reasons stated above for voter registration purposes. #GAHB316
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30 Oct 18
Seriously are we going to have a conversation about how not doing politics or not engaging electorally is leaving countless folks open to the seductive ways of orgs like Turning Point and AIPAC?
Like folks are so busy scrambling and doing the I hate these people cause this reason (not saying it isn’t valid) or I don’t do Electoral politics cause this reason and literally have left the right unchecked as thy make massive incursions and investments.
All them accounts and groups have massive followings and have spent time developing, building and nurturing the wrong damn mindsets and bad rhetoric. No we don’t have to be Democrats. But Progressives and others are too damn scared or recalcitrant to build the coalition.
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22 Oct 18
We have been calling out the discrepancy between in coverage in this race for over a year. Serving as a mouthpiece for opposition to Abrams w/out any push back is not journalism. Everyone contact @ajceditor
Kevin Riley, 404–526–2161, kriley@ajc.com medium.com/@staceyabrams/… #gapol
There has been a constant issue with false equivalency and problematic coverage that seeks to give certain factions wide latitude while creating controversy where non exists to stick it to Abrams. This happened during Netroots with the inaccurate reporting through now
@ajc debt shamed Abrams in the primary peachperspective.com/2018/03/15/atl…
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