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25 Jun
There is a current discussion happening between the vices and virtues of both Twitter and Parler. I have some people concerned about their brands when swapping over to Parler, wanting to use both at the same time, and I've seen general complaints about Parler being hard to use.
I felt the same thing when people advocated for Duckduckgo over Google - Duckduckgo does not offer the same search functions as Google (such as being able to historically search for articles created between certain dates from years ago), however people should use Duckduckgo.
I've also seen complaints about Parler becoming a potential right-wing echo chamber, which is ridiculous considering that Twitter is very much a left-wing echo chamber as is. Every single Twitter trend is left-wing in focus, all of the news is left-wing in focus.
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17 Jun
The world has become an ideological purity test that is impossible to pass, because even when you think you've passed it, somebody will find something you did in the past and say "well, you failed, because you said something that we didn't care about at the time but we do now".
In addition, what is the point of the never-ending Ideological Purity Test anyway? Atheists don't believe in the afterlife and liberals don't care about law and order, only anarchy, so by default there shouldn't be one, but there is. It's a hypocritical position.
Another doublethink is the fact that they claim to want everybody to be equal, but look at the Soyviet Union, that place clearly has a leader despite the claims that there are no leaders. It's the warlord blue check guy, he's the leader. And some people get special treatment.
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3 Jun
I'm looking at The Base's website now. They work with another organisation called Black Bridge International, which is "International Anarchist Mutual Aid" and has "branches" in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Brazil and the United States.
Seems as if The Base also uses something called the RAM-NYC Bail Fund, which is dedicated to freeing people in "Riker's Island, ICE detention or jailed youth".

This is connected to the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.
On the website of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, words read: "Revolutionary greetings from the insurrection sweeping throughout the occupied territories of the so-called United States of America..."
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24 May
I am going to tweet something so epic that @realdonaldtrump will have no choice but to follow me for my epic tweets.
I was going to tweet about video games but I backed out, okay?
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13 May
Okay, so let's see if we can time these unmaskings to events that happened.
On November 30, 2016, Samantha Power's first unmasking, this was the same day as the Department of Justice sending a letter to Flynn about his work with Flynn Intel Group and Inovo BV being scrutinised.…
On December 2, 2016, Samantha Power's 2nd unmasking and James Clapper's 1st unmasking, this was either the same day - or the day after - a 20 minute Trump Tower meeting between Flynn, Kushner and Ambassador Kislyak, which Kislyak reported to his superiors - which was intercepted.
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9 May
Listening to an interview between Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan from 2019 where they are complaining about Government Intrusion and I'm wondering why neither of them have reached out to Trump directly? You know, the guy that meets meme makers and Dilbert cartoon creators in the Oval?
Trump is clearly open to meeting anybody, just fucking talk to the guy.
Okay, I'll talk to him on your behalf.

@realDonaldTrump, whenever you are ready, I'll bring Scrabble.
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7 May
Tara Reade joined Twitter in Nov. 2018, wrote her Medium story on April 6, 2019 and started tweeting it to journos and Democrat politicians while bigging up Warren, Bernie and Yang, while calling Biden the "blue Trump". She was accused of being a Russian agent by The Atlantic.
Note that Biden hadn't announced his presidential run until April 25, 2019. Also should be noted that, again, she has been trying to draw people to her Medium article for over a year.
Doesn't matter anyway because "Vote Blue No Matter Who" and "I Believe Tara Reade. I Will Still Vote For Joe Biden." articles written by people who have made a living off fighting sexual harassers.
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6 May
Martin Tolchin and the mentions of founding Politico.
Martin Tolchin was a judge for the Heywood Broun Awards in 2007, where he spoke on behalf of Politico.
The Washingtonian describes Martin Tolchin as a founder of Politico in their June 8, 2012 article "Politico's Matt Wuerker on His Pulitzer-Winning Cartoons", as Tolchin hired Wuerker to work at Politico.…
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28 Apr
Steele met with Sussmann on July 29 and was pushing Alfa Bank stuff to Bruce in August, wrote Alfa in dossier on September 19.

Same September 19, Sussmann and gave James Baker info about Alfa Bank.
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23 Apr
China is pushing "US started this" in Arabic countries.
China propaganda right here.…
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22 Apr
Man, just remembering how trash Resident Evil 6 is. Oh well here goes... !!
Who greenlit this trash
Holy shit this is terrible, and Leon's campaign is meant to be the best part??
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22 Apr
"Your policy has been one which I fully understand - I’m not second-guessing - of one child per family." -- Joe Biden in Chengdu, China at the Sichuan University in 2011…
"How Hollywood and Joe Biden Got China to Drop a 20-Year Movie Quota"

"The deal adds another 14 films to the 20 non-Chinese films that can currently be distributed, provided they are made in 3D or IMAX formats."…
"No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they're going to build them, over there [China]. Make them clean." -- Joe Biden 2008…
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22 Apr
"US intelligence warns China is using student spies to steal secrets"…
"MI5 and GCHQ warn universities their research and computer systems could be at risk from Beijing spies hidden among the 100,000 Chinese students on UK campuses"…
"Preventing Chinese espionage at America’s universities"…
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22 Apr
"China’s Moneybag Friends at Harvard University"

Asia Sentinel, August 18, 2017…
"Dalian Wanda, the Chinese conglomerate that owns the AMC movie theater chain and nurtures Hollywood ambitions, has sometimes turned to the secretive business network of a politically connected Chinese billionaire in times of need."
"Now both Wanda and that billionaire, Xiao Jianhua, are under official pressure in China — and one Wanda insider says that may not be a coincidence."
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13 Apr
Finally done Resident Evil HD. Time to do the 3 hour run.
This has been tense.
2 hours 36 minutes, infinite rocket launcher let's goooooo.
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4 Apr
Tiger King is a Twitter thread. "The drug lord and this gun toting homosexual are tied together by this extreme couch doctor guy!"
Why is extreme couch doctor guy some kind of harem seeker?
Extreme couch doctor guy is the NXIVM guy, but the exotic animal version.
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4 Apr
My housemate has been reduced to watching Tiger King.
I am now watching Tiger King, I'm in. He is nuts.
Carole Baskin complains about Tiger King having big cats in cages but then keeps big cats in cages?
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20 Mar
Dogs are getting the coronavirus apparently.
This means Resident Evil is now back on the cards.

This strategy would also make you and the dog both targeted by the Wuhan Virus.

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